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The Bull-Dog

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by F.W.K., Apr 13, 2019.

  1. billbulldog

    billbulldog Big Dog

    I wonder how the pups would turn out if you bred the buster dog and put him in the line of the troy blood or the Staffords descended from springview
  2. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

    Just a hunch mate, and only putting it out there to hear others (more educated) views.. I think some of Buster's pups might have done ok, but IMO that be more to do with the bulldog influence than anything coming through Springview blood? http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public&file=printPedigree&dog_id=447223
    I say this because CH.Mack came from one of the best camps in the country, he produced some good dogs that showed same colour traits and working style as Mack, they were a winning bulldog cross and preferred line of the people behind CH.Buster..
    I never seen CH.Buster's pedigree so don't even know whether Mack is presented in there, but I'd be surprised if he wasn't! I think the white in CH.Mack came from the Bronson influence through Shopland's Bash but in CH.Buster it could be mistaken for coming through CH.Psycho and the Stafford side.. I don't mean to offend anyone here but CH.Mack was one of the best producing bulldogs in the UK, I can't comprehend him being absent in Buster's breeding, I don't know about CH.Buster, but I know if you met a good CH.Mack bred dog, then you were in for a tough night. Just saying!

    Attached Files:

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  3. stedz

    stedz Big Dog

  4. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

  5. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

    I don't know mate? Like I said before, I'm not knowledgeable on Staffs, more here to learn? Does anyone know anything about Buster's parents and siblings? Colour traits, performance or production record?
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  6. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  7. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

    Thanks Dusty, appreciate that!
  8. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

    X pug!!
  9. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

  10. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

    If that prince naseem dog is typical of today's KC prize winning show Staffs then the breed is in real trouble unless people like us can help this noble English breed
  11. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

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  12. Wow....what a game one!@OG....
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  13. Pretty big one aswell...give nearly 2kg away on that last one..that's alot,that's near 4lbs...then scratched with his legs near crippled...cor,proper game dog!
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  14. Ide be more the proud to own him.
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  15. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

    That dog should have been picked up before it was allowed to suffer the loss of a limb.
  16. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

    "It's a hard life being a bulldog!"
    Sprayman's favourite saying!;)
  17. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

  18. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

    old pal!
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  19. Very hard life....if it wassent that hard they would all be show dogs lol.:)):)):)).......
    Tell him about gameness lol.
  20. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Take it easy Soze. Take it to PM.
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