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Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by THUNDERBIRD, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. iv been looking at some of the old posts on here about stormer and it brought back some memories of 10 years back when i was trying to sort out my bitchs pedigree . the bloke I got her of had swapped some things round on the sires side don't know why but he did anyway a friend of mine helped me to get it 95% right the only thing we could not get right was the the bit with stormer . what we got it down to in the end was this through the help of a few other men in the know . stormer was put to a bitch called ether kimber / bess or tess and she was out of reids skipper and reids lady and they had a litter with a male in it called sharkey and that in turn was put to a kc staff bitch called bella . some say stormer was never put to a bitch some say he was only put to a few . I still would love to get to the bottom of her pedigree and get it right do any of you know more on this
  2. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    Ha ha here we go lol

    I would like to think stormer is in there but so many people swear its impossible I asked ed Reid at a show a few years a go

    He said I don't know but just because every one don't know about it don't mean it didn't happen and had a little laugh

    So an none the wiser lol
  3. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road Top Dog

  4. I know mate at the time we were sorting the ped out we were told that 85% to 90% of the peds hes in are false .so many people out there dont give a dam and just make up there own peds no wonder we got people out there who think there dogs will turn out good and they end up with rubbish
  5. thanks RickyB so we was right with the way we went with the ped then . do you know if that sharky dog was in the litter mate
  6. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    (Reaches for popcorn then waits for the debate)
  8. Champion.stormer.was.bred.to.tess.twice.she.had.2.litters.of.11.and.he.was.bred.also.to.a.flyn.bitch.called.twister.i.know.this.bbecause.I.was.the.last.one.to.own.champion.stformer.and.also.Tess.English.kiernon
  11. Ɵsharkey.was.bred.by.me.english.kiernon.out.of.stormer.and.tess.sold.to.guy.called.joey.he.put.sharkey.over..a.kc.bitch.called.bElla.one.of.the.pups.was.called.Bullitt.a.guy.called.Shaun.barker.ended.up.with.the.dog.and.he.made.out.on.his.pedigrees.he.started.writing.that.bullit.was.out.stormer.and.one.of.his.bitches.Bullitt.was.a.grandson.not.a.son.Shaun.barker.sold.a.load.pups.on.lie.English.kiernon

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