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Stafford ramblings

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by springview, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    Because he didnt understand breeding but youd need to ask him , i wouldnt have bred anything to Brody myself but im not him , cant remember if he owned Snatcher at the time either
  2. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    Come to think of it Two Ton Ted (Tupps) didnt own Snatcher youd have to ask Taylor he also didnt understand breeding
  3. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    It wasnt just the Bull Terrier it was the Johnson dog who quit twice and the dam of Brody was no better she was owned by a dealer that didnt test his dogs and was just a peddlar
  4. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    Skipper i was reading through some letters that Taylor wrote me when he owned the Snatcher dog and he told me that Tupps as you call him had approached him about using Snatcher on his Tyler bitch .Howevor he refused him the service because he was going keep only one pup himself and sell the rest Taylor didnt want others to have offspring of Snatcher , so thats the reason they bred Brody to Tyler
  5. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    sorry for the delay jt but ive been away .... thanks for replying
  6. Tomo

    Tomo Pup

    Wow 1st time on this I could listen springburn or jt all night hours I have been on this. wer has all the slabbers gone I salute you and thank you sir
  7. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    Roxy was a good good bitch who these guys really rated and for 20 mins smashed beannie3 up bad ,but when b3 hit her spot which was in the mouth roxy could only take so much of that she scratched twice after that then stood her corner .but to tell the truth dont think many dogs could have taken that punishment b3 was a proper mentalist .would love a kennel full of staffs like her ..
  8. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    roxy didnt refuse her courtesy she just refused to scratch in the match ,thats why she lost ??
  9. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    out and out lie you told owner of the losing bitch to pick her up at ten minutes and cull her ,know you are making things up that is a damm lie and you know it .shame you gotta be so arrogant yours and mr tupps bitch was beaten by a better dog you just cant admit it ..all this calling the pscyho line shite etc is exactly how this match between roxy and beannie 3 come about in the first place and you was proven wrong live with it ...
  10. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    Beannie 3 was a awesome staff for sure dont listen to mr know it all he is a bitter bitter old man , she has also thrown good dogs ..
  11. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    yes but i have and i was there and i will say she was a good stafford bitch , and i have matched lots of dogs beating the likes of limey kennels and doctor death . you have really pissed me off saying beannie 3 was rubbish wtf are you talking about you moron . i,ll tell you what mouth almighty i will challenge you know on here get one of your staffs from your ultimate gamebred were fucking hard red strain lines and come and meet me again with my pscyho shite a son of beannie 3 in fact love to shut you up again , lol what the fuck am i on about shut you up that would be a job for tom cruise mission impossible ....
  12. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    Normally I would have deleted the above post, but OxStaf has all the reasons to be upset based on JT´s previous posts. OxStaf is a calm man,he usually does not get upset! JT is obviously a talent at pissing people off with his bullshit.
  13. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

  14. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    First its my OPINION that neither Beanie or Roxy were great bitches , secondly you never matched anything into myself and the first time i set eyes on Roxy was the morning of the show , the bitch wasnt owned by me had she been then she wouldnt have been matched . As for you doing it again thats never going to happen and has never happened , as for staffords i long ago ceased to keep them nearly twenty years , this i did because they were inferior to Pitbulls , but hey if you still keep them fair play to you . I do wonder how im banned yet your allowed to issue challenges in public ? kinda stinks of hypocrisy or collusion or perhaps some of us have many names , howevor i have better things to do than explain myself to you , keep scratchin but dont forget your dogs have false pedigrees have many curs behind them are crossbred with pitbull , bull mastiff and wheaten and Bull terrier in them thats a FACT , last but not least i got dogshit to clean up its more appealing , peace out !!!!!!
  15. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    shut up you stupid old man .. put up or shut up you pathetic has been ha peace out you twat its not dogshit you gotta clean up its bullshit ...
  16. M.T

    M.T Pup

    The forum wont allow you to edit or delete a post 5 mins after posting. It's actually a major flaw to this forum and the reason I don't post.

    Just be careful what you say in the heat of the moment as this forum wont allow you to retract anything that may incriminate you.
  17. Fly

    Fly Pup

    ox, don't bother, they all tell over here they have better but when you call them they don't show up. Easy talking on internet.
  18. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    no mate i will bother , not having a guy like him rubbish my bitch no chance , The guys head is so far up his own ass he gets to chew his food twice..
  19. Nogz

    Nogz Pup

  20. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    I find it strange how you allow post that contravene the very rules you asked myself to read ? You as a moderator should understand these message boards are obviously viewed by others not understanding of what we want from a dog and i try to talk about subjects from a historical point with no relevance to todays activities other than the dogs mentioned might be behind some of todays dogs . Its obvious this board can be accessed by the humane society or those against these dogs with the tecnology today anything is possibble . I do ask myself why someone would wish to issue threats or challenges to do something very illeggal on a public board or even on a PM on such a board ? Im also told that you as moderators are able to read PMs sent by subscribers , something that stinks of big brother , then again the person who told me this could be wrong . I find it strange how someone is allowed to place messages supposedly from myself when even Ray Charles could see the name was changed but this went unchallenged and was allowed to appear , even when it spoke of FEDS something we dont have in Lancashire . The challenges and threats i find ridiculous and insulting why would anyone wish to do anything illegall with someone who announces to the whole world they are involved in breaking the law then invite another to take part on a public forum ? I would no sooner do anything with such people if i still owned dogs than i would accept a invitation of Bertie Smalls to rob a bank . I do know that when Tups showed his bitch Roxy that the show was nothing to do with myself not one hair on the bitches back was owned by myself and i had not one penny on the bitch , howevor the match was reported in the magazines as Springviews Roxy which was bullshit and shows the understanding of those who reported the show . I was at that time targeted by the RSPCA and Police and under a bann from owning a dog so the publicity did me no favours and resulted in a visit from the RSPCA and Police to myself and Bulldog Hill my partner , i remember the next day everyone in Europe knew that id been at a match so much for privacy anyway once again i dont own a dog and have no involvement with dogs so please stop insinuating that im involved in anything illegall , this is the last time i will post on this board , keep scratchin !!!

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