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Siren earned her Schutzhund BH

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by performanceknls, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    YAY Siren earned her Sch BH this weekend and now we will try for our one this spring. Here is her video and yes I swing my arms too much when I get nervous! ;)

  2. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    congrats, keep up teh great work!
  3. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    Very good job. It's nothing like seeing a beautiful bulldog excel in whatever task given to them. :D
    Are classes expensive?
  4. Leslie H

    Leslie H Big Dog

    Congratulations, great accomplishment. Good luck on your I.
  5. StopBSL

    StopBSL CH Dog

  6. wardogkennels

    wardogkennels CH Dog

    Congrats!!! it looks like that dog can do anything!!!
  7. irishpit

    irishpit Big Dog

    well done performance:) great job
  8. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    what meathod do you use for working you dogs
  9. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    Thats cool, Congrats!
  10. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Very nice and another congratulations in order...And she never took her eyes off you.
  11. Bxpits

    Bxpits CH Dog

  12. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    well done on that.:)
  13. Lisa, I just watched your routine, and it was very good. It is nice to see someone take their BH serious. It is one of the nicer routines I have seen.


    hell yeah!!! Now go show them german shepards that a "pitbull" can do it to!!!!...the ultimate breed!!

    im just startin my boy "tristan" trainin for his schutzhund bh..he is a lil hard-headed but im still tryin!!!:d
  15. Rampage

    Rampage Big Dog

    Congrats! Great job
  16. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    I train with a club it costs me $240 a year in club dues and we train once to twice a week.

    What do you mean what method for working dogs?? Sorry I did not understand what the questions means.

    Do you mean what method I use in Obed? I am a trainer and I use several methods but it really depends on the dog. Each dog is different and one thing does not work for every dog.

    Thanks guys! I am proud of my little girl!
  17. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    yeah thats what i ment cause she seems to be fixed on the task at hand
    just wondering where you start with the training
  18. websterz28

    websterz28 Big Dog

    congrats you should take a pic of that tonka crazy leg dog of yours....im thinking about buying the mommas littermate
  19. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    wow thats not bad at all
    in may im gonna have alot of free time
    sounds like something to check out:)

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