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Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by pitbull_24, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. pitbull_24

    pitbull_24 Top Dog

    Looking for car decals. Just little black ones, maybe 4x6 or 5x7 inches. I found some but they are amstaffs not apbts. Does anyone know how to make decals for cars or where I could get custom ones?
  2. pitbull_24

    pitbull_24 Top Dog

    Dog is good.. Just want the dog though. No white on it either like something you would put on your back window so you can see through it? I'm putting mine on the trunk, just tryin to explain it better. I could do it with electrical tape, but that's a pita and shrinks where you cut it. Found that out covering up the chrome line around my window lol. Cut it to perfect size, next day was hot and it shrunk.
    Thanks for the link and for responding though!
  3. jsorrow

    jsorrow Pup

    Thinking about getting a hoodie with the Alabama one. It is labled as the Ark one... Would i need to order it as a Ark Hoodie?
  4. bukskin.banks

    bukskin.banks Big Dog

    go to a local shop who does decals and give them a drawing and they may be able to put it in some vinyl for ya. then it'll actually be your drawing too. or go buy a sheet of black vinyl and do it yourself.

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