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Texas Dog-attack bills pushed

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by cheekymunkee, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog


    I agree 100% (So much for keeping my opinions to myself)
  2. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    I'll send an e-mail. Is it better to say if you are from out of state? That might sound stupid but the idea that passing a law like this could cause people to NOT visit or spend tourist dollars can have an impact.

    I've always thought Texas was a MAJOR battleground in the BSL wars.
  3. cheekymunkee

    cheekymunkee Top Dog

    sending you a pm Chris.

    And, yes, I think being from out of state DOES help as well. There are MANY areas of this state that depend on the tourists dollar.

    Thanks everyone for your help. We DO have great 'dog laws' as it is, they just need to be enforced.
  4. Scratchy

    Scratchy Guest

    My political views are mine and where were so many people when I went to serve my country, came home and couldn't get a damn job, not even at petsmart or even at McDonalds because of a damn DWI that happened when I was 18. Such bullshit. That's a whole nother subject. As I've said if people see it fit to what you're doing then by all means I'm not knocking what yall are doing, JMO, that some things didn't work for me no matter how many people I had helping me. If it ever boiled down to it, I know what I'd need to do to make sure I can have what I have and get what I want.
  5. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Are you kidding??? I get what your saying .....but I cant beleive your saying it. Just because you served in the millitary does not mean that you are exzempt or should be exzempt from any previous or future laws broken.....That is until you decide to do somthing about it.

    Is A DWI a felony?

    Thus far it seems that you are only looking for a reason not to do your part as an APBT owner and oppose this bill.
  6. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog

    Well, just because you have tried and met with disappointment in the past doesn't mean that you should EVER EVER EVER quit trying.

    Thank you for serving...from my heart.I am sorry that that didn't outweigh a previous bad decision in your life.

    You just can't throw in the towel and let others pass laws that will force you to break them or suffer from them.
  7. Scratchy

    Scratchy Guest

    Not throwing in the towel just because of my situation. My view is like this: how do we know for sure that our vote counts? Because some politician says so, when they're probably getting money under the table. The way I feel is that, the rights that have been infringed upon, are ones that can't be proven they were broken by another person. So a few laws that say what I can or can't do just go right out the window with the ones that are "supposed" to protect me. Maybe I'm the only one who grew up in an area where the police harass you almost everyday for any little thing and no matter what you do to get them in trouble they just get admin leave with pay for a few days. Maybe that's just the way I grew up.
  8. cheekymunkee

    cheekymunkee Top Dog

    I don't know what any of this has to do with fighing BSL or the problems at hand. I don't care & never asked about your political views. You not being able to find a job is not my problem either and has nothing to do with any of these bills.

    NO, 1 DWI is not a felony. After your 3rd you are charged with a felony. 1 DWI preventing someone from aquiring a job is an excuse, gotta blame some one but yourself. ;) Blame the military! Blame the police!! Damn the luck.

    You break the law, you pay. Military does not give you a free pass and no one is responsible for you getting a DWI but you. It has been illegal to drink at 18 for a looooong time, no one up & changed it on you & didn't let you know. Actually, the law in Texas changed the year I truned 21. And truthfully, I find it very hard to believe a DWI at 18 prevented you from finding a job. There are THOUSANDS of people who broke the law at one time or another & are perfectly able to find a job, myself being one of them. My ex husband has a felony now because of DWI's he got in the 90's. He has since graduated from A&M with a degree in geology & has a damn good job. The panty sniffer across the street who just got out of prison has a job! If a felony did not stop them, how can 1 DWI stop you? My nephews have ALL had misdomeanor charges against them & ALL of them have been able to find a job.

    So you hard a hard time growing up, the police were mean to you. Guess what? Life sucks. Get used to it.

    Sit back & complain & do nothing BUT complain. That's your perogative. BUT, if these laws DO pass as they stand. I WILL have someone to blame. People who sat by & did nothing. Because I KNOW I did everything in my power to prevent it.
  9. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    i just love the remark about hating child predators whether human or dog!maybe he could explain why all these P.O.S child molesters keep getting slaped on the wrist and set free to molest and half the time end up murdering children.and theyre worried about our dogs...Worthless fucks need to get thier piorities strait!
  10. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    scratchy im not trying to judge you,but ,do you lie about your D.W.I on your apps?most people with prior convictions dont get hire,not because of their crime,but because they lie about it.when i worked at the nursing home that was alomost always the case,we hired lots of people with prior convictions just no one who lied about it.
  11. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    They've already heard from me. I'm not a Texan, so I had to really play up how I go to all these dog shows down there and spend gobs of money, and how Texas is a great family-friendly state with its prohibition on bad laws.
  12. Scratchy

    Scratchy Guest

    Nope, I was told to write on the application "will discuss during interview" and then to only explain it if the interviewer brings it up. So when they ask, I tell. Alot of times I just told them beofre they even setup the interview.

    Cheeky, it's not an excuse. I went on more than 42 interviews last year and those are just the ones I started counting. I'm still going on them so you don't know the reality of it until you lived it. I'm not sitting on my ass, I'm actually taking it to school to get my AAS in respiratory therapy. Even though I know it may hard for me to get a position in that field, I still go. I believe I can my record expunged and sealed. That's my goal. As far as how I grew up, I wouldn't expect anyone to understand, I meam we all have different up bringings. Just do whatever you feel you need to and I'll do the same. Maybe

    *EDIT*: Racism is still alive, people just be concealing it. I know a few people with worse convictions than me, and I tried going through them, and guess they couldn't get me on. That's ok, I made sure this Country pays for me to go to school. GI Bill. That's why I went to the service. They were good for something.;)

    OH yeah I'd like to add that most of these interviews I went, I remember hearing how I was such a good candidate and I would get offered the position but when they seen my DWI, I became a liability. I had even started working at a few jobs and they would wait a week to do the background check, then I'd be fired. I went through this company call Second Chance and alot of those positions still wanted a completely clear background, so where's my second chance, maybe it's after I graduate, I pray at least.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2007
  13. Pitbull219

    Pitbull219 CH Dog

    Freedom left long before that. Now, I may be wrong about this, and I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet, but aren't most of these breed specific measures in direct conflict with several ammendments in the Bill of Rights? Perhaps the 10th and 14th? I'll have to look into that. States have a right to make their own laws, so long as they don't conflict with federal laws, correct? I think I'm going to have to research our constitution today. I like those sample letters, but I think perhaps if it's pointed out to law-makers and their constituents how what they are proposing is unconstitutional, it may be a powerful weapon to use in our fight.
  14. cheekymunkee

    cheekymunkee Top Dog

  15. Michele

    Michele Guest

    Scratchy: What do you do to fight BSL?
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