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Poison by Gary J Hammonds

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by Vicki, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Great point Oldguy!!.dam you no how to explain things:).Old guy don't you think all the old master breeders have got something to say about each other?.and about certain dog's?...if Nigger did quit,isent it possible he was "rolled to death"?.considering that he had many owners?.isent it possible that he never quit,and it's to be taken with a pinch of salt?.(or a block full?.lol.)even if he did quit,as you say he was great producer.and both Hammonds and Mayfeilds dogs have got him in there plenty......Old guy of you compare Mayfeilds video's,with his magazine's what he published some 20 years earlier.you can quickly see that he's not talking the same.his magazine's from the early 70s are awesome.really interesting.but his videos from the late 90s are slightly baffling.he seems rather crazy in them.(no disrespect what so ever to Mayfield.the legend.)....in Danny Burton's interview he says "I was there and Nig did not quit".and go's on about jealousy.people are always gonna be jealous in these dogs I suppose.and people are always gonna be competitive,it's the nature of it.it's tuff there's no denying it..it's like that other thread on here from ages ago." did Bullyson quit ?"..lol.another thread really." did Nigger quit ? "..lol..........
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  2. oldguy

    oldguy Top Dog

    I don't care much for a 'who quit' debate', that stuff bores the shit out of me! I just wasn't comfortable over Mayfield's comments and also confused since both men appeared to use the same foundation dog.. That's it for me really! Finished! :)
  3. O.k.Oldguy.sorry for the ramble.
  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    The Mayfield threads vs Hammond or Floyd never turn out good .I'm sure old guy been in a few debates on this topic.
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  5. I know bamamam.I probably board him to death lol....sorry Oldguy.
  6. ngamla

    ngamla Pup

    We all never see Nigger rolled but someone on here that was around back then once stated that Nigger did quit in a schooling. He also said that he was present when Bullyson quit into his son.
    Nothing we say today will change that or prove that right or wrong.
    I speak under correction but I think it was Mr Fox that spoke about Nigger. And I have no reason to doubt him.
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  7. I have no reason to doubt mr Fox either sir.but as you just said Nigger quit in schooling.so what?that's schooling!.what about after he was schooled?many dogs won't start straight away,but when they get going there great..as for Bullyson,the evidence is there.but.and a big but.he had the odds stacked against him!.even me, who's not American.and who knows no one from that area.can quickly see if looking though history that he had the odds stacked against him.for one,he was fought into his son,who was younger and heavier.for two,he was conditioned wrong,so wrong that his blood count was way of.and three he was bread in his keep to many gyps.all this can seriously stack the odds against any dog.no matter how good he is.history said,he took the count.so what!?.I'm not surprised with him having the odds stacked against him that much!.are you?.is any one?.I mean let's be fair to the dog.perhaps he couldn't see?, perhaps he did not no we're the fuck he was?.it's a bit diffrent from being a cur.don't you think?.(not that you said he was a cur,I'm not arguing here,just dog talking,rambling more like.lol.:D.)he had a major impact on the breed.anyone can see that.even a novice.Bobby Hall says in his interview,that he was there.and the he would say he was a dead game dog..he's probably right.as he is supposed to of died right after it..either way..no matter what happened.Nigger and Bullyson are in a lot of dogs pedigrees.....nice rambling to you mate.it's all speculation.but its great to talk about.I'm not in a debate.I'd just like a discussion.not a argument.a reasonable discussion.\m/................
  8. Soze and old guy are like desporados waiting for the train
  9. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    10.000 reasons to quit and 10.000 excuses for quitting, shit happens , and it all doesn't matter anymore that much after all those years gone by, what does matter is how their progeny moves on and if it is still here, if it have stand the test of time or is it faded away which can have also 10.000 reasons so as ending up at the wrong owners or whatever excuses....., but fact is fact Gary Hammonds and Don Mayfield were and are a credit to the breed and both dogman and their dogs played an importance role in the history of the breed both in their own way.
    Saw many of them from both lines pure and crossed and prefered the crossed ones but that is just personal, to each his own.

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  10. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Absolutely ! The bashing of old Timers that dedicated there life's to the betterment of our Bulldogs is "Refuckindickulous "
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