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Patterdale breeder`s in Europe

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by aleXXX, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. aleXXX

    aleXXX Pup


    Anyone knows about any serious Patterdale breeders inn Europe?
    I know about Hurricane kennel in Sweden, but are looking for other kennels that breed patterdales.

    Best Regards
  2. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    come on please dont say that.. give hurricane a visit..u lucky u can talk to them face to face and asking all the questions u have.. or give them a ring.
  3. aleXXX

    aleXXX Pup

    I know that Hurriane got som REALLY good Patterdales.
    Have nothing against them at all :)

    They are just very hard people to get on the phone.
  4. JanneM

    JanneM Big Dog

    You are from Sweden. You can just drive there. ;)

    I'm not sure but I think there is some Patterdale breeder in here Finland.
  5. aleXXX

    aleXXX Pup

    I know that some people in Finland are hunting with Patterdales.
    I also know that Hurricane goes to finland some times to hunt.

    I dont think they would be very gratefull if i suddenly came on their door without an agreement ;)
  6. JanneM

    JanneM Big Dog

    WEll you just have to try to call them again.

    Have you tried to reach your local Patterdale organisation? Or maybe swedish weight pulling assosiation knows more about the breed and the breeders.

    Here is a link to Finnish patterdale club and to the page that has the finnish breeders.
  7. aleXXX

    aleXXX Pup

    I have been on some Weightpulling competitions in Sweden, and i am member of the Weightpulling assosation SWBA.

    Patterdales is not a normal breed in sweden, mot people have never heard about it.

    Thanks for the link :)
    I will check it out.
  8. Tobbe are the only one I know here in Sweden that breed Patterdals.
    I dont know him as a friend but my wife dos and me APBT breeder. I can tell you that Tobbe are I good breeder, but if you like to find a breeder other then Tobbe on Hurrican you can search in England (GB).

    All the best..
  9. JanneM

    JanneM Big Dog

    I've heard only good things bout Hurricane. The are real working Patterdales. i think one of my friends has a dog from Hurricane.
  10. aleXXX

    aleXXX Pup

    Thanks for all the answers.

    I have only heard good things about Hurricane.
    I know that they have really good working Patterdales.

    I called them everyday for almost a month, and did not get hold off them, but i will just keep trying to call them.
  11. try ronnie or pichanchini
  12. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog



    There are the straight methods as everybody else mentioned above and there are side ways too. If you go at a Hunters' forum you will probably find opinions and suggestions about what you want. For eg I watch a falconry forum and lots of patterdales are offered there for small fee or free. Think of it as if dog fighting wasn't illegal and you were looking for a game dog. You would go for info where the action was described because thats what you are after , the work performance. Snakewidomski made the right questions.
  14. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    Here is an European tribute-song to the hard working Patterdale Terriers.


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