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Stafford ramblings

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by springview, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Westway

    Westway Big Dog

    While im here talkin about Bruno might aswell ask you Springview, what happened to Bruno after his loss to Hagar. Never heard anything else about him........Was he ever bred and who ended up with him.

  2. Westway

    Westway Big Dog

    What i like is the stories about some lines of Staffords not been Staffords while others are, Especially the red strain stuff, true they were excellent dogs that ended up over in the uk, but does anyone really believe all their peds were correct....if they do then they are just kidding themselves..theres was probably alot of irish lads pissin themselves laffin at the uk lads buying them lol. Easy way to make quick money back then. Wasnt just red strain stuff but psycho stuff etc aswell...the irish new there was a market for these dogs in the uk and they filled it with everything they found and hung alot of nice peds on them aswell....and made easy money lol.
  3. bendover

    bendover Banned

    seems mr springview has left the building?
    god knows how he managed to get out with an ego that big.....
  4. hya pple am new to this site but can a get some tips please i have a 3/4 pitty with a hint of american bulldog in her it was mating what wasn't ment to happen!! if a put pit back in her will it bring the pit back into play!! i'm from uk does any one know of a good pitline who is willing to put there male with mine some one near lancashire area
  5. A.W.DALY

    A.W.DALY Pup

    The dogs a mongrel ,,dont breed from it
  6. 7mmrowland

    7mmrowland Big Dog

    LOL yep! my thought exactly....
  7. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    I agree x 10. Don't breed the pitty.
  8. The GRCH Bruno dog was sired by Scrapper a Reid bred dog out of Bella a stafford bitch he wwas bred by Taffy a top notch breeder and handler of dogs . The Bruno dog won seven contract matches and stopped many more in rolls when he was taken off the chain and rolled into conditioned dogs some owned by famous kennels , he lost game in his eigth match to that great bulldog CH Hagar and was retired as a family pet . As with the dog scene rumour was he died after the Hagar loss but this was just gossip from people who were not involved , the photo shown on this board shows Bruno aged ten years old six years after he died . He produced only one litter a accidental breeding to his mother all the pups were culled at birth and though we had dozens of request to breed him they were refused , he was matched eight times and won more matches than any dog in the history of the game , he won his first over a GRCH and lost game in his last to a great Champion in Hagar . As for the staffords i owned not having true pedigrees then i find that offensive the men who sent the original dogs to Dann and whom i spoke with at great length about these dogs are 100% honest they were not deralers but honest dogmen whos word is faultless in Ireland , if these men tell you a dog is bred this way then thats how its bred , to nsay otherwise shows a lack of respect but its understandable when you compare the records of these men and of those who doubt them . A quick note the sire of GRCH Bruno was Scrapper i won with him over the highly rated Mayfield dog Baxter who had won one , this match was at catchweight with Baxter at 59 lb and Scrapper at 58 lb , the match going near two hours if i remember correctly , the Baxter was out of CH General owned by that great dogman Christy Mc Carthy of Ireland , the dam of GRCH Bruno produced another great dog CH Toby a pure KC stafford , the Bruno dog was a 37 lb dog but won all his matches from 37 - 39 lb .
  9. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Do you know how Tosca was bred ?
    Also,a close friend told me he saw Bruno stop before he met Hagar. Appreciate your side of the story.
  10. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    This is really great reading SpringView.
    Cheers for posting.

    Tracie x
  11. As usual people that have no knowledge of the past see fit ti post threads with no truth whatsover , first what dog yopur talking about being from my Wolf dog has me baffled that some one has a grandaughter or great grand daughter of a dog i owne whats that got to do with myself , i never bred or sold them the pup and have no knowledge of the person or the dog , so thats you corrected . The dog you gave that was a brother to Tyra was given to a young boy as a pet and lived to old age as a family pet giving many years of pleasure for which both i and the boy thank you . As for the bitch that lost to Beanie three or four or five then once again your wrong , this bitch had nothing at all to do with me and this was common knowledge , not one hair on the dog was owned by me and both the bitches were sahgite in fact i told the owner of the losing bitch to pick her up at ten mins and cull her so whoevor you are your wrong . The GRCH Bruno was a great match dog he won seven lost one game to a great dog CH Hagar but he was a mongrel thats why i never bred him , kinda backs up what i say about crossbed dogs , incidently both parents to Bruno were very game dogs unlike those Blue dogs another point Saab a CH Phycho dog was beaten by Bruno when Bruno came up near three pounds . As for the bitch from Limey kennels the reason i took her was this the bitch had been two dogged and was not match quality , i saw the bitch still living in the pit six months later in a foot of faces totally devoid of hair and her body full of poisening a friend who was with me took her as he felt sorry for her , we spoke with the Welsman who was there when she was rolled and later with Goldeye . When the bitch was healed she was rolled with a good Nelis bitch that id won a match with this roll in fron of several well known dogmen lasted around thirty mins with the bitch being on the bottom all the way she made a great stumbling scratch . When she came in heat we bred her to Popeye and in thios litter were CH Bouncer who won three the last with a broken front leg of the bottom , the Breaker dog who won three all in short order over winning dogs , he was later culled as he was a man biter , the CH Blackshine bitch who won her last in over two hours aged six going uphill and Slug who lost two game one of these to her half sister Tumble out of Popeye , Whilst owned by Limeys they bred her to Nelis (rom) and she had one male pup Minstral i bought this dog and won two matches giving weight into winning dogs , he was later confiscated along with Popeye in a raid and put down . The Minstral dog was bred to only two bitches in the first litter he produced CH Josie who won two for myself then went to Ireland and won one and lost one game for the Prizefighter the other was the CH Oneye dog he beat a two time winner in his first then a one time winner Sledge in his secon and in his third a four time winner College Boys CH Duch so id say the fact we took the bitch shows what a intelligent move it was , when Dirty Harry and Axesmith from Limey kennels came to visit with me i had CH Bouncer CH Blackshine , Minstral and several others out of the bitch you talk about all were open to match so yes we did get the bitch and what a wise move it was . As for the Blue dogs many are super looking dogs and if someone wants to keep them fine but dont tell me they are staffords as they are not , they are also not gamebred and every single one has dogs behind them that quit , thats just facts its nothing to do with me they are bred that way and i wish everyone who owns one the best , butplease dont try to tell me dogs i saw quit were game . If you have genuine questions i will gladly answer them what i tell you may or not please you but it will be facts not heresay or bullshit told by others unlike most i matched dogs and win or lose great dogs or curs i tell it like it is . Last but not least anything i talk about is from the past and is just histery from the past i feel could be of intrest to students of these breeds take care and keep scratchin
  12. Westway

    Westway Big Dog

    Thanx for reply springview about Bruno great reading i new how Bruno was bred Pit cross Staff not pure bred just a cross some would say a mongrel, but still a pit dog in my eyes did alot more than some pure bred stuff, didnt know he beat a gr ch in his first unless ive read your post wrong...thought he beat Tosca (a funny looking dog) werent you ref aswell springview. Bruno's record dosnt show him ever beating a gr ch unless ive got his record wrong only got him down as havin 6 contracted matches .You mention about gossip from people not involved that Bruno died, heard that myself but it wasnt from people not involved. Heard Bruno was dead in the pit, and no one ever saw him again. But theres always two sides to every story......but you'd think someone would of seen bruno again if he did survive...strange that one......As for the stuff about fake peds i didnt say your dogs had fake peds....i just said the some irish lads flooded the market with dogs alot didnt have real peds psycho, red strain, flynn lines ,... its not a secret that this happened, theres been talk of it for years now.
  13. Well Finito your friends full of shit ask him were he even saw Bruno , its the same ol same ol . if he saw him quit why didnt he match into him , i feel certain he never saw the dog as i saw every roll and match and do you think id have matched him into such a top dogman as the Scotsman using a great dog CH Hagar if he already quit , no my friend your friend is not only a fool but a LIAR also , unless someone sneaked in my yard a nd matched or rolled him without me knowing . The GRCH Tosca dog came from the dog pound he looked like a pitbull/staff cross i saw him win three or four and refereed a couple of his matches he was open to any dog or bitch in Britain and many top dogmen ran from him this i know is true because i approaced them on behalf of his owners , he lost game to CH Bruno showing to be very game . Ifind the advice to the owner of the crossbred pitbull/bulldog strange your telling him its a mongrel and not to breed from his bitch but everyone of those Blue dogs is a mongrel with pitbull/english Bull/Bull Mastiff /Wheaten blood in them but when i tell you the truth about these dogs im slagged of whats this mean he has a right to breed his bitch just the same as yawl have to breed those crossbred Blue dogs with the false papers as whats sauce for a goose is sauce for a gander , but i agree dont breed it lol
  14. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    thanks for letting me know about the dog springview
  15. Westway

    Westway Big Dog

    Who was the champion who beat College Boys CH Dutch.....wasnt Dutch a 3xw 1xl lost to Phantoms Harvey a 1xw. I may be getting to old so my memory might be going so excuse me if ive gettin it wrong.
  16. Westway the GRCH Bruno dog won over GRCH Tosca when owned by his breeder Taffy i made the match and also the match with the killing dog Duke that i refereed when this was demanded by both sides , i later got Bruno from Taffy along with several other great dogs . The Bruno lost game to CH Hagar who was a greal dog we left him with the Scotsman for two weeks then went back to collect him he lived to be just short of fifteen years old and the photo shown on this board was aged ten hence even to the biggest crettin he obviously did not die in the pit . Westway stories like this are common in dogs they are put about by fools that have nothing to talk about that they have done themselves sio they imagine things or repeat others stories in order to make others think they were involved , i kept records of every dog i kept each dog i conditioned or bred were the pups went until they died , every letter i ever wrote i kept copies this way at a later date someone could not say that i said this or that i am able to check what i said thats why my memorie is sharp , many people saw Bruno after his match with Hagar but why should we allow those who dont match dogs to see our dogs the only time you need to see a dog is across the pit or if breeding to the dog , hope this thread answers your questions good luck
  17. anoldun

    anoldun Pup

    thank you springview, you did do the right thing!
  18. The dog Harvey was Oneye out of Minstral and Lucky i won over the Max dog from Reid lines , when i was busted my friend the Phantom used him to beat Havocs Sledge a one time winner , we then matched him into CH Duch who had won four times three of the reported in the SDJ my self and the Phantom journeyed to the match with my dog that i owned , he won when CH Dutch stopped on his scratch to have a shit , i told them to curtesy scratch CH Duch and he quit on all four feet with now CH Oneye making a hard curtesy thats the facts about CH Oneye who was owned by myself, the reason for the name change was i was unable to get a match for the dog and was having problems with the humane people and police but hey thats a long time ago and is just history
  19. Westway

    Westway Big Dog

    Thats strange what you have posted about leaving Bruno with the Scotsman think you better check your records.....You may of written down your records incorrect this time.....thanks for your replys tho its great chatting about the old dogs....dont think Tosca was an official gr ch either may of won 5 or more but they mustnt have been recorded anywhere. So not officially a gr ch. Did you own Bruno when he went into Hagar.....great win for Hagar in his first outting taking out a officail GH CH.
  20. The Oneye dog and his sister Josie were bred by my good friend Taffy out of his Lucky bitch he gave them both to me when he got out of dogs as noone would match into him , these dodogs were owned by myself , i believe Taffy was one of the best breeders and dogmen in Britain , though little is known of him but he could put one in shape and would match anyone

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