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Staffords from the past

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by SWB, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. SWB

    SWB Pup

    Staffords from the past by Springview
    "The Derrymacash Rascal (socks) dog was a great working Stafford of the 70's. He was sired by a dog called Tyrone of Cuileog who came from the kennels of that legendary Staff man Billy Rickard of Kilkenny in Ireland. The dam of Socks was a belly sister to the great Geronimo. The Socks dog was one of the greats and some beleive he was the best. He also had a littermate brother some rated better than Socks. This dog was Mourneview Chieftain. The Socks dog also produced some excellent dogs, and when mated to Peter Gorman's bitch, Wolf Island Rose, (Wolf Island Boy/Nothern Queen) he produced two superb Staff's in the Great Northern Rust who was a quality badger dog and produced some deep game dogs. Also from this mating came Ch. Mitsi. She won over some good bitches including a war over Gr. Ch. Brindy in 1 hr. 47 min. when she was riddled with cancer. The Socks dog was a dominant force on the Irish dog scene and was a great looker as well as a deep game badger dog.

    Battling Duchess was bred by Bob Watts of Dublin out of Willie Delaney's Brindle Devil and Battling Beauty. Battling Duchess was a game bitch from the early 60's and gained some honours at the badger trials organized by the Irish Kennel Club. When mated to her half brother, Satan's Son, she produced the Great Red Commando who when mated to Matador Maind did produce the Immortal Wolf Island Boy. The Battling Duchess Bitch was then sold to that Stouthearted Stafford man Seamus McNutt of Derry who owned many more great ones. Also in the same litter as Duchess was the great dog Battling Devil. He was a game dog of the early 60's. A lot of inbreeding was done around the Battling Duchess line culminating in a family of Staff's that are second to none.

    Red Warrior was bred in Dublin in the 70's. He was Sired by Frazer who was a son of Satan's Son. His dam was Mandy who came down from Battling lines. Red Warrior was purchased along with his sire and dam by my good friend Morris Dann (Pied Piper). He created a strain of Staffors that are without a doubt the best in the world. Red Warrior when mated to Hopcrofts Bess produced the dog Russel's Joe who won two and lost game to Dillinger. He also when mated to the Tasha Bitch who was his half sister, produced Rocky. Rocky won two and lost one when he gave up 12 lbs. to a Pitbull. When Rocky was mated to Hopcrofts Bess he produced Joss who killed Patrick's Mooshine in a match and defeated another dog from Patrick called Nigger. He also lost game to the sire of Nigger in 1hr. 35 min. When Red Warrior was mated to a belly sister to Tasha called Young Mandy, he produced Ginger the best producing bitch ever. When Ginger was mated to her half brother Joe, she produced Ch. Jim who won 5 and when Ch. Jim was mated to a heavy inbred descendant of Red Warrior called Ruby, he produced Ch. Jess. who won her title on gameness alone over a Carver bitch aged 6 years. When Ch. Jim was mated to his daughter Ch. Jess, he produced the greatest Staff ever, the Immortal Gr. Ch. Sinbad. He won four matches against winning Pitbulls and is 75% Red Warrior. The Red Warrior dog won several off the chain and one contract match aged 7 years against a Stafford dog called Butcher, a powerful dog. He was a producer of good dogs that in term retained the ability to produce.

    Fearless Devil was owned by that great Stafford man Seamus McNutt of Derry in Ireland. He was sired by the Great Roger who was a litter brother to the Satan's Son, both game badger dogs. His dam was Battling Lass. Lass was a daughter of that game producing bitch Battling Beauty. Fearless Devil was a very game dog and a product of the masterfull breedings made by Willy Delaney and Bobby Watts of Dublin. A tall athletic dog, he was eager to fight a bitch or dog yet retained the typical Stafford gentleness when around people.

    The Ch. Molly bitch was bred by my good friend Morris Dann (Pied Pieper) out of a dog called Paddy he bought in Ireland in the 70's. The Paddy dog was a son of the Geronimo dog who was a great working stafford. The dam of the Paddy Dog was a bich from Evergreen lines owned by the Flynns of Cork who owned some Great bitches. The Paddy dog was a full brother to Woodside Lad who was a good game dog also. The dam of Ch. Molly was a small brindle bitch bred by Les Woods of Liverpool and was basically from a Betchgreen/Make Ready Bloodline.
    From a very early age, Molly was very keen and after a few rolls she was matched against Russel's Bella, a brindle bitch at 28 lbs. tops. I worked Molly for this match for 6 weeks and all she had was lots of lead walking and some bike work with a Purina diet. On the day of the show both bitches were on the weight. At the start the Bella bitch came out storming and biting very hard. Then Molly got no her muzzle and really chewd and did bad damage hitting a bleeder. Both bitches were biting very hard with Molly getting the better of it. At 15 min. a turn was called on Bella but neither bitch wanted to come out of holds with Bella taking severe punishment around the mouth and muzzle. At 20 min. it was all Molly and Bella was fading very fast. A handle was made and at 28 minutes Bella stood the line. Molly mad a hard scratch to win.
    After this win, Molly was open to match 27-40 lbs. to any dog or bitch in Brittain. We collected two forfeits with her before we got her matched again at 30 lbs. into a bitch called T.F.'s Judy. I worked her for only 32 days using a bicycle and lots of pulling and swimming with her getting up to 5 hrs. a day. She was fed Purina with a little meat and fresh fruit and vegetables, and as always she worked with an intensity one rarely sees in a dog.
    The evening before the match when weighed she was on the weight. We had expected her to come in at 28 1/2 lbs. but she was over at 29 1/2 lbs., but was still inside the weight. At the start it was all fast and furious with both trying for hold and shaking it out. Judy was a fast bitch very agile and looked in good shape. Molly was bitting hard on the nose and mouth with Judy losing a few teeth. At 15 min. Molly going hard to win on heart alone. The day after the show myself and her owner were moving her tie out chain where we left her for a few hours each day in her keep, and i found a half eaten gamecock. This told us the answers about her weight and sluggish performance. We kept this secret and opened her up again with no takers. We then sold her to GG who got her matched against Ch. Kim. This match was made at 28 lbs. and was one of those matches everyone was looking forward to.
    At the weigh in both bitches were on the weight. There was plenty of betting. From the first minutes, it was a war . Both bitches had hard mouths and were dishing it out with plenty of damage being done. This match was mouth to mouth all the way with both having heavy bleeders on the muzzles and noses. At 1hr. and 15 mins. the handler of Ch. Kim picked up his bitch and she scratched like a rocket on her courtesy. These two bitches never put a foot wrong. No turns or counts. Both had ferocious mouths and only came out of hold once when Ch. Kim was lifted. Both were in excellent shape and its praise indeed when all who were at this match still rate it the best they ever saw. Champion Molly was open to match for 2 years with no takers and was then retired. Ch. Kim went on to win a couple more and sadly was killed by the Humane people when she was confiscated in a bust. She was winning the match when the raid took place and she was over 8 years old. Two very game bitches and two I was proud to know.
    Nicky's Choise was owned by the late Peter Gorman who was without a doubt the Irish equivalent of Earl Tudor. The Nicky's Choice dog was a big dog over 60 pounds and was one of the gamest ever, owing to his size he had problems competing in the Irish circles. But his gameness was never in doubt. At a legal kennel club badger trial he lost his nose and sight in one eye, but never flinched and worked on throughout the day. Sired by the Commandmant, he produced some game dogs and is behind many of today's Irish Staffords. His heyday was the late 50's and early 60's, a very strong time in Irish circles.

    Brindle Pal of Avet was very game dog of the late 50's. He competed at legal badger trials organized by the Irish Kennel Club and was just one of a whole crop of game dogs sired by Brindle Devil. He was a very strong working dog, and sired a few game ones.

    Battling Beauty was owned by Bobby Watts of Dublin and was a very game bitch. She was a show quality bitch also and gained honor in the show ring as well as the field. When mated to Brindle Devil she did produce Battling Duchess, Battling Dolly and Battling Devil. These were all very game dogs and all were good producers and founded a real strong family of dogs.

    Battling Devil was one of the greats. He was close to gaining the title of Show Champion (conformation) and was also a deep game dog. My good friend Seamuss McNutt of Ireland rates him the best Staff he's seen. This is praise indeed as he's seen the best. Battling Devil was a powerful dog about 38 lbs. and dark red in color. He is behind many of today's Staffords. Sadly he died young and his true worth as a stud was never known. He was a strong working dog of the early 60's
    The Jim dog was bred by George Guest of Barnesley of Yorkshire out of dog called Joe who was sired by Red Warrrior a dublin bred dog from basically purebred battling lines or Bobby Watt's old stock. The dam of Jim was a bitch called Ginger. She was a daughter of Red Warrior out of a bitch called Little Mandy. Little Mandy was sired by a son of Wolf Island Boy, a great working dog of the 70's. The dam of Little Mandy was Mandy. She was also the dam of Red Warrior. All these matings were made by the Pied Piper who was decades ahead of anyone in Europe with his breedings.

    The Joe dog was won 2 matches and lost one game dot the Great Staff Dillinger in over the hour. The Dillinger dog lost game to King Limey's Tug (ROM) in over 2 hours. The Jim dog was very young to start and was rolled with some good dogs always wanting more. We rolled him age 12 mo. with a very rough dog called Irish Jack and he really looked well. A few weeks later we matched him aged 13 mo. against a dog called Bull. The match was made at 40 lbs and we worked Jim every way we could. We ran him on a bike, swam him, had him pulling logs, swinging on tires, and this with the crap we fed him nearly killed him ourselves. We were ignorant about keeps or resting dogs , but showtime came and we gave him another few hours walk to make sure he was fit.

    At the weigh in Jim was 37 lbs and Bull was 52 lbs. Well, what was a few pounds, we wanted to see a match! Bull came out and he threw Jim all over the pit. At about the ten min. mark, Bull had Jim down and was working his chest. Then Jim got on his nose and started to chew and Bull started to sing. Then Jim began to work the nose and Bull turned at 14 and when asked to scratch at 18 min. he quit. Jim went hard to win. We rested Jim a few months and we got some common sense and matched him at 38# against a staff dog called Sam who had won one. This time we worked him like a real dog. We walked him 10 miles and ran him 5 miles behind a bike and fed him Purina etc. At the weigh in Jim was 37 1/2. Sam came in on the weight. At the start, it was fast and swapping it out. At the 10 minute mark Jim was on the nose biting hard and hit a bleeder. Sam was pushing for the chest but fading fast and at the 22 min. mark he turned and scratched at 26, but was beaten and picked up game at 28 min.
    The Jim dog was then sold to the boys down in Portsmouth as we were moving into pitbulls and could not et a match for him in our part of the country.
    In his championship match Jim was matched into a staff called Buzz. He had won 2. This match was made at 38#. This match was a quick one as the dogs met and Buzz turned right away and stood the line in 2 minutes.
    The next match was very controversial. It was into the 4x winner called Sam and it was even for 20 when Jim pulled ahead. Sam turned and both dogs were working well when Jim was asked to scratch. When the referee said release your dog, both handlers did so. This meant Sam's handler accepted that Jim had scratched. However Sam started to spin around in his corner very fast and Jim shot across only to be given a 10 count while chasing Sam round trying to mouth him. Sam was not scratched and the ref awarded the match to Sam. Had they known the rules, Jim would not have lost to the dog. A rematch was offered but refused. The Jim dog was screaming to get at Sam, but through a foolish handler and a bad ref, a good dog lost to a cur in 1hr. 5 min.
    The Jim dog was now a 4x winner as everyone knew. Ch. Jim. had won over Sam. He was to return to us as a friend wanted a staff dog to use as a stud on his bitches. I told him about Jim and we went to London to buy him. The Sam match had caused his owner to get unhappy with the game as he'd won the match, but lost his money.
    We bred Ch. Jim to a few bitches and then were offered a match with a 1x winner at 39#. Gracco asked me to work and handle Jim. His opponent, Ben, had won over a good dog in 1hr. Ben was on weight and Jim was at 38#. For 20 minutes both took turns to lead and Jim was on the legs and muzzle with Ben after the stifle. It was hot and both dogs were blowing hard. At 37 Ben turned and handle made at 51 min. He went hard. At 1:10 Jim's mouth had him ahead. At 1:20, Jim went into Ben's stifle with Ben falling behind. At 1:37, Ben was unable to scratch and Jim won.
    A few months later Jim was matched again into an English Bull/Staff crossbred from the famous Ch. Psycho lines. His opponent was called Rocky and the match was made at 38#. I mainly hand walked Jim with some mill work and he was walking up to 20 mils a day at peak. Both dogs were on weight. Rocky was fast and rough but Jim kept on trying to for holds and Rocky was ahead at 15 min. Jim on the nose and Rocky on the legs.
    At 27 min. Rocky turned and at 29 in he quit standing on the line, making Jim a 6x winner at 7 years old.
    He was retired to stud and though only bred to a few bitches, he was a great producer when bred to a bitch called Molly. One of his offspring losing deadgame to a pitbull giving up 2# in over an hour.
    When bred to a bitch bred by Axessmith, he produced Ch. Jess who won 2 matches over pitbulls and when mated to his own daughter, Ch. Jess produced a staff dog rated by all who saw him as the greatest Staff dog ever. This was the immortal Gr. Ch. Sinbad. He won over 4 winning pitbulls with his first going over 2 hrs. Jim was a very game dog with a perfect temperament. He was a beautiful looking dog and due to his breeding. he had the ability to produce the same. He was one of the best staffs I ever saw and as game as any dog I've seen.
    There are sons and daughters of him and no doubt you will hear of them as this family of staffs keeps producing aces. Somewhere along the line you may face one! If so, you're in for along hard night! Good luck and God bless the game Stafford. "
    by Springview, Reprinted from Don Carter's Bits on Pits 1993

    On the list of certified Grand Champions of the Sporting Dog Journal can be found a pure Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier known as Dock's Gr. Ch. “Duke” that weighed a mere 32 lbs. Yet won in open competition from 33 lbs. To 38 pounds. He was bred to another pure Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Richardson's “Corgi” to get his Champion daughter that won 3 named Dock's Ch. “Tasha” with her Championship bout being a win in 1:17 over a “Bolio” bred bitch, Deney's “Patch”. When crossed out to an American import “Duke” sired a 2x winner at 35 lbs. Named Dock's “Macho Patch”. Another Irish Champion that was also known in America was Ricky's Ch. “Psycho”, a blue and white 4x winner Irish Stafford from a full brother to sister mating that won from:29 to 1:51 from 40 – 45 lbs., then lost his 5th while showing deep gameness to another Champion, the 12X winner named Cooper's Gr. Ch. “Stormer”, yet Ch. “Psycho” went on to win 3 more including an :11 win over Weather Terrier and became a 7XW. Gr. Ch. “Stormer” won from 43 – 46 lbs and was sired by an Irish Staffordand out of a pure English Bull Terrier known as “the Old Bull Bitch”. “Stormer” broke a record in his country at that time by winning in 2:26 weighing in at 46 lbs; against “Sprock”, plus he won againast a 63 lbs. English Bull Terrier in :20, and then his final match was a blow out of only :02. Gr. Ch. “Stormer” alsof defeated Springview's 6X winner Gr. Ch. “Bruno” that was from a Stafford cold crossed to an American Bull Terrier from Ed Reid. Among “Bruno's” wins were impressive victories over a Patrick/Anderson bred dog named Raggers “Little Alvin” in 1:19, and Mayfiled's “Baxter” in 1:47 while the other loss for “Bruno” was against Sctoman's Ch. “Hagler”. Another irish Stafford/ Bull Terrier cross to attain the title of a Sporting Champion was a 29 lbs. Bitch named Boneyard Kennels' Ch. “Nellie” that won from :30 to 1:38. Still another Irish Stafford/Bull Terrier cross to make Champion was a grandson of Ricky's Ch. “Psycho” by his son Ch. “Marvin” to the English Bull Terrier btich “Sprig”. Ch. “Psycho” was mated to a nother Irish S.B.T. To get Terry's 4X winner Ch. “Marvin” that lost his 5th game to a dog down from Irish bench show K.C. Lines known as Gr. Ch. “Rocky” in 1:48. A half brother/sister mating on Ricky's Ch. “Psycho” resulted in Pounders Ch. “Milo” that won in 1:18 and was a conformation champion. Ricky B. had another Champion which was a 6X winner named Ch.”Spring” that won his 1st over an English Bull Terrier in :46 at 44 lbs. And was campaigned from 40 -46 lbs. Another 7X winner that was an Irish Stafford was Byrne's Ch. “Blaze”, as he won his 3rd over an English Bulldog in :54 at 46 lbs., and his 4th over a glen of Imaal Terrier in :25 at 44 lbs. Some other interesting match-ups in Britain involved the kennel of Nothern Doc's with Doc's ½ Irish Stafford Terrier “Sonny” beating Davy P.'s “Nigger” from Mayfield's “Nigger” breeding in :28, and Doc's English Bull Terrier “Sophie” beating Skinner's “Sheilagh” in :28. Another of the numerously gamebred pure Irish Staffords was Goose's “Chas” that lost to Denny & Joe's “Mister Digger” in 2:04. Another noteworthy dog was Ch. “Ben” that was through English Kennel Club bench show lines that was a 4x winner, going past the 2 hour mark twice. Ch. “Bomber” beat the 2x winner “Murdock” in :35, but his toughest match was a close match he won over an English Bull Terrier in 1:05. A cross with an American Bull Terrier named Ch. “Billy Broken Tail” to a pure Irish Stafford bitch of Conners' called “White Bitch” produced Gr. Ch. “Ned” that defeated a Champion of Ricky B's named Ch. “Sunny” for his 1st contest in 1:13
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