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Pup eating poop

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by bimbil, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. bimbil

    bimbil Big Dog

    My 5 mth female keeps eating poop. What can i do to stop that? are there any pills for this and why do dogs eat poop? i've never experienced this with other dogs.
  2. semo

    semo Top Dog

    i really dont know the answer, but i bet either picking it up , or spraying it w/ that bitter apple spray or whatever would work lol.

    I would also venture a guess that you would correct them like anything else when cought in the act.
  3. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Guest

    I have heard that dogs eat poop because they are lacking in a vitamin. Dont know the real truth to this, but you can do a search on here. I know it has been discussed before. ;)
  4. soundfx06

    soundfx06 Pup

    i also heard this & i had a pup that would do it so i monitored him around wat time he does it i also saw that he would eat his food real fast so i just broke it down & fed him a lil over the weight limit & just split it uo into 3 times a day & he stopped but everything is not the same in very dog
  5. brindle

    brindle Big Dog

  6. maryellen1

    maryellen1 Guest

    put the pup on better quality food, and the poop eating will stop.
  7. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    Watch the dog real close and when it does it, grab it by it's snout and yell real loud at it.You must do this very quickly, and be very forcful, I use the word "No", as when the dog hear's this from me, whatever they are doin, they stop.
  8. WWII

    WWII Banned

    Sometimes they do it because it was learned from their mother. When she had the pups, she would clean up after them. It could also be caused by the food not being fully digested. It can be solved by putting a digestive enzyme in their food. I heard meat tenderizer helps. Toss some over the food and wait about 15 minutes before giving it to the dog. I really wouldn't worry about it that much as long as the pup isn't eating other animals' feces.

    REACTiON Pup

    they might think there poop smells good so they want a bite at it... sometimes dogs take the gross tasting things and eat them because to them its like candy. try switching food brands.
  10. Madusa

    Madusa CH Dog

    Add in a bit of crushed pineapple with their feed. They love it going in, but won't touch it when it's back out
  11. bimbil

    bimbil Big Dog

    She is on Ultra dog food. That is one of the higher lines foods out there, so I think its good enough.

    Thanks for all the information and advise.
  12. meat tenderizer is not good for dogs... not good for people either.. keep poop pickked up .. if not ,then spray with doggie shoo.. i used to sprinkle over areas i didnt want dog some finely ground pepper flakes and some soap powder walk the dog near enuff to it so they get a wif but not so close that they get right on top and get a snout full.. dont scream no around your dog when it has made poop out where it should it will get confused..and could break house breaking not knowing where to poop.... instead droppit or some other words you can use to show disgust.. and eagerness to please will make dogg stop ... it takes you interacting with your dog .. if dog has done it more than once , then , it takes action from you to make it stop.. good luck
  13. gil230

    gil230 Big Dog

    I would clean the poop ASAP. My brother's dog did the same thing and he went out and bought some pills at Petco that were to make the poop unbearable to eat. Instead, it made it worse. I wold just make sure to pick it up ASAP and maybe try a different type of food.
  14. jbh38

    jbh38 Big Dog

    Our vet told us this and we were skeptical, but it worked

    Halls Cough Drops, give them one a day. We got he unflavored, sugarless, and within a few days she wasn't doing it. We kept giving them to her for a couple of weeks and she has never touched it since. I have even used it on a few new dogs since and it works, I will swear by it!

    We were told not to use the additives you can sprinkle on the food or the meat tenderizer, you always hear that, there is too much sodium in all those products.
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  15. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    Anybody try this
  16. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Some just eat shit
  17. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Add meat tenderizer or a tablespoon canned pumpkin to their food. The poop will taste disgusting. Or put lemon juice or hot sauce on the poop.
  18. Pineapple or egg cook, had a female who had this disgusting behavior
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