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Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by switty, May 18, 2011.

  1. switty

    switty Pup

    poverty pit my username should have been
  2. bauer

    bauer Top Dog

    You dont ot pay a lot to get a nice dog...
  3. switty

    switty Pup

    AMEN to that
  4. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    the little fat show dogs sell for anything upto £700 i am told, dogs from working line staffords sell for less than half that usually, but there are still one or two diamonds that will give a pup to the right people, god bless em lol
  5. sSp3ct

    sSp3ct Pup

    Up to £700? I've seen top blue show staffs going for £1200, you could get a whole bunch of working staffs for that price :/
  6. switty

    switty Pup

    whats special about blue staffs??
  7. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    They're Blue lol :P
  8. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Truth is as I see it some of us have paid for dogs and some of us have got them for free. I've had dogs for free, that in retrospect I would have paid a grand for. Its all about what you can swing and what you are lookin for. I Don't care if your budget is a $75 adoption fee or $2000 if you look hard enough you'll find the pup that fits your bill' both ways. If you can swing it and the pup fits the need then do it. Just dont put off the mortgage to to make it happen.. JMO
  9. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Maby the light bill for a couple weeks ....LOL
  10. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Did you ever get that staffie pup you were looking for i forgot to mention that every now & then dogs come up on here looking for good homes from dedicated lovers of the breed .
  11. SouthSider

    SouthSider Premium Member Premium Member

    I recently stepped away from the APT breed after 15yrs of owning this great breed. I began to downsize my yard and gave a few of my dog's to godd poeple and stayed with my only solid bitch which I planned on breeding down the road but for some funny reason she was stolen from my yard meanwhile I was at work a few months ago. I have always liked the SBT breed but never got around to having one on my yard or never met any reputable breeders or owners. Now that my yard is empty I would like to move forward on owning a pup if possible.

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Much appreciated........

    Thank you
  12. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Im sorry i cant help you from this side of the globe , if you were here youd be able to pick one up as they are everywhere for sale but same as we cant have the APT over here as they were banned with them falling into the wrong hands of idiots , you do get the odd one now & then who says they have a n APT but they never look anything like the ones in the US .
  13. SouthSider

    SouthSider Premium Member Premium Member

    Thanks for the reply.
  14. 6sN7s

    6sN7s Top Dog

    800 euro max
  15. IV Ecosse

    IV Ecosse Pup

    Price all comes down to what you can afford and also how bad you want it.. Also as a lot of you have mentioned who from and what your buying... As ive learned buying pups is different everytime you do it! however offering someone cash there and then usually gives you a slight chance of a haggle... All depends on the person selling amd what they think is acceptable vs how much you think is acceptable to spend on your dog/pup...

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