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Rebel Kennels 1988

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by kiwidogman, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Ha!...that's just it mate..doesn't matter how much mouth you got,,,when dogs meet dogs the dogs decide who wins!.not the mouthy asshole lol.......plus you can only rant and rave so much,,,you can only encourage the dog so much to.........man I've watched some videos and the handlers are fucking screaming at the dogs...talking to them excitedly is one thing..screaming till your blue in the face is another lol...I want the dog to respond to my voice,but the dog needs some self motervation...because voice might help and all but when it's bad I think the dog has to have its own hart.not just it's owner's.lol.......hope that makes sense.???.me heads a bit fucked at the mo...........lol.
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  2. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    I was conditioning Super Gnat's Gr.Ch. Ace for his 4th match when I received a call from S.T.P. He explained that his Gr.Ch. Buck was contracted into Ricky Jones and Gr.Ch. Sandman, at 48 lbs. Both dogs were exceptionally seasoned match dogs with similar styles and S.T.P. predicted that the match would be a long one. S.T.P. wanted me to provide the veterinary care after the match. I was honored that S.T.P. would trust my veterinary skills and I told him how to get to my house on his trip south to meet Rebel Kennels Gr.Ch. Sandman.

    As a pup Buck was sold to a physician. He proved to be an unsatisfactory pet and was sold to the late Alan Waldman who matched and won with Buck in the low 50's. Fortunately for Buck, S.T.P. purchased the dog and campaigned him at his correct weight, 46 lbs. In S.T.P.'s hands, Buck demolished all of his competition, which included some highly regarded match dogs. Buck did not dazzle fanciers with ten-minute wins, but he had virtually no weakness as a match dog and always dominated his opponent, no matter what style.
    Rebel Kennels Gr.Ch. Sandman was bred and raised by Ricky Jones from a Rascal/Jeep and Boomerang cross. Word had it that Ricky was able to take some of the unwanted dogs from some very good dogmen, and by sheer determination and good sense Ricky had bred bulldogs that could compete and win over the best in the country. Some of the best match dogs, at any weight, were either owned by Rebel Kennels, or were matched into Rebel Kennels.

    My friend Peter from Holland wanted to learn more about conditioning so he stayed at Rebel Kennels conditioning match dogs. Peter owned St. B.'s Dylan and was already a noted conditioner prior to his trip to Ricky's place.

    Two of the most dominant kennels using two of the foremost bloodlines were matched into each other. While Boomerang/Jeep/Rascal blood was dominating southern matches, blood through Boyles' Dirty Mary was just starting to establish itself in the south.

    S.T.P.'s mini van pulled up in my driveway. He had been on the road for over seven hours and intended to make the remaining three-hour drive without resting. Buck was standing up in his sky kennel and had been doing that for the entire trip. Buck was let out of his kennel to empty out and rake up a bunch of leaves and dirt. He looked good with good muscle tone. As always, I asked about Buck's conditioning program. S.T.P. told me that Buck was worked on two different treadmills. One day he would work the free turning mill and the next day he would run a hard turning mill. By the peak day, (One week prior to the match), Buck had run for two hours at a good pace, on the easy turning treadmill. S.T.P. went over the plan we would follow when we arrived at the match site. Buck would have emptied out prior to arriving at the site and would stay in his sky kennel until the last possible moment, because he would go wild once he saw the pit.

    We drove down and got a motel room where we could return after the match. Everyone was a little nervous about the match because Buck was going into a great dog owned by a good dogman.

    We drove to the site and found out that Ricky and Sandman had been staying in the area for the past five days. Most of the dogmen favored Sandman and made no secret of their preference. Buck weighed in right on the weight and we were told that Sandman was also right on weight, but when Sandman was put on the scale he was 1 1/4 lbs. over the weight. S.T.P. played this situation perfectly, saying that he would take the forfeit and go home. Ricky started talking trash, saying that S.T.P. was scared and so on. Finally, Ricky said that he would give them odds in the betting. S.T.P. never intended to take the forfeit but he convinced Ricky that he was going to take the forfeit and go. After taking considerable verbal abuse, S.T.P. came back to the van grinning like a Cheshire cat. He had gotten everything he had wanted in the betting. The betting on both sides was brisk, fanciers from all over the world were betting on their favorite. Ricky was ready to cover huge side bets, which by far exceeded the original bet.

    There were about 25 fanciers waiting for the match to start. My friend Peter from Holland was betting on Sandman, while I was betting on Buck. This was the first time we were not on the same side of the betting. The dogs were released and Sandman shot over like a rocket and got a good hold. When Sandman got to the stifle, Buck slowly and deliberately got him out. Ricky got all excited and said that Bucks stifle was broken. For the first 20 minutes Sandman was all over Buck, but then Buck started to dominate the action. Buck was a little stronger and had a little heavier. He was taking the match to Sandman, but neither could get much of a lead over the other.
    Ricky's wife was holding their baby and was quite verbal as she yelled for Sandman to whip Buck. It was a credit to the spectators that none of them asked Ricky's wife to quit her monotonous and repetitive yelling for Sandman. The yelling went on for hours as the two Grand Champions battled on into the night.

    Both dogs could hardly be held in their corner as they rocketed across on their scratches. About an hour and a half into the match Sandman got a good hold on Buck's neck. As Buck tried to twist out of this hold, Sandman held on and a stalemate ensued. Sandman would not release his hold and Buck could not get free, so the two Grand Champions were locked motionless and time dragged on. It seemed that both dogs were asleep. Buck started to vocalize his frustration at being unable to move. Ricky became even more excited, interpreting the noise as a sign of Buck wanting to quit. Nothing could be further from the truth as Buck finally extricated from the hold and resumed his dominance over Sandman. Ricky not only began to denigrate Buck but also S.T.P. At one point he said that he was going to kick Buck's ribs in because he was such a cur. I encouraged him to go ahead and do it since the foul would leave Buck the winner. I think that Ricky began to realize that Buck was going to beat his Sandman dog and this was his way of dealing with that possibility. No matter how many times and how many ways Ricky verbally abused Buck and S.T.P. he never let it bother him. S.T.P. stayed with his dog and ignored all the outside shenanigans. S.T.P. gave fanciers a good demonstration of coolness and decisiveness in a tough situation.
    At the end Sandman began to falter and it was clear that Buck was going to win. At three hours and 17 minutes, Sandman didn't scratch. Buck's courtesy scratch was a running one and he slammed into Sandman. We hustled Buck into a nearby shed and I started an intravenous line. Buck received 10 cc's of Azium in about 800 mls of Ringers before he ripped the line out of his leg. In an adjacent shed, Ricky worked in an effort to save Sandman. I was told that he gave Sandman an injection of Epinephrine, which is often used by human rescue personnel. The shot of "Epi" as it is known to the members of the rescue squad, killed Sandman immediately. Buck would not be still so I stopped the IV, which had leaked into the surrounding tissue.

    The level of euphoria was high as we drove back to the motel. We were all singing a 50's song playing on the radio. Even S.T.P., who is normally a reserved person, sang loudly as we drove through the night.
    We stayed at the motel that night, but I couldn't get a catheter sealed in Buck's veins. It wasn't until the next day that I did get a catheter in Buck's front leg and he continued to receive IV fluids. Buck also got a shot of Lasix to help him urinate all the fluid we were giving him.

    Buck stayed at my house for two weeks after the match, recovering from his ordeal. At 5:00 AM every morning, Buck would start his scream/howl, which echoed throughout the house. When I walked him outside, Buck would try to lunge at the other dogs in my yard, even though he could hardly stand up. It was obvious that his spirit had not been broken in spite of the lengthy battle with Sandman.

    I returned Buck to S.T.P. and the old warrior lived the good life, breeding bitches and eating good food until he died.

    Barney Fife
  3. Yeah,that's a hell of a story.....
    Awesome read F.W.K.
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  4. Frio boys GR CH Savanah 7xW
  5. Savanah GRCH
  6. Frio boys GR CH Savanah 7xW
  7. 7xW
  8. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

  9. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Helluva tear he was on that year
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  10. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

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  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Staff Member

    Before we begin our review on Grand Champion “Shady Lady”, lets talk just a little about the one they called The Rebel. Lets talk about The Rebel long before the troubles came about that tarnish the fraternity and tainted his own legacy. To those who actually knew him, you could say he was a true Dogman at the height of his game! It has been said, and rightfully so, that Ricky Jones, “The Rebel” owned some of the best dogs in the world. In his time, if The Rebel was not competing one of the best dogs in the world, he was standing sixteen feet across from one. He was a man dedicated to his dogs and a firm believer in the “Eli” stain of dogs. You could not convince him that any other bloodline was better, but you were always more than welcome to try…in the box!
    During the development of his reputation and his own legacy, Ricky Jones owned such great dogs as Grand Champion “Spookie”, Grand Champion “Sampson”, Grand Champion “Sandman”, Grand Champion “Outlaw”, Champion “Stephano”, Champion “Cleopatra”, Champion “Penny”, Champion “Bubba”, Champion “Turtle” and even bought Mountain Man’s Champion “Homer” to further enhance his yard. For those who do not know, he also own half interest and campaigned the great Double Grand Champion “Tornado”. He owned and campaigned many other great dogs, far to numerous to mention them all.
    In the year of 1988 alone The Rebel campaigned twenty-four dogs. He lost five of those twenty-four and won nineteen. Who can forget the classic battle between the two Grand Champions of Rebel Kennels Grand Champion “Sandman” and S.T. P.’s Grand Champion “Buck”. I wonder how many fanciers of today would even take a chance on bringing out their own Champions or Grand Champions for a ’Defending Title Match’.
    Any modern day fancier would be well served to compare the record of The Rebel to anyone during the same time period. In fact, compare it to anyone, from any time period, and see how it stacks up.
    Ricky Jones was noted for having, for lack of a better description, a ‘split personality’. On one side he was a great, fiercely loyal friend. However, once he stepped inside that box with his dog, well, he became a fierce and formable opponent. There were many that described his actions as “unsportsmanlike conduct”. The Rebel did not see it that way at all. He stated that a man and his dog were a team and had to work as one. While his dog did what they could do to discourage their own opponent, Ricky Jones felt that it was his responsibility to do all he could do within the rules to discourage the other handler. He stated that, in his experience, a dog will quit the very second his handler does. Never the less, The Rebel became known in history as one of the greatest competitors of his era. It is a fact that, it was The Rebel that added to the history books great dogs such as Grand Champion “Sandman” and Double Grand Champion “Tornado”. Many stories have been told and written about these two great dogs, but none to my knowledge has ever been told or written about the great female that holds her own records in history. That female is none other than Rebel Kennels Grand Champion “Shady Lady”.
    Some fanciers have wondered what it was The Mountain Man and The Rebel must have been thinking or planning, when The Mountain Man backed his famed “Spider Bite’em” female up to Rebel’s “Sundance”. They stated, whatever it was, it was history in the making.
    Well, here is exactly the way it came about. A fancier by the name of Young had purchased “Sundance” directly from Mamie Loposay, the wife of the deceased J. R. Loposay. “Sundance” was an outstanding dog and The Mountain Man had already seen him in action a couple of different times. The Mountain Man stated that, without exception, “Sundance” was one of the most devastating stifle dogs he had ever witness. He liked the dog so much that he planned to buy him for himself. He told Ricky Jones about this great dog and worked out a deal with The Rebel to go a buy the dog for him and either bring it to him or arrange to have it brought to him. Well, half of that happened. Ricky Jones did in fact go buy “Sundance”, but then he kept him for himself. The only option The Mountain Man had at that time, he took. He shipped “Spider Bite’em” to Florida and had her bred to the 2 time winner, at that time, “Sundance”. Now, the rest is history. The litter produced such great dogs as Harriger’s “Lil Dumpling” & “Sheena”, Mountain Man’s (Harriger’s) famed stud dog “Elwood” and of course “Shady Lady”.
    Ricky Jones was known to be extremely hard on his dogs. Too hard, and unnecessarily hard, most fanciers would say. But, he was who he was, and even though Ricky Jones was not a small man, his own ego was bigger than he was! Even at an early age “Shady Lady” wasted no time it showing that she was more than ready to face most challengers. In the year of 1988 she won her first two professional competitions.
    It was at the early spring show in Florida in 1988 that “Shady Lady” made her debut. It was a three card show that also included Rebel Kennels and Ken Allen’s Grand Champion “Tornado” winning her sixth straight contest. This one over Perry & Devine’s two time winner “Emi”.
    However, that day Rebel Kennels’ “Shady Lady” would be going for her 1st contest. She would face off to Mossell’s “Carmen”. These females weighed in at 37 pounds with Havana Chico selected as the Referee. “Shady Lady” was sired by Rebel Kennels Champion “Sundance” and whelped by The Mountain Man’s “Spider Bite’em”, the sister to Rebel Kennels’ own Champion “Spookie”.
    One of the later reports listed “Carmen” as being campaigned by Red Kennels & Mossell’s “Carmen” not just Mossell. However, in either case, Mossell’s “Carmen” was a red female that stems from some of Anderson’s Champion “Tonka” breeding that came by way of Laminack. Upon release “Shady Lady” jumps off to a very fast start and “Carmen” was never even in this fight! Fast handles are made and “Carmen” will not run her first scratch at the four (4) Minute Mark and “Shady Lady” is declared the winner.
    It was at a five card show later that fall in 1988 that the ticket would read Red Kennels’ “Nantucket” verses Rebel Kennels’ “Shady Lady”. The females weighed in at 37½ pounds and The Tennessean was selected to Referee this contest. “Nantucket” was a nice looking buckskin, said to be sired by “Little Jeep” (Jeep x Kate) whelped by a “Kingfish” bred female. Evidently Red Kennels did not take their four (4) minute loss with Mossell’s “Carmen” very well. As recorded, this one did last longer.Once again, upon release “Shady Lady” comes out hard and fast. “Nantucket” leave the pit at the Eleven (11) Minute Mark and “Shady Lady” is declared the winner of her second professional contest.
    (This was the same show that Rebel Kennels’ “Samson” and his littermate sister “Dolly” both won Best of Show Awards. “Samson” Best of Show, “Dolly” Best Female.)
    By the end of 1988 word had spread far and wide about this hard mouthed female by the name of “Shady Lady”. Most fanciers thought that was all she was, a hard mouth female. By this time, there were a lot of fanciers determined to stop her.
    It was at the Palmetto Show in the spring of 1989 that the ticket would now read Rebel Kennels and B.& B.’s “Shady Lady” facing off to Gilbert & Bert “Bolita”. Havana Danny was selected to be the Referee for this contest, as the females weighed in at 37 pounds. Bert is handling “Bolita”. “Bolita” is sired by “Kong” and nothing has ever stayed with her more than 18 minutes. Upon release “Bolita” comes out hard and shows that she can bite! She almost immediately hits a bleeder on “Shady Lady”. In spite of a very bad bleeder, “Shady Lady” stays all over “Bolita” and proves that she has a bite of her own! Bert concedes the contest and picks up on “Bolita” at the Nine (9) Minute Mark, leaving Shady Lady” to be declared the winner and now Champion. Out of a three card show, Rebel Kennels “Shady Lady” was voted Best in Show.
    At The Mountain Show in 1989 “Shady Lady” would come out again. The word was out that she had won three matches, but all of them in very short order. This time she would face Reynolds’ “Red”. “Shady Lady” came in at a lower than usual weight, as these females now weighted in at 36½ pounds. Any seasoned dogman can tell you what a difference a half a pound can make, even in a good dog. The Tennessean was once again the Referee. Reynolds’ “Red” was sired by Pat Patrick’s “Copperhead”. Upon the command to “pit”, “Shady Lady” came out so fast and hard herself, that she never even gave “Red” a chance to close her mouth! Bulldozing over “Red”, “Red” turns and is on her way out at the Seven (7) Minute Mark and “Shady Lady” is declared the winner of her forth contest. Rebel Kennels “Shady Lady” was voted Best Female of Show.
    It was at the seven (7) card Southern Fall Show of 1989 that “Shady Lady”, now a four time winner, looking for her Grand Champion, would have to face Mooney’s “Ginger II”. Mooney’s “Ginger II” is a black & white female sired by Holland’s “Pee Wee” and whelped by Holland’s “Ginger”. These females weighed in at 37½ pounds and D. Miller was selected as the Referee for this contest. Upon release “Shady Lady”, came out in her usual hard fast fashion and went straight to work. “Shady Lady” shot into the stifle and “Ginger II” never even had a chance to get started. She had no chance at all in this contest. “Ginger II” is picked up at the Eight ( Minute Mark and D. Miller declares “Shady Lady” the winner and now Grand Champion. Once again, out of a seven (7) card show, “Shady Lady” was voted Best Female of Show.
    That night “Shady Lady” was awarded her Grand Championship Title. She had won all five professional contracted fight in a combined time of only Thirty-Nine (39) Minutes! Her longest contest went only Eleven Minute and out of all five contests, she was voted “Best of Show” three different times! Surely that was a record and truly history was made that night. Not so many fanciers were so anxious to rush out and try and stop her after that!
    After The Rebel experienced his own problems, and all the trouble that followed after that, the fancier known as Bulldog P ended up with quite a few of the dogs that belonged to The Rebel. Grand Champion “Shady Lady” was one of them. The legacy of Grand Champion “Shady Lady” lives on, as she produced a lot of great dogs for the fraternity. Those off-spring also proved to be outstanding producers as well, especially when bred to James Crenshaw’s Champion “Gator”.
    Bulldog P later sold Grand Champion “Shady Lady” at an old age to Roadblock Kennels, where she passed away and a legend passed into history. Anytime anyone is lucky enough to witness what they feel would be the highest levels of abilities, bite and stamina, Grand Champion “Shady Lady” should come to mind and with whom they should base their own comparison, for she should be considered the highest of standards!
    Recalling history one more time, back in 1987 The Rebel lost his contest against the two time winner Abraham’s “Queen of Heart” with his Rebel’s “Lou”. This made “Queen of Heart” a Champion. “Queen of Hearts” went on to defeat five more opponents to earn her own title of Grand Champion. The longest fight “Queen of Hearts” ever saw was 34 minutes. She was campaigned between 37 to 39 pounds.
    By 1989 Abraham’s “Queen of Hearts” and Rebel Kennels’ “Shady Lady” both held their respective titles of Grand Champion. Both had been campaigned 37 and 37½ pounds. Can anyone possible imagine the battle that would have incurred should these two great warrior females ever had met. There is no doubt that it would have been a classic for the history books. As great as the one between Rebel’s Grand Champion “Sandman” and S.T.P.’s Grand Champion “Buck”. One can only wonder and imagine what it might be like.
    However, there is no doubt that these dogs, all of them mentioned here, and the men behind them, gave to the world a true legacy of proven gameness and ability to be passed forward and preserved by future generations.
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  12. 80BOWTIE

    80BOWTIE Pup

    Nice lil female. Amazing performance record. Did anyone post her pedigree?
  13. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    Any of you gentlemen familiar with the conditioning methods of Rebel Kennels?
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  14. No.Y.J.J...but if you are I'd love to here it:).....
  15. there is a keep on the video , training sessions , feeding and couple of shows
    and no wont share it
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  16. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    Well thanks for nothin. :-S:P
  17. kiwidogman

    kiwidogman Big Dog

    Then how about sharing some of the interesting info in it? If there’s anything interesting, or different, that is.

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