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Stafford ramblings

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by springview, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    SV,did you own Red Margaret at one time & if so,did she produce anything of note for you ?
    Also,any chance of hearing the history on your Red.
  2. Fly

    Fly Pup

    If you think i had a question about ch tyler it seems you have more problems understandig what i write than i have with your'e writings. Think it was clear what i ment whit my post. The ones who need to know, they know how good a dog is and they know his breeding. The ones who don't need to know why tell them, waste of time.
    The difference between tyler and the Great Blue Staffords behind most of todays dogs i realy don't know because al have not my intersest.
    And last but not least i don't have a Blue/Black or Pink stafford mine has long hare is game as hell 80 lbs and 35 inch pure kc bred stafford.
    Or....... i don't try to tell you anything about my dogs i'm happy with them, don't try to sell anyting and if i was trying you would be the last on this board worth trying to. Only a fool writes your'e last line if you don't know someones dogs and only a fool prefers to wirte down information know by everyone trying to be populair in stead of having the decency to answer a personel message.

    Have a nice evening and thanks for explaining that you don't get a game bred dog out of non game parents. Totaly new information for every member on this board.
  3. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    This is where I loose my interest of your ramblings. Psycho himself had 6,25% of Bullterrier blood, a game bull terrier it was too. If we consider that there is a very close relationship between the breeds, and the fact that there was a known Staff infusion into the BT at one point. Then the actual genetical impact of BT trough Kilwickie lad is really marginal.

    I have studied some genetics, most say that anything further than 5 generations back is not longer relevant. Any line bred pure for more than five generations is also to be regarded as pure bred, even tough there would be anything else back there. This is not my claim, but accepted scientific practises. I am fortunate enough to still have old dogs with Psycho in their third and fourth generation. So he is most defenitly relvant to me, but Kilwickie is not any more. My dogs are pure bred, and game bred too. No matter what you may claim. I am also pretty confident that they are just as good, or perhaps even better, than the dogs you kept...
  4. No i neveer owned the Maggie bitch but once kenneled her for GG who was having problems at the time she was supposed to be in pup to Joe at the time but one of GGs coursing dogs had covered her by accident , he then sold her as a pet to a man in Cheshire . The Red dog was out of Sinbad and Jess and was owned by a friend of mine and was a brother to the Maurice dog . As for you Fly why would i want to know what you own or how theyre bred when i was active many many years ago i wanted weights not silly squabbles , i proved it in doing not talking and stood behind what i said as for your great Blue staffs they are shite bred from shite and look what your feeding and tell me it aint true . Have seen hundreds like you they come and go why not tell us about your level of understanding about gamedogs or post up your pedigrees just the dogs names ang give me a laugh i answered your personal message about Blue staffs that you cant handle the truth thats your problem dont ask if you cant take the truth ha ha ha ha ha ha Blue staffs my arse
  5. If you think CH Phycho was a good dog thats fine and shows your understanding of dogs , tell us about his loss to CH Stormer about the ending as i may have been told different from those who owned CH Stormer . I did see the dog that supposedly killed him was he called Moonshine and the Milo dog and other great Blue dogs as for these dogs being better than those i owned thats the biggest load of nonsense ive heard , when all these great dogs were about there owners knew what dogs i had they could have had all they wanted and they were offered so dont tell me about Blue dogs ive shit em thats a fact thats it tough shit youve been told the truth now deal with it ha ha ha lol ha lol ive talked enough about curbred dogs .
  6. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    I never talked about Blue dogs, if some happened to be blue thats one thing. But they where never bred for their colour that is a big difference and you should know that. I did neither say that those old dogs where better than what you had! I said that what I have now is as good as what you had, and perhaps even better. And them dogs partly happen to be down from Psycho.

    I´ve talked with enough people who where there in Ireland, I am not under any illusion that Psycho was an ace. But I am pretty confident that the breeding program produced better all the way down the line. It is also what I understand a proven fact that his descendents has proved to be better than yours in contest! I am not really interested in slinging shit, but hey you started it by firstly calling our dogs mixed- then calling them curbred.

    Its almost to the day 50 years since the BT infusion in Psycho was made. Its just a silly way to try to belittle one of the best lines of Staffs there ever was! You may look down on them dogs, and on the ones who kept them! But they where not sitting up there on their high horses guarding their blood all the way to its own grave. Loosen up a bit, I understand you have met tons of idiots over the years- but not all of as are idiots so please stop acting like we are.
  7. Fly

    Fly Pup

    What i don't understand that if your'e pure dogs were better than the pshycho mixes why don't you see any decent game dog around any more with the blood of your'e dogs in it and the only "staffords" stil game/gamebred have the blood of the according to you worser cure dogs in it.
    We all now quality proves itself, quality will always survive, why dit the quality of de psycho dogs survive and your's didn't.
    Maybe your'e rambling is a littlebit collord by the the preference you have for your'e dogs?

    With all respect for what you did. But shows won by giving away more than 10 lbs, it doesn't tell me the winning dog was a good one. It tells me the havier dog probably wasn't worth showing.

    Let's be honest, if your'e dogs were the best staffords, these staffords were still in the blood of those who ar trying to keep the breed as it was suppost to be.

    Last but not least what is obvious in your'e rambling, dogman who told you wat you wanted to hear are the honest ones, dogmen who didn't have same point of view have curs curbreds mixes etc....
    I can tell you on that point also nothing changed last 40 years lol. I call this rambling a good example of only beleving what you wanne believe and sort of blindness.
  8. Fly

    Fly Pup

    Besides that your'e rambling is giving me a big laugh because of some stupidity tis post tells me you have problem reading. Where in this treat were on this board do you see me writing i have big bleu dogs. Were in this treat do you see me writing i think you wanna know wich dogs i have. You assume things never written down for making a point. Sory only fools do that.

    Why should i try to prove i have better staffords then you have on a board. You think yours where the only ones and the best. I should say find some good offspring and lets meet. If they were the best, there must be someone who kept the best alive.
    For sure we are not going to met, think you cant find one. And if you can your'e welcome.

    Have a nice day.
  9. ,told you the staffords i bred are gone because you people who dont own gamebred staffords but feed scatterbred crossbred dogs is something your obviously ashamed of i myself owned dogs that were bred out of curs or cur bred dogs in fact one of them Bruno was offered to the owners of these famous Blue dogs wwhen only a 36-37 lb dog but they refused only one of them accepted with the Moonshine dog the result was his easiest win but credit goes to his owner who at least had the guts to accept . As for me giving up 10 lbs in a match were did i say that , i did howevor give weight in many matches and travelled to my opponents back yard and won more than i lost but at least i competed unlike those who mass produced those Blue crossbred dogs . I never sold a stafford pup as id seen only to well what others had done with the dogs they had from Ireland , bastardising and propstituting them further crossbreeding them and yes ruining them . In fact i will go further and state not one has a genuine true pedigree without a number of rank curs behind them , why would i want one of my dogs crossed withj the Blue dogs i wouldnt have the very best Blue staff given me this includes CH Phyco . You say why dont you see any dogs from my breeding around today well maybe its because those that have them dont want people like you to see them something i can fully understand , its always been the same those that dont or have never matched a dog become experts on something they have never done , Of your Rocks or whatever your name is dont talk shite your dogs if they are down from those crossbred curs couldnt live with the dogs i owned thats FACTS that can still be proven just bring the best you have its easy to talk big on a board or in the magazines ive seen it all my life , whats funny is when you ask these same people to put there money were there mouth is something i was always willing to do . The staffords i bred were staffords they propved what they were none were sold lots were matched none quit several lost game to pitbulls , no outside blood was added the males were never at public stud and still are not , theres not thousands of them with false pedigrees bred from curs but they are there the fact you dont know of them or ever saw one speaks for itself . Last but not least if any of you feels they have better dogs from that Blue shite then prove it were it matters not on a message board or charging extotionate prices for curbred dogs with false pedigrees this is all facts just deal with it ha ha ha lol lol
  10. Incidently three Blue or CH Phyco line dogs met dogs of my breeding and they all quit cold two of them had weight advantages , this was just related to me by a friend who owns staffords , he also agrees those Blue dogs are shite and is willing to prove it so Spy and Of YYour Rocks why dont you prove it instead of talking about it , i can put you in touch with him i myself have had enough of squabbling with people whos only involvement in game dogs is that they think they own one if you want to talk about the matches you had with your dogs then hey im always willing to listen to dog talk , what have you done yourself with these dogs , before you answer i believe niether of you have ever matched a dog i could be wrong but its easy to talk now you have a chance to prove some truth
  11. lamp

    lamp Big Dog

    Springview,glad to see you post on here dont do it my self but looking now and then,i had a bitch out of sylus and twister and a bitch out of big red x red rose but preferd the yanks,last time i see and spoke was the hyde park turn out when the big fella drove a cross in black merc lol.
  12. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    Springview your an amazing character. You sit here making fun of people that you claim do nothing but talk on these boards, yet you are the one talking most here. Then you make fun of the fact that we do not know nothing of your dogs, well I dont want to know. I am not too interested in stories of the past. But it goes two ways, you do not know shyte about me nor my dogs, yet you feel free to jump to conclusions about my person and my dogs.

    My dogs are only partly down from them crossbred curs as you refere to them- much of the other blood stems from exactly the same sources you mention in this thread. Again I want to make it perferctly clear- I am not located in the Uk. So I am not interested in getting in touch with your friend! I have all the friends I need in the UK already.

    But as a side note, someone close to you actually sold a dog here at one time! The buyer was a big time peddler, and paper hanger. The dame was out of Wolf and the sire was that Sylus dog that was not gamebred according to yourself! So your practises were not as water proof as you try to claim.

    Nothing good will come out of this thread, which is a shame, I hoped you would have some interesting contributions. I will leave this thread instead of being dragged into further mud slinging. With all respect, have a nice day!
  13. Fly

    Fly Pup

    To fresh up your'e memory a part of an artikel in Don Carter's Bits on Pits 1993:

    It's not an artikel written by me, they claim it's by springview.
  14. Fly

    Fly Pup

    It would be the first time in history of working animals that this would be true reason for something to disappear. This never happend with horses, fighting cocks pigeons, and never with any kind of working dog, not with greyhonds, not with sheppard, not with husky's, not with apbt and i can't imagine it is what happend with the stafford. History tells us that something will disappear when there is someting else better.

    What i can imagine is that someone who put a lot of time efford in his dogs and his breed is disapearing it is frustrating for that person. But ofcourse this is not what happend with you you are the first person in history with threu different story.
  15. anoldun

    anoldun Pup

    i heard that limey kennels bought a bitch in from G.H, they rolled & tested and was not impressed with her as she did not come up to there standard, at the point of putting her down the farmer begged that she be kept as he wanted a caesar dog for striped ones, they gave her up on the condition she was not to used in the pit and she was not to be bred to and walked away, only to hear later that springview got the dog and bred to her!
  16. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    springview .... i gave you / your mate a dog years ago ...he was brindle and white and a litter brother to tupps tyra ...did your mate ever breed from him ?????
  17. 7mmrowland

    7mmrowland Big Dog

    My Lord, just when starts to thing one has half a brain and knowledgeable attributes to a forum, He flushes it all the down the toilet with telling us that a dog born with a certain coat color is its live or die status!! Could Ol' mighty super dogmen please give us a winning coat color so the peddlers in the world can advertise and fill the pockets....PLEASE????
  18. bendover

    bendover Banned

    Ive read some shit in my time but my god Mr springview you have it bad. take your head out of your ass and get real .
    also Reid's skipper you need to grow some balls. FFS if springview stopped quick your head would go straight up his arse! man up ffs.
  19. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    grow some balls ???? .....you wouldn't like these fkrs hanging off the end of your nose all day :)
  20. Westway

    Westway Big Dog

    Lol i remember a match between one of these so called cur psycho bred dogs that beat one bred from your stuff Springview. So by the looks of things Psycho bred stuff lasted better than the stuff you bred. I think you were part owner of Roxy maybe wrong so dont quote me on it. If i remmeber correct Beanie III flew across on her scratches think Roxy refused her courtesy. Not taking anything away from Roxy she last over the hour mark......While we talking about mongrels did you have something todo with ex gr ch bruno, seems strange when someone is willing to slag off lines of dogs eg Psycho stuff that you put your name to a mongrel...funny world we live in. Bruno was a good dog but went once to much and met Hagar....Anyway i like reading your posts Springview there is some sense amongst the trival stuff.

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