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Texas HB1541 passes, sad day!

Discussion in 'Dog Ordinances & Laws' started by Bulldogluvr, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Dear ADOA Members,TX-RPOA E-News
    >From RPOA Texas Outreach and
    Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
    "Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'
    and, yes, there is a difference."
    Crossposting is encouraged.
    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    A sad day for Texas animal owners and it's only the beginning. Governor
    Rick Perry signed the HSUS HB 1451 "Pet Elimination Bill" yesterday, handing
    over our state to the radical "animal rights" extremists. It will be very
    difficult to put the Genie back in the bottle. The enrolled version of HB
    1451 can be found at:


    Forget the eloquent language Gov. Perry's been spewing on TV about Texas in
    his quest to become president -- our freedoms, love of the Constitution,
    less government interference in the private sector, lower taxes and less
    regulation in general. It's all about money at the Texas State Capitol now.
    House Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst are also to be held
    accountable for allowing all the irregularities that occurred. The most
    powerful senior legislators carried the bill for HSUS and THLN: Senator
    John Whitmire and Rep. Senfronia Thompson. Rep. Thompson threatened every
    legislator that they'd never get a bill through her Local & Consent Calendar
    Committee for a Floor Vote if they didn't support her bill. Senator
    Whitmire hurriedly called his committee meeting at his desk on the Senate
    Floor one time, suspending all rules. Rep. Thompson actively worked the
    Senate Floor to get the votes she needed. It was and still is an
    embarrassment to see this bill passed in Texas. It couldn't pass on its

    It's only fitting that Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) was the first
    to announce the governor's action on their website. (www.thln.com) After
    all THLN "owns" the Texas Legislature at the present time. THLN's website
    proclaims "this session is the most successful in the history of this
    organization!" Check it out. THLN is the HSUS lapdog in Texas.

    We commented earlier on the division among those from our own ranks this
    session and can only reiterate that if we are to take back Texas animal
    issues, it will take a concerted effort to work together for the animals we
    love. It serves no useful purpose at this time to dwell on the negative but
    the divisiveness was very harmful to our efforts. As an "Alliance" of many
    other groups, we must become the reasonable voice for animals in our state
    instead of the radical animal groups. Who has more animal expertise than
    RPOA and our membership?

    RPOA has the organization (two organizations, in fact), the office, a
    salaried Pet Education, Assistance & Rescue Program director, programs and
    all that entails. THLN does nothing but promote legislation, mostly "animal
    rights" legislative agenda items. Now that this legislative session is
    drawing to a close, we'll get back to organizing our RPOA Area Advisory
    Committees. We have chairmen lined up for 16 Committees - only lacking
    several areas on the perimeter of this very large state. Hopefully we can
    network the entire state better and coordinate our efforts.

    Let's hope we can build up a war chest and be ready before enforcement of HB
    1451 begins in 2012 or whenever. The way things have been going, those
    rules may be suspended also. The only recourse we have now is in the courts
    and court cases are expensive. The harassment of breeders has been going on
    for some time. Please contact RPOA if you are a victim of any harassment so
    we can document your experiences.

    RPOA Board of Directors thanks all of you for your hard work this Session
    but we know you did it for your animals - just as we did. Remember this is
    a war . in the truest sense of the word ... and we've lost a battle but we
    haven't lost the war.


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    all Texas animal issues by emailing:
    Donate with PayPal or mail in:

    A big thank you to all who sent letters and/or called Governor Rick Perry to ask that he VETO HB 1451; this did not happen and Friday he signed the bill into law!

  2. HB1451, correction.

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