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the first two pics keetches irish staffords the other r,m,k irsh staffs

Discussion in 'SBT Pictures' started by browny, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. browny

    browny Pup


    witch looks the best
  2. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    nice dogs browny,

    I prefer the white one, she's more my type but both are good looking staffs.
  3. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    What's RMK?
  4. browny

    browny Pup

    nice one there is a big differance between them its just about what look you are going for
  5. browny

    browny Pup

    r.m.k is our own line off psycho .storm. ch milo .ch tara
  6. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    Love the soild blue more my style
  7. barrySBT

    barrySBT Pup

    Both are lovely dogs, i fail to see what makes 1 'the best'?
  8. I prefer the white and blue one. Bigger head, perfect build!
    I think I'm gonna have to look you guys up!
  9. barrySBT

    barrySBT Pup

    also not the best example of a keetch dog in fairness. maybe see if your guy stacks up against this lad...

  10. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    all should make nice pets, no need to argue on which is best.
  11. barrySBT

    barrySBT Pup

    exactly, they're all staffies and all most likely mad :D
  12. Keetches website is working correctly for me, which is annoying.
    But still, both examples are beautiful.
  13. browny

    browny Pup

    thanks for all the comments i agree they are all nice dogs but all that i was trying to say that our lines seem to be a bit bigger than keetches lines it just depends what you are looking for the blue dog is my mates but when you put both dogs side by side you can see that mine is a lot bigger
  14. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    i never bred a dog for size, not sure what being bigger proves, just means it takes more money to feed it.
  15. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i s"pose some people are trying to recreate the size of the larger apbt. in doing so they are drawing attention to themselves and the"re dogs from the authorities.
    any how the apbt varies from 28- 50+ lbs. so why bother, if you have a good little un am sure someone can accomidate (sp) you..
  16. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    Gives you the bigger nads when hanging out on the shop corner :cool: my dog is bigger than yours :vovvetliten:
  17. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    i like the white one to.
  18. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

  19. Preben W

    Preben W Pup

    Very nice staffords, really like keetchs and jjbulls dogs :) Better big than to small, as long as they are well exercised and fit!
  20. nice dogs big is bad though small and mighty

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