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Sport mix

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by ruddog, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. RTB

    RTB Pup

    I have fed black bag 24/20 for six years along with raw switch up every other day,the first ingredient is meat meal second is corn and the only corn in it,not like other's that have ground corn,corn meal and corn gluten I checked alot of bag food I could get locally and this was the best for the money IMO. My dogs eat it as soon as it hits the pan and have no problems with loose stool,waste and smell are very little.
  2. MawMawdog

    MawMawdog Pup

    I have fed Diamond High energy for YEARS...when they would have a recall I would find something else for a while but always went back to Diamond...till this last time..they have no recalls as of now..but I think my dogs started having some major issues with it. So I changed to the Sport Mix Energy Plus, the black bag...and I really like the results!!! I have 16 dogs ranging from mini dachshunds, pits, dobermans, to coon dog. And they all do great on it...I go through a 40 pound bag every 4 days..but my dogs stomachs handle it very well...Their poo went from loose and very smelly to very firm and not a whole lotta smell. For my dogs...Sport mix is the way for them..and my wallet. lol
    Now if I had all the money in the world...I really like the dog food BlackWood...but just quite cant afford it.
  3. :pnot a good dog food.....i feed my dog orijen.
  4. okcdogman82

    okcdogman82 Top Dog

    alot of folks out my way feed sports mix and they dont complain and there dogs look good.
  5. hempjocsorrlby

    hempjocsorrlby Big Dog

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif][​IMG] Re: Sport mix[/FONT]

    Depends on the size of your yard...​

  6. I have fed everything from raw and holistic foods to ol roy. And aside from a pure raw diet my dogs stool and over all health is as good or better on sport mix as it was on the expensive stuff. Ingredient wise its about the same caliber as diamond but i can assure you its a much higher quality. Best bang for your buck hands down.
  7. I have never heard about this dog food....
  8. if it is really that good why does it have only one star....?
  9. JTC

    JTC Big Dog

    i feed sport mix 24/20 and i like it over everything else i have fed through the years. of course there are better dog foods out there but i have yet to meet anyone with over 2-3 dogs that spends 50 bucks a bag on feed.
  10. You can always give it a try and if the dogs hate it, give it to a family member with dogs or the animal shelter. It took me almost two years to find a dog food my dog would tolerate without all the excessive shedding and such.

    I've been through the dollar store brands (alpo, field and trail, purina dog chow, purina little bites), Walmart (ol roy), Sam's Club- (exceed chicken and rice), Petco (nutro max, wellness, chef micheal's) and finally at petco decided to try Merrick and it was the answer to my problems.

    Even though on all the foods mentioned above, she looked healthy but her coat was brittle, dry and not too much shine, eye watering, etc. With Wellness (fish formula), she would not touch it at all!! I gave it to my brother for his dog because I didn't feel like going back to Petco to get a refund for it. LOL!
    Anyway, I feed her Merrick grain free duck formula and she's never looked better. People compliment on her beautiful coat when on walks. They get around to asking me what I feed: Merrick grain free- 4Ilbs for 15 dollars. Of course, they have a mini heart attack, but it's for my dog to be as healthy as she can be. Even getting her muscle tone back. Some dogs do good on cheaper food and other dogs do better on more expensive. I'm jealous of people who can feed their dogs any food and they don't have any problems (excessive itching, excessive shedding, etc.). Before (eating other brands) before Merrick.jpg 101_1039.jpg After (Merrick)
  11. dpmoney

    dpmoney Pup

    i have had good results with it...my dogs look good and perform good on it
  12. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    Yea a one star food is very low quality. Its like you surviving on taco bell meat your whole life lol. Try to go 4 star and better. It has less fillers such as corn and soy that dogs have hard time digesting. Also the meat quality is closer to human grad. Less fillers...less poop. Better coats...more energy...better on internal organs. I feed grain free. Earthborn is the brand. 5 star food. A little pricey...but the juice is worth the squeeze.
  13. alfisher3

    alfisher3 Pup

    I try not to comment too much on dog food threads as they are sensitive topics and most people feel their choice and opinion is the right one. But after touring a few manufactering facilities, there's not a huge difference in most decent feeds on the market. The manufactures all buy their dry ingredients in bulk and run them thru the extruder to produce a dry pellet "kibble", and unless they come back and spray the fats, flavors, vitamins, etc on the feed then most of it is nutritionally void, this goes for the $80 per bag all the way down to the Ol Roy, the process is pretty much universal. So which dog food is the best? The answer is there isn't a best dog food, find what works for your dog and your wallet if you've solved those two problems then you've solved the problem of best dog food for you and your pet.
  14. ABD456

    ABD456 Big Dog

    I was recommended various feeds for my dogs some worked ok some not. I have been feeding Montego which is a brand made here in South Africa. I found most of SA brands to be almost the same. The one that people told me has a higher fat and moisture content I found to be dry and caused my dogs to have wet stool feeding the recommended amount which was about the same as other brands. I have fed propac and found that it is better than the local brands.

    I'm going to try earthborn primitive now and see how that works. I was told the food I was feeding my dogs isnt digesting it right so its leaving her with less energy and mental concentration than she should have.
  15. Iceman86

    Iceman86 Pup

    Just a opinion could it be to trick the consumer to buy the more expendive dog food to me sport mix has always worked out well dogs have good energy and are showing a healthy coat just a opinion
  16. okcdogman82

    okcdogman82 Top Dog

    ive been feeding exceed from sams its pretty good. diamond kept the weight on them better but im done fuckin with diamond they have to many issues.
  17. jkpitts

    jkpitts Pup

    My dogs do good on ol' roy wallmart special 19.95 for 50lb bag.thats just me tho.times get ruff ol' roy comming throu.good blood goes along way.
  18. punch650

    punch650 Big Dog

    What about show time 27/20 blue bag any one feed this works good for
  19. georgia

    georgia Pup

    interesing post !
  20. georgia

    georgia Pup

    i think very good dog food is proplan and royal Canin !

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