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The Brooklyn Nets.

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Lakewood Dogger, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Very good point and I agree for the most part. Thing is defense and matchups win games. In this game we would give the ball to either LeBron or Olajuwon and let them take advantage of their mismatches. LeBron woulld score at will against bird. He would dominate him on both ends of the floor. You are correct about the chemistry thing but I still don't think anyone could beat that much talent
  2. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    i dont think labron could hang with the style of defence the nba played in the 80's90's. he gets ratteled enough in todays game. can yall really see labron dropping crazy numbers on detroit bad boys?
  3. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    I don't see any of the players playing well against those teams. The pistons, the knicksn pacers, trail blazers. Those teams would get you! I think LeBron would fair decently bc he proved early in his career to be able to take and dish out punishment but as a player you adapt to the game the way its being officiated. I prefer the early 90's but I grew up playing a less physical style bc of how the game was called. Its beyond my control. Jus bc I don't doesn't mean I can't though. LeBron is bigger than most the post players on those teams lol Kobe I think would struggle. He is a cry baby
  4. In my match up, Lebron would be guarded by MJ. Magic would guard Lebron. Moses would shut Akeem down and Tim Duncan would shut Tim Duncan down. I think my bench dominates for a decisive win.
  5. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Magic would get killed and malone would get killed! And who is bird gaurding? Moses Malone was good but he was never great. Hakeem is as good as any post to ever play. Lebron is to big to strong to fast for magic

  6. Moses Malone is in the hall of fame. He was considered the greatest rebounder after Bill Russel. Hakeem was overrated. That is a fact.
  7. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Overrated? He is head and shoulders above both them. Moses Malone was a power player who lack the skill Hakeem possessed and Bill Russell was a defender and rebounder. Also lacked the skill of Hakeem. We have already been down this road and I disproved everything you said with statistics.
  8. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Better stats than malone and russell against better competition. He played in an era of dominant big men and won championships and mvp awards
  9. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

  10. Thanks for posting that Dream. Horrible survey indeed. You would have to be drunk to do a list like that. Horrible.
  11. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Lol its horrible bc u don't agree with it or because it includes gaurds? We can go back and forth but statistically not only is Hakeem the best defensive center of all time but arguably the best defender period. We all know he had the best foot work of anyone to ever play the game. That's why Kobe LeBron Howard and many other seek him out in the off season to improve. I don't even see how Malone and Russell are an argument to be honest. He is much more talented than both. And when Jordan left he proved he was the next best thing. Like I said no one was gonna beat MJ, jus wasn't gonna happen
  12. Look this is turning into a Garner thread. We will have to agree to disagree on that topic. Saw his entire career in college and in the pro's. He sucked on the D end. He won his championship because he played it with another hall of famer in CLyde. But, your entitled to have your favorite.

    As far as guards go, how come Sydney Moncrief or Vinnie Johnson are not there? Arguable two of the best posting guards ever? Maurice Lucas? The guy averaged 2 points. Rebounder, Defense, Toughness yes. O? Not ever. D Rodman ? Offense? WHat?
  13. YOur survey says Moses is the greatest offensive rebounder of all time? High Praise from your survey. No Dream?
  14. I will tell you right now. If the Magic trade with the Lakers, Stern should step in a void the trade like Selig did years ago with Gay Roid. If that doesn't happen I won't be watching the NBA in the foreseeable future!
  15. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    I would agree malone is arguably the best offensive rebounder of all time. Rodman and a few others are in there but that's far to say. Olajuwon is the all time shot blocking leading by a mile and 8th all time in steals. 8th as in more steals than the majority of the guards. 1st and 8th all time in nba history in the 2 major defensive statistics and you call that sucking at defense? If I remember correctly the ORIGINAL twin towers were Hakeem and Ralph Sampson and they held the paint down. Maybe ur thinking of a different Olajuwon lol and yes I would hate to see the orlando and lakers make that trade. I want him playing with deron williams.
  16. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    Hakeem. Shaq and the Spurs all had maybe the most under rated player in the history of the game to allow them freedom in the post...robert horry...he was 6-10 and could play as well at 25ft as he could with his back to the basket...he had to be guarded by a big...who then left one on one matchups with hakeem and shaq robinson/duncan....he created the match up night mares that allowed these guys to dominate in their title runs....Hakeem is one of the all time greats in the post. especially defensively...but his offense game/post moves required space and horry delivered that...same with shaq...the spacing made shaq a pretty good passer from the post...no one player will ever win the title...not russell....not jordan....it takes five contributors either offensively or defensively...rodman may not have scored 20 a game but with no doubt he stopped the other guy from dropping 20/10 on the bulls...that is why the birds and magics of yesteryear do not get run over by the length and height and athleticism of the modern players....you still gotta play the game....until this past month, with 10 seconds left in the big game, there was not a fan in the world that would choose lebron over bird, magic, etc..etc..etc..if the heat and lebron can run off three or four more the conversation can begin....and a great post about the 80-90's defenses...the cryers and whiners and fighters in todays game would not continually get up off the floor night n and night out....and todays league would have the entire piston squad on suspension...the rambis foul in the finals would be a life time ban....it is a softer game for guys who are now bigger, faster and stronger...
  17. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    You have it backwards. Robert Horry was effective bc of Hakeem. Horry was a good player before the injuries and he lost his athletic ability but he was never someone who was gonna create his own shot or make a play with a ball. He was a very good role player who jus like every other role player is a good as the playmakers around him. The most dominant player on that team was Hakeem by a long shot. Not an aging Drexler. Their starting point gaurd was matt maloney for crying out loud. No player can win by themself but Hakeem was the most dominant player in the league once Jordan left. That explains the mvp awards in the regualr season and playoffs. Hakeem was the anchor on the defensive end and the offense ran through him on offense. He could do it all and I can't think of any other true post I can say that about besides Tim Duncan and maybe Charles Barkley. Neither are as good as Hakeem
  18. Since Bernard King plyed his entire career posting people up, I think he would be in there as dominant post players. As far as a n aging Drexler, how come you didn't mention Hakeem? After all they came out the same time?
  19. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Bernard King scored a lot with that jump shot not just posting up. And for an athleting aging is as aging does. Drexler's production had slowed a lot since he depending on his athletic ability to do a lot of the things he did. Hakeem was as good as anyone in the league at the time obviously. He has an MVP trophy to prove it.
  20. So? I guess since Lebron has one, then he is as good. Or, since Kobe has a few, he is better then Michael. Sorry, that is a bogus argument and you know it.

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