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Protection work with a gamebred APBT

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Lee Robinson, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    I realize many people are against it...but that isn't my concern. I still believe that America we all have the right to agree to disagree as long as what we do is legal. That said, I am not seeking to discuss if it is "right or wrong" to do PP work with a gamebred dog. I have already done it many times before...so those that have issue with such will just have to accept I believe otherwise like it or not.

    The purpose of this post is...I may be interested in another quality game bred bitch that is bred right (verifiable pedigree required). If interested in seeing one of your females do this type of work, feel free to send me a PM with the pedigree and photos if possible for me to look at.
  2. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    What do you think of apbt in this field of work? How would you rate them. I might be interested later on.
  3. Rickf3

    Rickf3 Big Dog

    Lee, who is going to sire? I hope its that dog you have for sale now, he is beautiful.
  4. BringBackup

    BringBackup Top Dog

    Well, there is a difference between personal protection and sport work (schutzhund, french ring, psa, etc). Which do you do with your dogs?
  5. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    Protection work, not sport..although given the apbt's nature in general to be less defensive.and more prey and fight oriented...the training would be catered around such and therefore be largely command based conditioned responses...which means the right temperament apbt should be able to transfer over to sports rather easily if the right foundation is laid out properly. I say this because I don't want to work with the defensive fear biters or an overly suspicious type apbt.

    If she pans out, I would most likely stick her to sandman...and then be willing to return her to whoever I got her from. The training would be done first to proove her worth. But the dog must be exceptional in type, ability, and pedigree.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2010
  6. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    how many gamebred APBT have you come across that turn into fear biters or overcautious, once you put them to work Lee? when it comes to well bred APBTs ive found it very rare to get either. Altough when it comes to Backyard bred dogs APBT they seem too be everywhere.
  7. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    They are not very common, but they do exist. That said, it has nothing to do with the training. The ones I have seen that were that way were like that their whole life...typically thjey are the timid spooky kind and I have ZERO interest in that type.
  8. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    u said ' u have found it very rare"

    so thats what u do with your dogs HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

    what a joke.
  9. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    I think his point was the dogs he found to be fear biters or overcautious were not "well bred APBTs." And, generally, I would agree with him no that matter. I myself have no use for that type of APBT.
  10. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    he doesnt anything this guy.... not well bred apbt :rolleyes:

    i had apbt that had no papers and i think were byb dogs and were best temp apbt i had... then when i decided i wanted to get a "well bred" pedigree dog..... he turned out to be THE WORSE dog i bought till now.. he was still a pup when attacked a kid for no reason whats so ever, becuase he was a pup still he didnt do much damage , just a scratch.... was pts....

    being "well bred" doesnt guarantee anything, u can get a well bred dog and can still turn out manbiters.. anyone tells u other wise has no clue...u know how u handle manbiters.. u put them down. but junkyard doesnt agree with this method lol.... this tree hogger, i should have giving him the dog... :D maybe tear him apart lol " that was one bad dog "
  11. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    I take it English isn't your native language...

    What is a tree hogger?
  12. popper

    popper CH Dog

  13. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    Lee may i ask why you seek a "game bred" dog for this??I just belive you would have better success steering away from the game bred dogs,but i,in all honesty don't know shit about what would work better for you.I was just curious why a game bred???
  14. art

    art Top Dog

    i was going to ask the same shit jt buddy:D:D:D:D:Dwe dont know shit thow
  15. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    I prefer a dog that is willing to finish what it gets into...with no regrets or hesitation. I like a dog that works in fight drive with determination. Many game dogs are LESS willing to bit a man than would some scatter bred back yard show dog; however, I am not looking for just "one of many." I am looking for the phenomenial specimen. For this...I want a tightly bred game dog.

    One, a tighter bred dog is more likely (no guarantee, but more likely) to reproduce a consistent litter...even when outcrossed.

    Two, a game dog may be less willing to do manwork, but when you find one that will...they will often go to man with the same determination in which they do other work. "Determination" (gameness) is more important than "winning." For, as long as a criminal is busy fighting the dog off, my daughter, son, or wife isn't being targetted. This buys time for my family to evade a "situation" safely. I get the size, power, and defense from the mastiff.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2010
  16. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    no im not an english man... im black african, i speak other languages, including yours .

    so i dont know , its your language u figure it out
  17. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    Disregard my request. A friend of mine has a breeding that is as good a breeding as one could dream of.
  18. most protection dogs today are the malinois but there are quite a few apbt in it as well.. most gamebred..the people who use the pits have changed over from malionois and like breeds.. these pro trainers say that nothing can hold a candle to a well trained personal protection apbt and i believe it we all know that the apbt is superior to any dog with its raw power , smarts, and the gamness that comes with our breed..ive seen some videos of the pp trained apbt and they are out of this world..on one video they had a large red rednose male and they put him through all sorts of situations that were real life stuff..on one clip they had a guy on top of a van and that dog jumped all the way up on top and bit the sleeve .. pretty crazy stuff..but really if you or the person you hire are good trainers you can make any dog great.
  19. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    One more question Lee.What do you mean when you say.."I get the size,power,and defense from the mastiff "???Do you mean you also use the mastiff for protection work?Surely your not cross breeding these dogs i hope..
  20. the swinford dogs have been around for like 30 years and i believe they were gamebred apbt crossed with english mastiff..they took the best traits from each breed and created what they call the ultimate canine family dog... but i think mr.robinson can probally tell you a whole lot more because that is the breed he raises... i would like to own a swinford dog someday...especially with the world so crazy nowadays..

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