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Self Propelled Treadmill vs 400$ carpet mill?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Michael., Sep 28, 2016.

  1. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    For what sport? The scientific fact?

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  2. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    I value your opinion also Crazyhorse. I know a few things. Still have alot to learn. Lol. Great thread, great information...
  3. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Slim, I can't speak for anyone other than what I have seen with my own eyes. Preference is what it comes down to. Both mills are beneficial in there on way. I have also respected your advice and hands on experience.
  4. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am always ready to learn when someone offers 'science' and 'scientific fact' when working bulldogs. I have no doubts about the science being the basis and background for the inner doings of the work. My issues with using it as a grounds for argument with working or feeding these working dogs. It is always the application of the sciences.

    Once we start using 'what we think' and base it on 'what we have seen' it quickly gets subjective. Once it becomes subjective it becomes more art than science, based on application.

    There is scientific information out there for the guy working the bulldog but there is nothing bulldog specific. The bulldog guy can go to these sources and pick and choose what he likes and apply them as he sees fit. That becomes subjective and then becomes art or opinion. There are no scientific studies available that say whether a carpet mill provides any better conditioning than a slat mill. No university or scientific organization has conducted any studies on the matter. There are studies on people that say anaerobic is this or that for certain activities. The bulldog people can take those studies and apply them as they see fit. The application quickly turns science to subjective thinking and that subjective thinking turns the application into art.

    I am always willing to learn from science. And the scientific data never seems to be offered.

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