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Tail Chasers

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by TwistedMettle, May 25, 2010.

  1. quinny

    quinny Big Dog

    :)Dream pits that was classic!:)
  2. My adopted male does this on occansion if he is bored or excited, he's pretty high energy, doesn't really settle down and I think it was his only fun for the month he spent in the shelter as he did it constantly at first, doesn't really chew though, just drops it and starts the game over. In Bull Terriers it is often a genetic issue but seems to be more boredom or allergies in APBT.
  3. DryCreek

    DryCreek CH Dog

    Has anyone here had a chain dog who exhibited this behavior?
  4. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    yes i have the dog was a friends and it was farmed out elsewhere when checking on the guys yard after not being there for a few months, he found the dogs had been neglected, as he had no room and didnt think he would like to leave the dogs there he decided to cull the lot.[three] said guy asked me for help to pick them up and dismantle the setups ect and deal with the farmee if things got out of hand. i had never set foot on this yard and when i saw one of the dogs i realy liked it, it had severley cracked ears and being a red nose had very dry skin around and on the nose because shade wasnt sufficient enough. she also was wormy and had the last two inches of her tail scabby and bloody from tail chasing. as i really liked her i offered to take her and make room at mine to save her from the culling he unfortunantly had too do. i took her and once she had gained the extra weight she lacked and her ears were better i spent alot of time with her off the chain and over time she stopped chassing and chewing her tail. nothing mentally wrong with her she turned out to be the smartest ive owned and she never ever chased tail again until the day she died, god bless her. once she looked healthy and was trained she was the greatest chick pulling dog the world has ever seen. i saw more action than a digger in the veitnam war because of that little cutey!

    while we are on the subject ive recently became single about three months ago and chasing tail is my favourite passtime. and im far from bored.
  5. blackbisquit

    blackbisquit Banned

    can you give a exemple of the allergies please thank you!:)

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