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Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by red eagle, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Jstaff

    Jstaff Big Dog

    Don’t tell um
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  2. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    they peddlars .... end of
  3. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    I'm sick of seeing SBT racing each other, climbing trees, people holding 6 of them together , running free with other dogs , even shows for so called working SBT, what happened to the real SBT , that would scram to get at every dog they see , 99% SBT today mentally are no better than a pug
  4. Alicesbt

    Alicesbt Pup

    It is not so easy to judge by pictures only. We see all with this social media generation.
    I am young on this dogs world, and have to say I deal with athletic SBT. So I am agree when I read this, athletic SBT doesnt mean old type SBT.
    I see lot of shy dogs sensitive etc BUT, I also know some, that have the good temperament. Ok majority doesnt test their dog for real, but I know lot of rolled ones, that shows to me that the dog has the envy (even if we can't judge gameness)
    When you speack with owners you also learn some stories that they dont say in public, I know few SBT that killed other dogs or animals by "accident".
    I know few of them that work on hunt also (Badger, Wild boar).
    About the tolerance I have an exemple that made me think few weeks ago, with a pitbull, a dog in Serbia that won his first match in 6 min and his second in 58min, less than 2 months after the first match. He become famous etc...The breeder show us a video, on this video you see this dog (true game dog so) with a little dog and cat at home, he ignores them. I think a good game dog can be tolerante, he can be intelligente and make the difference between the work, and the life. (Golden King kennel, for those who wants check, the dog is the red nose pitbull, King). I also have my bitch for exemple, she can tolerate dog as long they dont come to her. If they come to her, she will not show anything, but she will fight. (have to say I trained her to be patient when she was a puppy). My friend's dog looks friendly also, no noise, can be with other dogs at home, but last time we were outside, a dog came to close, he lost his ear only, cause we were aware...some dogs are very intolerate to other, but some are just sur of them, doesnt care but fight when it is time to. But as I said I am young in the dogs world, it is my opinion after 10 years only.
    Another little story about a dog in my country, about temperament. He came from KC line, he was ugly, to heavy etc. But he had 2 kennels accidents with Presa Canario, the first time he was almost dead. The second time, few time after recovery,he saw the presa he go again, but this time the female presa was here so he was killed. But in my opinion, that says a lot about the dog. The point is that, it is not good to show this today, exept if you want PETA association come at your place and takes your dogs.. They scream just by seing a dog on a chain...
    All I want to say is that, we can chose what we want to show about our dogs on social media. I understand for some people that doesnt means a lot cause there is no proof in public, and no real match, but we can see temperament in some differents occasions I think.
    The point is that, there is not enough good breeders that will keep this temperament part in mind...they will bred with pedigree, look or sporting abilities (run, jump..) even if I love do sport with my SBT, I am agree to say it is really not enough to select. So yes, the majority of SBT are not as good as before, but not all.
  5. All that means nothing..what's the rant for???..Staff bulls are shite!.do you really think the dogs you mention could really make the grade???...and as for trying to get a idea what there like by them attacking mutts in the street??.no one can judge how game a dog is of that.lol.no one can say breed them on that basis.that's just not how you breed dogs..and I'm no breeder!. But that's no way to breed dogs.sorry.but it's true.
  6. Alicesbt

    Alicesbt Pup

    No, I wanted to say that we don't know what a dog is or can do only by judging a picture.
    Where did I say that we can judge if a dog is game, without match him? I speack about temperament, and gave some exemples for that. that's it.
    For dogs that can lives with other pets without wants to kill them I chose a game dog for exemple, to show it is compatible.
    For temperament I chose dogs from KC and bad breeding to show they can have the good temperament if you know them.
    Excuse me but I didnt speack about selection, exept to say, sport is not enough to select. Even if I would say yes, you can use all that for selection. And I say USE, cause you need more informations to select. But yes for sur, a dog that has the envy and the guts to try to kill a presa canario for hours, and go back even after the dog almost killed him...Yes to me it could be good informations about the dog...
    But we can have differents opinions about what is a shit dog, and I stay humble by saying I am young here.
    I just think that a SBT is a dog with a big heart, that can gives all whatever the work you ask him for and the point is not to have the best fighter, but to have a dog that will not run away, he will be ready and do his best.
    And that is the big probleme on this breed, we lost his heart and soul by a selection only on the look.
    Sorry for my english.
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  7. Your English is fine....
    I like what you say..but working is the only way to breed game dogs..if the dogs arnt worked,how do you no witch ones to breed??...I agree with correct temperament.but correct temperament comes of breeding working dogs.....
    Now the staff that went back to the presser.ok.fair enough.that sounds like a game staff...but i have to point out I've seen (more the once aswell)big pressers,cur the fuck out,of a bulldog around fifty pounds,that's right sir.120 pound monster presser putting its tail down after about fifteen minets and trying to run away!!!...I do not class pressers as game dogs..put a little bit of pressure on one and it will quit..same with all them big mastive type dogs......
    The pictures of your staffs look awesome!.fair play to you..well done......and keep up the good work..YIS.
  8. Alicesbt

    Alicesbt Pup

    Yes I am ok about game dogs. The only way to know, is to match them and see after long time (5 minutes it is fun for them, but more than an hour, it hurts etc, so we can see more). And you know it only when you test them. The story with the presa, this one in particular with this presa that was not a cur is on my mind cause, damn, the staff was on a poor mood after, looks like dead. But when the owner open his kennel, the first thing on his mind was to escape and find the presa again. I mean even if he was bad and had no chance and was on pieces, he wanted to go again. And finally he died like that. In those times where we dont test our dogs anymore (I mean for game) those stories are important in my opinion, fight by accident, or when your dog find a wild boar or a badger.... The heart is in my opinion the first quality a game dog need, and we can see a bit of it with this. And a dog with the heart, the soul, the health and the right temperament, is a good staff in my opinion. Not means he will be a game winner, but at least, with those good staff you can try and find some good specimen I think.
    thank you for my dogs, they seems to have the good temperament but as you said, and I am totally agree with that, only a true match can says if they are true game. But I am pretty sur they would try their best ^^
    Thank you for this discussion, have a good day
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  9. I actually like your opinion..I think what you say is a good guide to seeing if dogs can possess gameness,I would call it having a good eye!.now if you take your good eye,but acutely let your accident go a bit far ,or your encounter with Badger or wild Boar..then your good eye just might let you see a good dog what's worth seeing go a bit far.if you catch my drift?..now if you think your dog can go that far..then by all means,give the dog a chance!..you said further up,we can't tell what dogs will really do.(or something like that),and we cant..we just gotta give the ones we think.(right attitude,temperment,that sort of thing..pluckynuss)a chance!...we can't do no more then that really...
    Nice speaking to you to.top support to any one who tries and breeds staffs correctly!..good job..well done.yours in sport.Soze...
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  10. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    Accidents don’t prove anything lol repetition is needed to prove anything. What is willing now may not be in an hour.
  11. Yeah,I know that.I'm just saying from the perspective above....the girl letting them accidents go a bit further might,ONLY might.give her a SLIGHT insight .......hope that makes sense?......

    Nothing can replace setting them down
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