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Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by DEACON ROM, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. sisu

    sisu Pup

    Signed it and emailed the link to 10 other people that are hunt, fish and raise animals for food, pets, and workers.
  2. cheesehog

    cheesehog Pup

    signed and delivered !
  3. Vipertech

    Vipertech Pup

    #122,022- Just found and signed.
  4. Adam

    Adam Pup

    Also done.
  5. Defend2DaEnd

    Defend2DaEnd CH Dog

    signed it : )
  6. Hillbilly Pit

    Hillbilly Pit Big Dog

    signed it to!
  7. Signed it !
  8. findrodhere

    findrodhere Top Dog

    signed, take that bruce friedrich
  9. StraightGame

    StraightGame Big Dog

  10. Doggystyle

    Doggystyle Big Dog

    signed it.......
  11. SAM_I_AM

    SAM_I_AM Big Dog

    129,262 signed it!!!
  12. scooter

    scooter Big Dog

    Signed with pleasure.
  13. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

  14. Will Power

    Will Power Big Dog

    signed it in PETA blood :)
    apbtluver likes this.
  15. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    Now there's a signature worth framing.....:D
  16. it has been signed by me!
  17. reddogg

    reddogg Pup

    signed it :D
  18. JuicyCa

    JuicyCa Big Dog

    signed it! :D
  19. flip

    flip Pup

    Left my mark :p


    Me and my girlfriend just signed it, hope we weren't too late :)

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