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some new pics of Ziggy... 16 weeks young....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jman11, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. jman11

    jman11 King of the Valley

    just wantin to show off some pics from the new camera. heres the lil man right here, 16 weeks old and 19 lbs.
    full of spunk
  2. beautiful and happy....the way they should be. great looking pup.
  3. jman11

    jman11 King of the Valley

    thanks iverson:)
  4. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    cute pup, hows he bred
  5. jman11

    jman11 King of the Valley

  6. jaystreetsA4

    jaystreetsA4 Top Dog

    beauitful dog. if he looks like his father should be awesome when he gets older. congrats
  7. texas_dogger

    texas_dogger Big Dog

    Damn fine dog. I would be proud to have a dog like that on my yard.
  8. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    I love that last one!

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