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Tennessee anti BSL Petition

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by fyremyst, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. fyremyst

    fyremyst Big Dog

    I looked but didnt find this listed on the site yet. There is a motion trying to sweep Through yet another state with BSL this time its Tennessee! So Please visit and sign. As a resident of TN and a Pitbull lover I thank you.

    Come Guys and Gals Support our breed of Choice!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2005
  2. fyremyst

    fyremyst Big Dog

    Even If you arent a resident of Tennessee, Sign this please! It could be your state next and you would want the help!
  3. hillbilly

    hillbilly Big Dog

    hey it won't let me sign it,some support error 566
  4. hillbilly

    hillbilly Big Dog

    but i will keep trying
  5. fyremyst

    fyremyst Big Dog

    Thx, not sure why you are getting the error...
  6. J Henry

    J Henry Big Dog

    I got the same error.
  7. fyremyst

    fyremyst Big Dog

  8. ScrappyDoo

    ScrappyDoo Top Dog

    IT told me that only residents of Tennessee can sign it
  9. GD2

    GD2 Top Dog

    well I was #11
  10. fyremyst

    fyremyst Big Dog

    Guess its tempermental like Us owners of pitbulls can be LOL
  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    cmon guys, its been a week and only 20 signatures, and 15 are my family! This is happeneing in my county right now, please sign and get the word out!
  12. El Mexicano

    El Mexicano CH Dog

    dam i hope this shit doesnt happen right here they gonna have to kill me to take my dogs
  13. fyremyst

    fyremyst Big Dog

    Well Im trying. Om cross posting this on all the boards Im on
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    me and everyone i can find will sign this petition.I am number 21 and I am going to start sending emails to sign right now.

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