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stafford pup weight?

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by sidonis, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i like thbe b rimble ¬"
  2. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    his front is spot on .i want the dog , his ass end could do with attention ,"run him up steep hills till he pants & some ,then give him to me lol !111
  3. JRB2003

    JRB2003 Pup

    My 10mo staffy weighs 31lbs after wake up. He has gained over a slow but steady pace. Super tight and compact. Small framed and rock hard
  4. sidonis

    sidonis Pup

    heheh, he humps till he pants at the moment, but I'll put him on some hill work and see what happens...............I'll give him to you if he keeps humping my leg heheh.

    Hey JRB, that sounds like a good pup, small framed is what I was wanting and after.........oh well, I'll be stuck with what I have now.
  5. Don perryoni

    Don perryoni Big Dog

    Nice looking dog bro, nice confident look. Perry
  6. JRB2003

    JRB2003 Pup

    here is onyx a few weeks ago waiting for his command to get on the spring pole

    here he is getting loaded up on a wp harness

    onyx fits a terrier frame more than a bulldog frame. he is the odd man out at shows, big bloated bulldog looking staffys. and then there is onyx. he fits the families needs, very durable, plenty of energy and second to none wiht the kids.
  7. JRB2003

    JRB2003 Pup

    get a red light laser and use it indoors on the stairs. onyx loves it. he will go till he can barely stand, when his second wind comes back he is wanting to go right back at it
  8. sidonis

    sidonis Pup

    good looking dog there JRB, good head and even better back section..........hah I do the same with the hose as you do with light, drives him nuts.........cools him down.
  9. [hi i have just braught a staff pup well so i beleave he is 11 weeks old weights 9k but he has massive paws as big as my 2 n half year old staff nearly and he is a wierd colour sort of a sandy couler but his back n tail have lots of black init i havnt seen a staff expect his mums colour b4 im wondering if he is a cross breed it would bother me as he is a buetifull chunky boy if anyone could reply back and say what you think thanks.
  10. Jakey189

    Jakey189 Pup

    My boy is 6 moths old, he is on Pedigree dry 00 grams twice a day, he wieghs 11kg? Is this right or is he underwieght and whats best to feed him?
  11. Jakey189

    Jakey189 Pup

    My boy is 6 moths old, he is on Pedigree dry 100 grams twice a day, he wieghs 11kg? Is this right or is he underwieght and whats best to feed him?

    Sorry bout the last one :)
  12. Wattsy003

    Wattsy003 Pup

    My boy is 20.1kg at 6 months 1 week ( just ate dinner) can still see his last rib. He only gets raw food chicken, beef, kidney, heart, Kangaroo and veges etc He gets a good amount of excersise daily, walks, chases ball and chases my pitbull pup to get whatever she has in her mouth at the time lol. Stilll has alot of growing to do according to his paws... He's 14 1/4 inch tall at shoulders
  13. Looks like he has English Bulldog blood lines in him, possibly by the paw size, so yes this dog will have a much bigger weight than staffy estimated weights. Not sure about dna testing, but as pups both can look very similiar. Not to be confused with the British Bulldog, the English Bulldog is very different!
  14. English Bulldog if bigger paws, very similiar looking as pupps to staffys!
  15. That seems way too much under! At 4 months you are talking about 400 to 500g a day of dry food! Try some scrambed eggs, or tripe
  16. DaksGT

    DaksGT Pup

    I'd switch the pedigree, get a better quality food in him. In regards to the amount, give him 2-3% of the weight, you'd want him to be. Say you're aiming for 38 lbs, give him 2% of that daily.

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