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Peoples views on training a Pitbull for protection

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Pitbull2010, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I have never had a game bred pit that had to be taught to protect its Master or its property. That is just my experience though..
  2. Me too, I always have to keep an eye on my boy, generally he's good with people although a little more trigger happy then my other pp dogs.

    ..but there must have been a few dogs that were HA but so good in the pit that it was over looked...
  3. my dogs are trained in shutzhund. both took to it rite away only problem is hard to train a dog from tested lines to not run @ the next dog over haha but its great their not too mean from it its like a game to em
  4. RedRiot

    RedRiot Pup

    Old as fuck post I know but wanted to add by 2 cents anyway. PP and Schutzhund are 2 different things, PP is based on aggression and defence drive, schutzhund is purely based on prey/toy drive with a huge emphasis on obedience. At no time does the dog ever feel threatened and at no time is the dog protecting itself nor do you teach it to. If the dog isn't obedient he will fail at any competition you try to enter him in. In PP as long as the dog is willing to bite and lets go on command you have a winner. I wouldn't train an APBT in PP but I would definitely train one in schutzhund
  5. Andre

    Andre Pup

    I rather use a Malinois or Mastiff for that kind of duty. But I dont mind people doing it and I would be open to it. It can be just a game for a dog, doesn't have to translate into aggression. I prefer it over having no job. Weight pull is better suited for a Saint Bernard and Treadmill comps are better for whippets and greyhounds. Even hunting is better suited for cross breeds and Dogo Argentinos. But regardless, it's better than just having a pit just to have it. Excercise > no exercise, Work > no work.
  6. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    Most people who do man work are responsible owners. Most people who do man work are not working game type dogs. The majority of people who have game dogs are not interested in dogs from personal protection lines.

    I do not think there is any correlation between man-biter and a dog being trained to bite a man. There are man-biters in the other breeds as well, even the dogs that are bred for personal protection/sport work.

    I'm all for a dog that does what he is was bred to do or what he was trained to do, regardless of breed, regardless of job.

    I'm sure a couple of hundred or so years ago when the old sheep herder broke out his smart phone and went to the forum while watching his Shepherds herd the flock, said, "Look at this dumb ass thinking this 'sheep dog' will actually bite someone on command, or find dope, or search for cadavers, or do police work. They were bred to herd sheep and that is all they are good for".

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