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Some old Southern Africa History

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by ngamla, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. ngamla

    ngamla Pup

    Bolio in Africa
    Bolio dogs have long been used successfully as match dogs worldwide, either as a cross or tight bred. One of the most successful crosses with the Bolio blood has been to the Eli blood over the years. Southern Africa is no different. The known Bolio dogs that came into the country were the two half siblings off Patrick's Ronda named Patrick's Big Brother (off Patrick's Homer ROM 2xw) and Patrick's Bolio Beauty (off Homer's half brother Patrick's Howler). Other dogs that carried nice percentages of Bolio blood back then that came into the region were Burger's Cadillac and Geist's Pazi. Obviously the Frisco imports also carried their share of Bolio as well. Bolio Beauty was bred in the USA before she came to Africa. Here she was bred to Big Brother, Swamper, Kojack , amongst others. With Big Brother they produced dogs like Shack (sire of Ch Diamond Dan), Joey (sire of Hudson Hawk's Joey 2xw 1xgl), Terri, etc.
    Big Brother was bred to the Cardenas bred dogs Billy POR imp and Miss Shorty as well. From this came River, a producer of good dogs, his brother Bruce Lee, a good game match dog, Nicky POR, dam of Ch. Diamond Dan, Mexican Blackbird, Joey 2xw 1xgl, Ch. Kuzzac 3xw 1xgl, Apartheid 1xw, Big Black, etc. These dogs were known to be hard biting game dogs.
    River blood is still to be found through Manjaro's breeding program using El Dredder and Betina. River had some deep game offspring with the most famous being K-Club's Dempsey 2xw 2xgl. Kuzzac blood though scarce is around mainly through Ch. Kazuya offspring and some tight Kuzzac blood Big Hammer has kept around for private use as well from the dogs Hardrock Knl runs off Nala. Diamond Dan was bred to his sister's daughter and a few other gyps. He was crossed to the old GrCh Spike /Hank blood that Southerner ran resulting in Zena 1xw and China 1xw which was bred back to Ch Kuzzac.
    Joey was also bred to the Yellow female Foxy Lady to produce Shaiya and Tsamaya. Joey also produced the popular stud Jungle as well as Black Boy who sired Ch Kuzco.
    There was also a son of the fabulous Bolio dog, Bell's Baby Jones 2xW ROM, brought in named Cadillac by Jan Burger from Larry Bell. Cadillac helped himself to the deep game import Leonie 2xw 1xgl while young and produced Scorpio's Carmen, dam of Ch. Mufasa, Seun, Thandi and Shandy when bred to Ch. Sledge. Cadillac died young and so this was the only time he was bred. A pity really as the blood behind him should have done excellently bred to the Big Brother, Bolio Beauty dogs as well as to the Junior imp and Pazi imp blood. That's taking into consideration how excellently the Baby Jones x Boyles crosses worked in the USA. Junior himself was a result of Boyles crossed to Patrick (Bolio Tombstone) blood through the Gr.Ch. Buster Brown to Von's breeding and Pazi was a Boyle's O.Stevens cross through Ch. Black Pazmanian and Geist's breedings. Cadillac's litter brother was one of the best dogs of his time GrCh Swat Team's Flash. Another pity was that the Bolio imports weren't put to the Hank imports or the Hank Spike Bolio cross wasn't done with the imports from the three lines considering the success Boyles had with that cross.
    The most recent dogs with a Bolio influence to hit our shores were the son of GrCh Amboss , Bumby Johnson aka Riddick, from Natural Born Knl and Ballistic from Poetic Justice Knls. Riddick was a show champ as well. He produced well enough in limited breedings to make ROM. Among his offspring were Ch. Madison, Ch. Morgan (Morrigan), Diablo 2xw, Ch. Dodge, Jenny ROM, Mystika, and others. Diablo produced Ch. Boeta, Ch. Vegas, the awesome GrCh Anderson Silva among other good dogs. Jenny produced Ch Hannah Montana, Ch. John Silver Jones, Ch. Boyler aka Chilli. Mystika produced the fabulous Ch. Kendra.
    Ballistic also died young. Also bred very little he produced the great GrCh Red Roman, Ch. John Silver Jones, Ch. Boyler, White Collar, Madame No Name, Fire and some other good dogs.
    Bolio dogs are durable, game dogs with decent mouth, brains and ability. They can cross to most lines successfully and always enhance the cross. There will still be more written on the Bolio influence in Africa going forward. This is not a detailed account of the Bolio impact but rather a brief overview of the blood locally. Remember that all the Mayday dogs carry some through the Hollingsworth dogs behind Mayday as well as the Buck dogs.
    As can be seen that the Bolio Eli cross is a proven cross worldwide and it has been no different in Africa. Like all things in these dogs there's no absolutes but a cross of good Bolio dogs to good Eli dogs get you in the winners circle more often than not. And the two bloodlines seem to need each other like pap needs vleis.
    The Mashamplan
  2. ngamla

    ngamla Pup

    The Frisco- Chinaman Influence

    The Frisco studs that were brought in were TTK's Scar ROM (Frisco x Cammy) and Storm Knl's Tattoo (Frisco x Gr.Ch. Miss Sassy). The Chinaman stud that didn't have Frisco was DGK's Tudor POR (Frank White x Cocoa III).
    There's no doubt that the Frisco and later Chinaman dogs changed the game radically in our country. Gameness alone wasn't good enough. If your dog only had gameness then you needed to bring a shovel along.
    Tattoo was bred to a few females and produced some impressive dogs like Gook, Osama and Noah. As impressive as they were they seemed to have a phobia for winning number three as all quit going for champion. Tattoo is behind GrCh Bugsy, but far back. It would have been interesting to see if Tattoo could have produced half as good as TTK's Scar if he could have been bred to the Frisco females that Scar covered.
    Scar was brought in by TTK and he and his pards brought in Frisco females to start their program. But the start of Scar's legend was an alleged unplanned breeding when Scar covered a locally bred female named Midnight Lady aka Daisy, that won one and then stood the line in her next. This breeding produced the deep game Ch. Black, Ch. Midnight and the first local female Grand Champ, the fabulous Gypsey.
    Bred to the import Babe ROM (Elmo x Nicky) , they produced the deep game Ch. Dylan, Ch. Dolly and Ch. Dutchess. Dutchess later produced the game siblings, Ch. X and Ch. Star when bred to Tudor imp.
    From the breeding with the import Leesa ROM (Frisco x Expresso) 1xw came Ch. Brisco POR, Doc Holliday and Chi Chi. Brisco produced the great Gr.Ch. Leo. Brisco's other son produced the awesome Ch. Kendra that won over Ch. Star.
    With the import Xena ROM (Frisco x Charley Girl) 2xw 1xl, he produced Ch. Cassidy and Ch. Xena II. Cassidy sired Ch. Beretta and 9mm. 9mm 2xw 1xgl sired another good one, Ch. Chops.
    Bred to the import Ginger (Frisco x Black Velvet II) produced the 1xw Missy. Bred back to her sire , they got Yster POR. Yster produced Ch. Cody, King and some other good ones.
    Scar dogs were generally known for their mouth, speed, ability and brains. You couldn't pitch with an average dog in decent shape and expect to win over these monsters. If you didn't bring your A game you most likely were going to bury your dog and even if you did bring your A game you most likely would still have to.
    Initially only TTK and crew had them. Their management was excellent. They tested and culled hard and this contributed to the success of the great Scar. Allowing others to get their hands on the blood seemed to at first result in a drop of standards as many merely bred their dogs because they had Scar in the 2nd Generation. Testing them was secondary and matching them was out of the question. As a result of the demand for Scar dogs , people were breeding and stacking up Scar in peds. Thankfully there were guys who kept it real and stayed true to the game and as a result Scar is behind numerous of the best dogs around. Dogs like Gr.Ch. Leo, Gr.Ch. Chapters, Ch. Star, Ch. X, Ch. Kendra, Ch. Beretta, Ch. Dillan, Ch. Bakkies, Ch. Wanderlei, Ch. Chops, Ch. Bodi, Ch. Lionel, Ch. Goku, Ch. JJ, Ch. Pacman, Ch. TTK, Ch. Cody, 9mm, Pablo, Gr.Ch. Red Roman, etc. His influence lives on.
    DGK's Tudor was the cleanest Chinaman dog brought into the country and the only one with no Frisco influence. He was never open to the public. He produced some deep game dogs that were fight crazy but didn't seem to display that bad mouth Chinaman was known for. He produced Ch. X, Ch. Star, the deep game Big Frank and Tudor II that was a sought after stud. The crossing of the Tudor and Scar blood continues and is producing very good athletes.
    Wee Wee Crew acquired a daughter of Tudor who may still impact the local game. Her name is Spirit and her dam is Ch Kendra and she already put some nice ones down when bred to the Bolio stud , Ballistic, like White Collar, Fire and Madam No Change. There's still the youngsters off her breeding to GrCh Red Roman to come as well as those off Best to Best Silva and Junior to come.
    Many fanciers have imported other blood with the express aim of ending the the Frisco dominance, but Frisco dogs are still the benchmark while everyone tries to attain that level.
    I may have missed some dogs but it isn't deliberate.
    The Mashamplan
  3. ngamla

    ngamla Pup

    The early Mayday imports to our continent were Aycart's (Junior DFW's) Cody and Silverdollar's Zippo. Later Sangre, Philadelphia, Joe and Sophia were brought in.
    Philadelphia was only bred to the Bolio/Mayday/RedBoy-Jocko imported male Bumby Johnson aka Riddick and the kennel seems to have enjoyed success with the offspring. Joe died young and sired only one litter that I am aware of, of which none were in the public eye. His sister Sophia was bred to the imported RedBoy Jocko Tombstone Bolio male Ali. That litter produced the game Insane, Montana, Belle and Teeg.
    Cody also wasn't bred much. Bred to a daughter of Zippo he produced the game Tiger. He produced Caleb for the same camp that ran the Bumby Johnson x Philadelphia dogs and his litter brother Bucky Jr. Their dam was the imported Buck dog, Big Worm's Sugar. A few other breedings were done with Cody but didn't produce pups. Many of his offspring ended up in pet owners hands.

    Zippo didn't seem to produce very well in his early days. Either that or most were held back, as very little came out from his early breedings and those that did had limited success. Dogs like Anyday, Calypso, Smokey, Lucky Luke aka Kudu etc were from his early breedings. Anyday won over an import from Garner but didn't survive the aftercare.
    Bred to an inbred Big John (Redboy/ Jeep/ Turtlebuster) female, Honey, gave us Gr.Ch. Tsunami. With Calabrity they gave us Gr.Ch. Sandy, Ch. Quatro and Pacoo. With Jenny they produced Ch. Hannah Montana, Skollie and Redbull. With Zindi there was Ch. Brollox and Brandy.
    With the Frisco female, Ty-Lee, they produced Taragompie and Blommie.
    Zippo ROM
    Gr.Ch. Tsunami
    Gr.Ch. Sandy
    Ch. Hannah Montana
    Ch. Brollox
    Ch. Quatro

    Sangre was brought in together with his dam, Baby Rouge (off the deep game litter sister of Gr.Ch. Macho Buck, Moulon Rouge). Sangre produced Ch. Boyka, Ch. Astro, Sarabi, Jolene, Vorentoe, Pragstuk, Ounooi, Fritsie, Loki, amongst others. Sangre's sire was the famed Gr.Ch. Barracuda.
    Ch. Vestrado
    Ch. Astro
    Ch. Boyka
    Sophia and her brother were off two kids of Gr.Ch. Macho Buck. She produced Insane, who showed deep game, Montana , who put some nice ones on the ground like Zara aka Zarman, Belle, dam of Ch. Astro and Sarabi.

    The combination of Sangre and Zippo seems to give better all-round dogs like the Sangre x GrCh Sandy dogs, Ch. Vestrado and Abel 2xw. Vestrado has already put a champ on the ground and his litterbro, Cain's kids are looking good.
    The Mashamplan
  4. ngamla

    ngamla Pup

    The Yellow Influence
    The fabulous 6xw Gr.Ch. Yellow impacted the APBT world as a producer of good dogs that produced good dogs. South Africa was amongst the countries that would benefit from this fabulous producer. He was one of many dogs from the RedBoy x Jocko cross that were exceptional dogs, but his prepotency resulted in a line being named after him. He had some outstanding siblings and half siblings like, Ch. Toro, Ch. Sassy, Gr.Ch. JR, Boots, etc. He also produced some great dogs like Ch. Redman, Ch. Bozack, Gr.Ch. Mayday, Ch. Big John, Gr.Ch. Rodney, amongst others.
    Gr.Ch. Yellow ROM
    It's said that Mr Botha and Mr Bekker agreed to change dogs at the airport because Bekker didn't like the look of his rangy looking import. Don't know if its true but in any case Botha ended up with the dog named David and his litter sister Tanny.
    Tant's David ROM
    David was bred to his sister Tanny and produced 3 dogs that made their mark as decent producers, viz Kotie's Willempie, K.Botha's Jocko and Marius' Alex. David was bred to mostly Eli based dogs thereafter and produced other fine producers like United's Jekyll off the Rattler import, Bell's Bella, and Dewald's Bismark off the tight Stomponato female, K. Botha's Carvertjie. He was bred to mother and daughter, Boyd & Stephenson's Mad Maggie and Bell's Big Jane, and produced Ch. Sledge, Gr.Ch. PW, Swartneus, Mellow Yellow, Marius' Rambo, etc. Bred to Bell's Lonesome Dove, another Rattler import, he threw Ch. Roxy and some game brothers as well Jack The Ripper that stood against Ch. Cutlass.
    Jeckyll produced 4 champions when bred to a Sundance/Saloon female, Ch. Taurus, amongst them. Jeckyll lost deep game to his half brother, Ch. Sledge.

    David's daughter's Jocko and Alex produced some good dogs when bred to the two Sundance/Saloon brothers K. Botha's Sundance and Marius' Kojack respectively. Among those were Ch. Little Boy, Thunder, Nugget, etc.
    The son Willempie produced Gr.Ch. Sir Thomas when crossed to Carvertjie. Sir Thomas sired Gr.Ch. Gritler when bred to his half sister Grassnyer (off Willempie to PW's sis Mellow Yellow) and Gritler produced
    Gr.Ch. Talouse, Ch. Countdown, Gator and Jade, all fabulous dogs in their own right, when bred to his half sister, Molly Bee (off Sir Thomas to a daughter of PW). Countdown produced Ch. Gemini, Ch. Cowgirl, Calabrity 1xw and Cowboy amongst other dogs. Calabrity produced Gr.Ch. Sandy when bred to Zippo ROM.

    PW and Sledge produced some good ones as well. PW produced Ch. T-U, Jaklas, Rassie Smit, Snorman, Vanilla, Lee Lee, Len's Bolo, that won some or produced some nice dogs, amongst others. Rassie to his litter sister gave us Ch. Deep Heat, Jaklas to his half sis, Lee Lee, gave us Ch. Popeye, Ch. Bakkies, Jackie. Bolo to Sir Thomas' daughter gave us King's Shy and Jessie Lee. Vanilla was bred to a daughter of PW's brother to produce Ch. Tazz that defeated Ch. T-U.
    Ch. Sledge was bred to a Bolio /Eli female named Carmen and gave us Ch. Mufasa, Seun and Thandi (dam of Rassie Smit, Snorman, Lil Carmen and Letti Mbuli). Sledge was one of the most destructive dogs in the country.
    Some will say that the old South African Yellow dogs are watered-down and no longer a factor, and while it's mostly true, the blood has been relevant as a cross to most of the newer imports carrying GrCh Yellow blood. Whether they agree with me or not, the Mayday imports all did relatively well crossed into the old Yellow blood, eg GrCh Sandy, Ch Quatro, Ch Boyka, Vestrado, Ch Amadeus, etc. So it seems like even though people will belittle their influence, old Yellow is still around in some form behind plenty winners and champs.
    The Mashamplan
  5. ngamla

    ngamla Pup

    Yellow? Really?
    The dog that started the old school Yellow strain in our country was the import, Tant's David, as well as his littersister, Tant's Tanny, to a certain degree.
    Both were 50% Yellow as their sire was Gr.Ch. Tant's Yellow Rom. But many fail to realise they both carried close to 75% Redboy blood as their dam was almost clean Redboy. Bred together they produced three dogs that never saw the pit but went on to produce some reknown pit dogs.
    David's success came from breedings to mostly Eli based females. With the Saloon/Butch females , Mad Maggie and Big Jane, he produced Ch. Sledge, Gr.Ch. PW, Swartneus, Mellow Yellow, etc. With the Rattler females, Bella and Lonesome Dove, he produced Jeckyll, Ch. Roxy, etc. With the Sundance/Saloon female, Lady, he produced Scud.
    His son, Willempie, when bred to a tight Stomponato female, Carvertjie, gave us Gr.Ch. Sir Thomas. Willempie's sisters Jocko and Alex were bred back to the tight Eli males , Sundance and Kojack, to give us dogs like Ch. Little Boy, Thunder, Nugget, etc.
    Some of these dogs were bred other dogs carrying decent percentages of David/Tanny in them but most were bred out to dogs carrying Eli or Bolio blood and yet they were still called Yellow dogs. An example of this is Ch. Pastor's Popeye and his siblings. They were off a son , Jaklas, and daughter, Lee Lee, of PW (himself a 50/50 cross of Yellow/Eli basically), but their dams were Rangoon (Eli/Bolio) and Chin Lee (Eli with about 25% of the Yellow blood). So that would make Ch. Popeye and his sibs around 34% Yellow with about close to 60% Eli blood.
    Now if you actually look at the real percentage of Yellow behind dogs like PW, Sledge, Jeckyl, Sir Thomas, etc then you find they actually 25% Yellow but 37.5% Redboy. So how is one calling their offspring Yellow, justified, in light of this information?
    Unless the term Yellow was just used to describe all dogs with David somewhere behind it. If so, its not correct but somewhat understandable.
    And as a result its best to differentiate between the old school South African Yellow described above and the tight Yellow like the import from Pit Island Knl named Killer. While I believe that if it was allowed , breeding a quality old school South African Yellow female to Killer ,may just bring back the traits of the Redboy Jocko cross to the fore and reinvigorate the old school blood. Redboy Jocko dogs were not merely defensive ear riders but were known to have mouth, smarts, ability and heart. They were competing pound for pound with the reknown Eli dogs stateside.
    Yellow anyone?
    The Mashamplan

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