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pit tattoos

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by bigsho, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Bino

    Bino Pup

    Well the pic of the dog was an actual photo of my oldest dog who is now 14 yrs old. I wish I had the actual photo to post but I just cant find it. The tat was done about around 12 yrs ago. Here's another pic of that dog at 1 yr old.

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  2. Oldskool Brent

    Oldskool Brent Top Dog

    I haven't drawn my pit yet, but I drew a pic of my online buddies Am. Bull/Pit mix and it turned out pretty well. I plan on doing a photoshoot with mine tomorrow so I can do a portrait of her this week.

    If you guys wanted too you could all decide on a Pit Bull you would like drawn as the board's logo for T-shirts, or a tattoo, whatever...and I'd draw it probono and send the original to the site owner/dog owner and just e-mail high res copies to the members.



    Some others:





    I also would love to draw a pic of two pits going at it, but those pics are hard to come by, lol. I don't want a bloody massacre to draw, but a nice ear hold or backfighter pic would be a sweet portrait for those that love game dogs.


    What Do Yall Think Of These Tats?

    Attached Files:

  4. prpitdawg

    prpitdawg Top Dog

    i love the one w/ the dog on the springpole.
  5. BustaH

    BustaH Top Dog

    Am I going crazy or did a lot of posts get removed from here? or am I thinking of another thread?:confused:
  6. Bertus

    Bertus Pup

    Me too, that one looks awesome!
  7. JoeFeezy

    JoeFeezy Big Dog

  8. I have a bunch of Tats and i am in the middle of getting my sleeve finished but it seems like it is taking forever because of all the covering up i had to get done.My left arm has a Dragon from shoulder to wrist and also a skinless PITBULL head with horns and crazy teeth hanging out of its mouth i will post some pics so you guys and gals can try to see it from poor camera angles, so here i go let me try as i am shiz on posting pics. Please beer with me lol !:o

    Attached Files:

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    • 012.jpg
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  9. Pit Bull Pride

    Pit Bull Pride Big Dog

    OMG.......I need to get out of this thread! I'm FEENIN for some more ink.....ugh
  10. Ludo

    Ludo Pup

    My neckpiece...
  11. jeepfreek

    jeepfreek Big Dog

    here's my portrait of my old female.. shitty pic with webcam but here it is ...

    Attached Files:


    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    nice work you got done on you

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    god thts amazing:eek:
  14. Ludo

    Ludo Pup

    Just have to ask! Which one is amazing?? If you mean mine i will try to get up better photos because it sucks on the pic;)

    Besr Regards
  15. absolute peril

    absolute peril Big Dog

    I only have one APBT related tattoo and It is one of my APBT's name. I am planning to get one with a picture of all of mine.

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    thats kool dude you should post them and absoluteperil i was going to do the same thing but like a mt. rushmore of dogs and a continuous work in progress
  17. popper

    popper CH Dog

    i plan on getting one of my female onc ei get back in shape on my tricep
  18. popper

    popper CH Dog

    damn dude 14 years old ? i hope a couple of mine live that long. btw he loooks good
  19. Padlock

    Padlock Banned

    two of my dogs,...louie (cyborg style) as he was a mindless robot
    and gucci,...from a picture taken by marc joseph.

    Attached Files:


    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    Ludo and padlock thats SSSIIIIICCCKKKK!!! Love them.

    I have APBT on my left forarm if that counts :p

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