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Sorry I haven't been on.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Southerncharm, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Southerncharm

    Southerncharm Big Dog

    But I do plan on starting to hang around more. I have been doing a good bit working with all the dogs these past few weeks, and also trying to bring my grades up in school. Ya'll know how that mess is, right? Or at least some of you. :p Anyhow, I don't know of anything I need to update, other than Ice is gaining weight and looking a lot better ((if you don't know about her, I suggest you look in recent threads of mine; maybe ya'll will find something, if not feel free to ask :))) I have been doing a lot of working with Ice and Lady (shepherd mix) letting them walk together, play together, do simple obidience together, they're becoming good friends. :) Also Dad is getting pretty good about allowing Ice to come inside in the mornings and stay in all day as long as she is back outside before I sleep, but amazingly she was allowed inside last night and done very very well.

    Oh I'd also like to add I was bit by a Pit Bull the other night, which gave me a scare. I would post it, but I don't feel like writing about it and it being removed like on another forum for being 'negative press'. But that's okay.

    Just letting ya'll know I am back and will try to get on more. Also I will load ya'll down with some photo's in the next couple of days if ya'lled like?
  2. Glad to read you are doing well and enjoying your dogs. Sorry to hear about the dog bite. It could have been any type of dog...too bad it had to be one that looks like one of ours. A major reason why breeding should be left to the "few" is knowledge of which traits to pass on to the next generation. Aside from puppy antics and their mouthing and nipping, our dogs should not actively bite humans.

    Let it be known that human aggression is unacceptable and not tolerated. In fact, human aggression goes against the breed's written standard.

    Look forward to your pictures and daily accounts. That said, you better get A's young lady.:D:cool:


    Welcome back Charm
  4. Southerncharm

    Southerncharm Big Dog

    Thanks for the welcomes. ;)

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