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parvo shots

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by AGame, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    Ok, so i usually pick up parvo shots from the vets office or from the local co op but the vets assistant i used to get it from doesn't work there anymore and i can't get them as cheap and co op is a lil pricey so my question is , is there anywhere i can order them online for a reasonable price
  2. Nell_Bell

    Nell_Bell Premium Member Premium Member

  3. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

  4. ChDynomite

    ChDynomite Top Dog

    they have gotten expensive even at jeffers the price has gone up $60 in the past year and a half. if u dont have many dogs u can get single doses from tractor supply at a very good price.
  5. Cynthia

    Cynthia Top Dog

    This is where I get all my vaccines from. Everytime I go to Jeffers (only about 2 hours from me I do not get out of there for under $300BF hates it lol.) But they store the vaccines correctly ask for extra ice packs when they ship them.

    You can buy a tray for around $125. Which is about $5 a vaccine. At the Tractor Supply here it is more expensive than Jeffers.
  6. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    yea at the local co op and tractor supply they are around 7.50 or 8$ can't remember exactly been a while since i had to buy any but that site is going to save me at least 40$
  7. Jeep/Redboy

    Jeep/Redboy Big Dog

    I've ordered a couple of meds from Jeffers and I'm pretty sure shipping was free. Thought that was pretty cool.

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