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Radical Crackdown On Man's Best Friend

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by Marty, May 4, 2006.

  1. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    [size=-1]Chula Vista,CA -- [/size]The war on dogs and their owners reached a new level of insanity
    as the most bloodthirsty anti-dog legislation in the nation’s history was
    passed by Mayor Michael Antonovich and the Los Angeles County Board of
    Supervisors. Compulsory surgery and microchipping for Fido or owners go to
    jail under shocking legislation approved yesterday. Originally drafted as an irrational attack on Pitbull and Rottweiler owners in 2005, it has Trojaned into a full frontal assault on ALL dogs and their owners nationwide.

    Penned by Marcia Mayeda, LA County’s chief Dog Exterminator, the legislation
    will jail those who refuse to subject their puppies to surgery by age 4
    months! Surgery which may kill them, cause them cancer, hypothyroidism, bone
    and joint disease, decreased cognitive function, loss of bladder control,
    behavior problems and a decreased lifespan. Not only puppies, ALL ages, ALL breeds, ALL DOGS are targeted. Even senior canine citizens must go under the
    knife to keep their owners out of jail.

    Exempt are people who do serious work with dogs. Law enforcement dogs,
    service dogs for the disabled and “competition” dogs. Many of these dogs are vital and important, and owners do not want health, longevity, performance and intelligence imperiled by unnecessary surgery.

    The message to the general public, however, is that YOUR dogs are not
    important. Neither are basic rights, common sense, reason and freedom from
    unreasonable search, seizure, microchips, surgery and imprisonment.

    Mayeda, who gets paid by the Government to eliminate dogs aims to push her
    grand vision nationwide. Pink clad spay/neuter fanatic supporters at the
    April 18th hearing described their experiences in shelter kill rooms as
    dogs struggle for their lives, urinating all over themselves as they are dragged across the floor toward the smell of fear and death.

    From Mayeda and legions of pink wearing, dragging-dogs-to-their-death
    supporters, comes radical legislation indiscriminately attacking millions of
    LA area residents who would never think of killing dogs for money. Or
    selling dogs to medical research labs which many “shelters” do.

    Government shelters like Mayeda’s care about one thing. Money. Not dogs. Seattle-based American Canine Foundation is filing a federal lawsuit in response to this draconian law which violates both the California and U.S. Constitutions.

    So-called “humane” and other so-called dog advocates have force fed “spay/
    neuter is good for dogs” propaganda to the public for decades. They are
    wrong. Massive amounts of scientific data point out otherwise, as does the
    empirical observation that the vast majority of people who compete with
    dogs, or who do anything important with a dog, do not get this invasive,
    unnecessary surgery done. What does that tell you?

    If your dog and/or protection from rapacious Government intrusion into your
    home and family is important to you, you need to act now!
    Enforcement begins
    June 2nd. Contact the American Canine Foundation (360-277-3647) or
    http://dogtv.com for more info on fighting or donating to the fight against this savage attack on FREEDOM, Family, and Man’s Best Friend.
    dogtv.com networks

  2. Defend2DaEnd

    Defend2DaEnd CH Dog

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    So everyone that doesn't work their dogs or their dogs don't serve a purpose except to be pets has to get their dogs fixed? Hmmmm wonder how it would work.
  3. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Guest

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    What exactly is Compulsory surgery?
  4. b_dog58

    b_dog58 Big Dog

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    \Isn't it funny how now that it's not just a breed specific issue i.e. all pitbulls have to get fixed and microchipped. It's a major public outcry, and insane. Maybe this will help people realize what we go through every day of our lives!
  5. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    Although I definitely don't agree with all this crap, I also have a real problem with how the radicals describe a dog neuter/spay as basically ruining the dog & whatnot. We want people to be educated & informed so as to make the right decisions, not fill their head with hesaid/shesaid bullshit.
  6. Suki

    Suki Guest

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    I'm not usually one who's at a loss for words.

    I am now...
    What the hell?!!!!:mad:

    Attached Files:

  7. Suki

    Suki Guest

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    if it's deemed compulsory, that means you're obligated or obliged to do do. Like compulsory car insurance=you must have it.
    or in this case, you must have to do it.
    What a REALLY sad, sad world!!!!!

    another view of the article:

    Subject: LA County supervisors OK mandatory spay, neutering law (read the exceptions!!)

    Article Launched: 5/03/2006 12:00 AMCounty supervisors OK spaying,
    neutering lawBY Troy Anderson Staff Writer Pasadena Star-News
    Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday gave final approval to an ordinance that requires most dog owners in unincorporated areas to spay or neuter their dogs and tag them with identification microchips.

    Under the new ordinance, which will go into effect in 30 days, dogs must be spayed or neutered when they are 4 months old.

    Dog owners will have a 90-day grace period to spay or neuter their animals.

    The new requirements will not apply to dogs that compete in shows, work in law enforcement or assist the disabled.

    Marcia Mayeda, director of the Department of Animal Care and Control, said owners can obtain exemptions for dogs by providing the department with documentation that the dog is a registered purebred and meets at least one of three requirements.

    Requirements include competition in at least one dog show in the last year, a title from a purebred dog registry or the owner's participation in a purebred breed club that enforces a code of ethics for dog breeding.

    "We don't want to go on a witch hunt," Mayeda said. "We intend to fairly enforce the ordinance for every dog owner. Our intention is not to end purebred dog breeding. What we want to stop is the uncontrolled strays and the uncontrolled, unwanted breedings."

    Some dog owners told the supervisors the new requirements will hurt the professional dog handling and breeding industries and will place a financial burden on dog owners.

    "The laws you are putting forth open up the door for black-market breeding," said Leesa Molina, a member of the City of Angels Pomeranian Club. Under the new requirements, the annual dog license fee for a spayed or neutered dog will rise from $15 to $20 and will rise from $30 to $60 for an unaltered dog.

    (213) 974-8985

  8. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Guest

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    So basically you HAVE to do it. That is so ridiculous that you have to do all this. They should microchip and neuter all the irresposible, bad owners, and punk ass kids that cause all these problems, then you'd always know where they are and they wouldnt be able to reproduce and create more irresponsible owners!
  9. IslandTie

    IslandTie Big Dog

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    No Ofense To Anyone On This Blog... But Right About Now I Thank God I Dont Live In The Usa... And Though The "punk Ass Kids" Made It Easier For The Government... Do You Realize How Much Money They Will Make Off All These Surgeries.....
  10. Riptora

    Riptora CH Dog

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    I don't get it, is this real? They operate something like this in Germany. Dogs are not allowed to be bred unless they have at least one Schutzhund title or something like that. There's also a whole slew of breeding titles the dogs can earn, one of them the dog runs along side a bike at a steady pace for about 2 miles and then has to perform all commands... something like that, I don't have the magazine anymore. They actaully DRAFT dogs for war in Germany. Yep, all dogs that hold any legit titles are subject to a draft if the need occurs in Germany. The dogs will be returned to their families after they have served (and if they make it) but isn't that crazy? Germany is so hardcore on dog breeding and working dogs. I honestly think most of the best breeds originated there, but my goodness... are we headed in the same direction?
  11. missybee16

    missybee16 CH Dog

    Re: Radical Crackdown On Man’s Best Friend

    We tried our best, not have this pass. Only 4 votes passed it. And it was said, they already knew, it was going to pass. So all of us Pit owners, that went to that meeting, was in vain. That tells me, they don't care about our rights, as an owner. Our words mean nothing & neither does, our efforts. Our Mayor doesn't like our dogs, but will not control the real issues before him, predeterminate.

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