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Right amount of creatine and whey protein???

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by islao996, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. PorsA

    PorsA Big Dog

    I think giving a dog 5 gram creatine 3x a day is not good for a dog.
    For human use they say 5 gram 2x a day for 5 days and this is the loading fase. After the loading you take 5 grams a day (max). When using creatine they body needs more water as usual because body is holding water.

    I think that the amount is more for human body building use and a bit to much an a dog kidneys.
  2. kitzter

    kitzter Pup

    what is RF-1 and it's contents?
  3. Flipside

    Flipside CH Dog

    RF-1 contains 4% Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, loads of scientifically profiled Amino Acids, abundant Omega 3 and MCT Fats, Growth and Immune Factors from Bovine Colostrum, generous amounts of Vitamins and Chelated Minerals (3x MDR rate per calorie!), and powerful Antioxidants that boost health, strength, endurance, and recovery in dogs 4 months and older! Vacuum packed and Nitrogen flushed for freshness!


    USDA Human grade cooked Chicken, USDA Human grade cooked Chicken Liver, low lactose, high whey, high casein Milk Protein Isolate, low ash blend of Glucose Polymers, and 10 DE Maltodextrin, USDA Human grade, spray-dried Chicken Fat, Organic, cold-pressed Flax seed oil, organic Flax Seed meal, Calcium Carbonate, Monosodium Phosphate, Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, Potassium Chloride, Bovine Colostrum, DL-Methionine, MCT’s, Zinc Proteinate, Ascorbic Acid, Cobalt Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Glucosamine, Copper Proteinate, DL Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Niacin, Vitamin A Acetate, Riboflavin, Calcium Iodate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin D-1, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Menadione.

    100 GRAMS OF
    RF-1 Contains:
    Protein: 35%
    Fat: 32%
    Carbohydrate: 20%
    Fiber: 1.34%
    Lactose: 1.73%
    Moisture: 4%
    Ash: 4%

    RF-1 meets all of your dogs nutritional requirements (except calories) in 1/3 the calories! In other words, if you have a dog that requires 1500 calories a day, you can feed 500 calories a day of RF-1 and 1000 calories of any other food (bread, etc) and your dog will have a balanced diet!
  4. Clint73

    Clint73 Pup

    i feed my dog raw deer meat and fat,tripe,raws eggs,mixed with a good dry dog food.also spring pole 1 hour aday,1 hour on treadmill,and some pedialite to drink after work out.
  5. aliwas

    aliwas Pup

    a little more creatin, eats ur dogs muscles..
  6. DemonBT

    DemonBT Pup

    Okay this has left me totally confused...I dont know whether to use creatine or to not use creatine...and is there any nasty side effects? sperm count drop ect?
  7. Phillip

    Phillip Pup

    If I were you I would pretend you never read this thread. Nothing in humans and animals replaces a good diet and hard work.

    I can speak in terms of human consumption of Creatine and besides a loading phase (usually 20grams a day for 5 days), the normal 200lb man would take in 5 grams total. Not sure who in their right mind would give a 40lb dog 5grams x 3 a day :confused:
  8. Phillip

    Phillip Pup

    Diet - A good raw diet will provide your dog with more than adequate amounts of protein. Human bodybuilders usually shoot for 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight. A 40lb dog can exceed those requirements with a good raw diet.

    Creatine - see previous post but to add to that, if one was to want to get their dog lean then I would personally not use creatine. Creatine allows for the muscles to store more water. You might get a bigger bulkier looking dog after time, but it is water weight added and will not allow you to achieve that lean "cut up" look.
  9. DemonBT

    DemonBT Pup

    my dog needs to show some rib...but im scared to lower his food and cause starvation in him...he is fed 3 cups a day, and at 2 cups he still has no show of rib...he is fed a puppy food good stuff, and he is a bone swoller and does not do good on raw...he definitly needs more of a cut look to him but i am working so hard with him and not getting the results i am looking for, i am probably dealing with genetics here, but there must be something i can do without hurting his sperm count he is a frequent breeder and has had fertility issues before because he has a sensative stumach and diarrhea will cause his sperm count level to drop. he weight pulls, uses a spring pole, flirt pole, spends lots of time running, often with weight attached, but i know you guys know some secrets...what can I do? I want to get him ripped nicely for a dog show and some professional pictures...who can help me? Should I add eggs to his diet? He is eating chicken soup puppy, which he is doing fantastic on, he is a bull terrier and pics in the most ripped photo thread...any advice welcome, how I can get some ribs showing, what food count should he be eating...how much less can I feed him without being dangerous..ect ect...please and thank you.
  10. ohpitbulls

    ohpitbulls CH Dog

    Rf-1 works great an seems alot easier why not just use it?
  11. briarpatch

    briarpatch Banned

    how bout to good hard work..dont give your dog that crap!
  12. teras

    teras Big Dog

    Coleman is heavily on steroids and the amount of food he consumes as well as workouts are in fast forward mode.

    regardless of this, i'd like to make a question. you talk about protein here. on the posts above they were talking about isolate.

    at least for humans isolate is great for postworkout due to it's fast absorption. but for before going to bed i'd never take it. it will get absorbed to quickly and you will get into catabolic state during the night.

    instead, at least for me i use either plain old casein that has very slow absorption rate, or a multisourse formula that has protein from sources of varying absorption rate.

    does this hold true for dogs as well???
  13. teras

    teras Big Dog

    missed the 5 minute rule and couldnt edit...

    so, does creatin cause any prob in kidney / liver systems?

    regarding the 30g rule, it was used to be said in the past that human cannot consume more than 30gr of protein in a meal.

    this is right and wrong imho. it's right in that supplements industry always tries to convince you to take more in order to sell more. so many ppl take excess amounts that are wasted in the end. you just get a too expensive source of energy.

    but is wrong as well cause first it depends on weight, and second it depends on the need of the body. postworkout your body can absorb much more protein than if you havent trained for a week.

    surely thoough one has to remember that supplements is the last in the chain. you gotta sort out feeding, training and resting FIRST and then supplement.

    the things said about biological value etc is just crap imho cause they dont take into account a lot of things. in this way i should be ok with isolate whey and dextrose instead of eating right?..
  14. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    quit trying to pump your dog full of shit it doesn't need and get off your ass and walk the damn thing
  15. synno2004

    synno2004 Top Dog


    "RF-1 is our nutrient-rich supplement for all dogs over 5 months of age and particularly for athletic and hard-working dogs preparing for an event. RF-1 combines powerful amino acids, colostrum, creatine monohydrate, MCT's, Omega 3 fatty acids, glucose polymers, vitamins, chelated minerals, electrolytes, glucosamine and other anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting factors in a tasty blend that we believe is the best of it's kind on the market. Try it on your dog and you will see dramatic results in a few short weeks! RF-1 comes in a five pound vacuum sealed bag for complete freshness."
  16. MOUSE

    MOUSE Pup

    If someone would please answer this question for me. I need a better measuring stick as to how much whey protien to give a 40lb dog. Like table spoon, teaspoons ? Thanks in advance.
  17. Best advice in this thread.
  18. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    what is r 1
  19. MACH0

    MACH0 Pup

    I would like to know if anyone on here actually uses whey isolate or just use rf1 instead?
  20. north av.

    north av. Pup

    in your quest to put on muscle mass you're going to take away wind. that's a fact, as it takes more oxygen in the bloodstream to service that added muscle mass, essentially taking away stamina which is the deciding factor in almost any endurance contest. you'll never see a power lifter running in a marathon, because simply he will fall over at the 1/4 mile mark. your breeder or dog of choice should have already done the leg work for you by adding certain "assets" you deem fit to suit what it is you're main goal is...if not, you didn't do your homework.

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