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Staffy collar sites ?

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by magicman200, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Any good ones online ? cheers.
  2. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

  3. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    hickpory sticks and clubs my ass stillwater made bats for barry bonds and mark mcguire ahaha i swear they just look like loaded bats but damn you get hit with one of those yoour going to be in a world of hurt

  4. Kaymine

    Kaymine Pup

    If your going for the " traditional " staffy collar try these :
    http://www.aecollars.co.uk/ <-- great, can also be customised

    Heres a few that are not the traditional style but very durable :)
    http://www.lizardleathercollars.com/# <--- hand made, expensive but fantastic quality.
    http://www.elperro.co.uk/ <-- by far the most durable, strong and affordable collars ever!
    http://www.rogueroyalty.com.au/store/ <-- great aswell very durable but quite expensive

    Hope this helps.
  5. Hamish

    Hamish Pup

    This guy is top notch
    Mobile: 07949 555401
    Hand Made explained
    Beware, when you see dog collars and leads advertised as hand made, this does not necessarily mean hand stitched ALL dog collars and leads supplied by The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Shop are individually hand stitched there is no machine stitching at all, using the finest English Bridle leathers and heavily waxed heavy duty thread you are assured of getting the very best quality collars, leads and harnesses at affordable prices.
    thestaffordshirebullterriershop.co.uk i have had same collar n lead set 3 years heavy use and still as good as new
  6. http://www.elperro.com.pl

    or his UK web side


    I know the producer of this brand, he is a good european breeder with years of experience in work with good buldogs, that's why he makes good equipment. I can recomend his equipment, I will serve wery long without any problems.
  7. j1985

    j1985 Big Dog

    If your in the UK then get in contact with Aaron from Strong Stuff, best webbing collars around.

    If your after proper Leather collars then Mick from Harris & Watson is the one you want.

    Google them both you won't be disappointed!!!
  8. Kaymine

    Kaymine Pup

    Defo Harris & watson aswell they are fabulous!
  9. Hamish

    Hamish Pup

    oops fergot to mention my old mate mick , harris n watson top notch too good old traditional style collars for all breeds , best english leather always used, his web site is well worth a look too
  10. I should have said I am not a big fan of the old style staffy knotts etc. Looking for plain,leather,chunky is good also. This harris n watson does look top notch.
  11. Hamish

    Hamish Pup

    If its the less ornamented you are looking for harris n watson is the one , it is all top top drawer stuff at reasonable prices
  12. hozomeen

    hozomeen Big Dog

    These are definitely some of THE nicest collars i have ever seen. I wish they posted prices, anyone have any experience with these guys?
  13. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    Mick has very good products and he's a straight forward person. if you want prices contact him and tell him what you got in mind

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