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our next Pres???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JohnsonKennels, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Titch_Pitbull

    Titch_Pitbull Top Dog

    Lol @ everyone claiming he will take our "bulldogs away"

    You really think thats even in his mind restricting pit bull ownership? lol!. I would be worried if he was thinking about that with all the other problems the country faces.

    End of the day The AMERICAN People voted for him. People maybe bitter that he got elected based on his views that conflict theres or his skin color or whatever. End of the day he will be the president & Regardless we Should stand by him and support him until he gives us reason not to do so.
  2. spaceghost

    spaceghost Big Dog

    i really doubt that many people didn't vote for him b/c of his skin color than the ones that did for vote him solely on his skin color, but thats another discussion. ;)
  3. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    that many ppl did, Look i the Ol boys type of government is over, Have you ever watched fenhieght 911, alot of this war was over oil, and since i have saw numerous news cast and shows where George is tyied in with the saudies and just look at what happened when he wouldnt tap the oil reserves,,, it went sky high, BILL CLINTON tapped the oil reserves and the saudies and wall street brought the price back down. I've seen numerous shows where they was trying to figure out a way to sell this war to the American ppl. COME ON WAKE UP,,, YOU BEEN SUCKERED,,,BUT DONT FEEL ALONE,

    HOPEFULLY Obama will do everything he said and try to make america better for all,,

    ppl is just tired of being screwed all the time:eek::rolleyes:;)
  4. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    What did bush do to prove himself to you?,, have you looked into his background?

    a bonifide acoholic and party animal back in the day ,, well up till they wanted him to run for president,,, he to me was a puppet on a string ,, he just lookd lost everytime he was ask question, like sarah palin did with Katie Couric.

    NOW FOR MY PIC,, I WANTED HILARY IN THERE... THIS IS MY REASONING, BILL AND them lived in arkansas for years,,, we had money in out pocket and was living alot better than now,, but she'll get there in 8 years,watch and see
  5. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    Dude wake up!! Dont be blind I remember when the clintons puhed the mag ban. No more than 10 Rounds. Thats why high cap mags went from 10 bucks to 100 over night. Like I said I have been on this earth a blink of an eye and I have seen so many rights taken and no one seems to see it, Hell I used to sleep in the back of the truck on trips now you would get put in jail for child abuse. think what you want HE CAN PUSH GUN BANS. And I will eat crow if I am wrong but watch what happens in the next year.. I have seen too much change we NEED change allright THE WAY IT USED TO BE!! Back when people had Rights more than a chicken..
  6. Dreamer

    Dreamer Big Dog

    Yep, they are. America will be a better place when people are made to be more responsible for themselves. Not so much entitlement. But that's the problem. People today believe it's the government that is going to fix their lives for them and make it easier for them. The more government programs there are, the better....

    And that's JUST how the government wants it -- us depending on them. Get ready for more government programs -- health care and such -- where we will have to look to the government for about everything. The government is going to dictate what kind of cars we drive too.

    REAL Republicans need to STAND UP and make a case for LESS GOVERNMENT, LOWER TAXES and letting people take care of their OWN retirement and health care. They've been weenies about getting the message out (McCain and Bush too). And it may be too late. Too many people suck at the government tit and won't vote that out.

    THAT is what the Democrats/Obama want. Us depending on the government and voting those back in that will see that we get everything from the government. The people in this country are already on the way to being beholden to the Democrats and the social programs they espouse.

    I'm going to be watching Jindal as well.

  7. WWII

    WWII Banned

    Go ahead and keep listening to Michael Moore who got demolished on Fahrenhype about his "studies". Documentaries? Ha....Docu-dramas more like it.


    And what did Bill Clinton do again besides ride off the success of the Reagan administration? Oh that's right, he declined 2 offers by the Sudanese to hand over Osama and went on "peace" keeping missions by bombing other countries. Thank God for his upkeep on foreign affairs:rolleyes:.
  8. WWII

    WWII Banned

    Based on his own statements and voting records. Ban all SEMI-automatic weapons. Allow for people to sue gun companies if their weapon is used in a crime. Take away "assault" weapons, even though they are used probably .01% of the time in a crime. He's so anti-gun, I don't know how anyone can say he doesn't want to take them away.

    Sadly because you can't. And neither can many more Obamabots.:(
  9. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    I just wanted to show you where all of your tax dollars are going to go under this proposed and supposed "stimulus" plan. I also want to state for those that don't know, the last two years of Bush's presidency was ran by a Democratic majority. The Democrats had the White House during this time, not the Republicans. Every single bill that was passed during this time had to pass through the Democrats hands and approved by them before Bush could ever sign on it.

    The vast majority of the financial problems we are in is a result of Democratic policy, not Republican.

    Here are some examples of where your money is going:

    House minority leader John Boehner distributed an email this week containing some details about the Democrat's "stimulus" plan. Now you read this stuff and tell me that the Democrats haven't just taken every grandiose spending plan they've been dreaming of for the last decade, bundled those schemes together, and are now trying to sell it to ignorant Americans as economic stimulus:

    A Dozen Fun Facts About the House Democrats' Massive Spending Bill

    1. The House Democrats' bill will cost each and every household $6,700 additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren.

    2. The total cost of this one piece of legislation is almost as much as the annual discretionary budget for the entire federal government.

    3. President-elect Obama has said that his proposed stimulus legislation will create or save three million jobs. This means that this legislation will spend about $275,000 per job. The average household income in the U.S. is $50,000 a year.

    4. The House Democrats' bill provides enough spending - $825 billion - to give every man, woman, and child in America $2,700.

    5. $825 billion is enough to give every person living in poverty in the U.S. $22,000.

    6. $825 billion is enough to give every person in Ohio $72,000.

    7. Although the House Democrats' proposal has been billed as a transportation and infrastructure investment package, in actuality only $30 billion of the bill - or three percent - is for road and highway spending. A recent study from the Congressional Budget Office said that only 25 percent of infrastructure dollars can be spent in the first year, making the one year total less than $7 billion for infrastructure.

    8. Much of the funding within the House Democrats' proposal will go to programs that already have large, unexpended balances. For example, the bill provides $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which already have $16 billion on hand. And, this year, Congress has plans to rescind $9 billion in highway funding that the states have not yet used.

    9. In 1993, the unemployment rate was virtually the same as the rate today (around seven percent). Yet, then-President Clinton's proposed stimulus legislation ONLY contained $16 billion in spending.

    10. Here are just a few of the programs and projects that have been included in the House Democrats' proposal:

    $650 million for digital TV coupons.
    $6 billion for colleges/universities - many which have billion dollar endowments.
    $166 billion in direct aid to states - many of which have failed to budget wisely.
    $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts.
    $44 million for repairs to U.S. Department of Agriculture headquarters.
    $200 million for the National Mall, including grass planting.
    $400 million for "National Treasures."
    11. Almost one-third of the so called tax relief in the House Democrats' bill is spending in disguise, meaning that true tax relief makes up only 24 percent of the total package - not the 40 percent that President-elect Obama had requested.

    12. $825 billion is just the beginning - many Capitol Hill Democrats want to spend even more taxpayer dollars on their "stimulus" plan.



    WHAT!!!! Last time I checked the President has Veto power! Democrats had a Majority but not enough to get a bill passed through without the President Veto'ing it. That is why the republicans Lost and will continue to loose is because of all of the partisianship that goes on. Oh yeah the last time I check the former President Bush came up with the last bail out. He gave all these Billions of dollars to the companies and now know one knows where the money went. Lack of oversight. At least this President is getting opinions from both sides and not being stone headed like the one before him listening to his advisers and believing it like the gospel. Neal Boortz is a joke. I listened to him when I lived in Atlanta and his views are very extreme. The only thing that I agree with him on is the Fair Tax Act. He is on the money with that.
  11. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    $650 million for digital TV coupons.
    $6 billion for colleges/universities - many which have billion dollar endowments.
    $166 billion in direct aid to states - many of which have failed to budget wisely.
    $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts.
    $44 million for repairs to U.S. Department of Agriculture headquarters.
    $200 million for the National Mall, including grass planting.
    $400 million for "National Treasures."

    Please tell me how any of this is going to stimulate our economy.
  12. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Bush was a joke but every one of those bills that he approved was first approved by the Democrats. That was my point. Bush did exactly the opposite of what a true Republican would have done. He listened to the Democrats and approved their ideas. That is why he is also not respected by most Republicans.

    Also, that information posted was not made up. It came from the Senate. Regardless of what site it was from, the information regarding the stimulus plan is fact.
  13. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Also, please tell me how Obama is listening to both sides. He is trying to stop talk radio because they speak against his views. All of this is under "Fairness Doctrine". You talk about being extreme? Obama is extreme.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2009


    MAN Tommy you are going to have to listen to someone else besides Boortz man you sound just like him.lol.. Well the "conservatives" voted him in "twice" so he must have meant something to you guys. He has ran this country in the ground now folks want to get mad when the country wants to go in a different direction. Listening to both sides. Well he consults with Democrats and Republicans on his decsion making. I beleive in two of his top Sec are Republicans. To say he is far left is a joke to me it seems as if he will be a centralist President. One thing I do know is if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting. He has been President less than a week lets give him time to do what it is that he is trying to do. None of our bitching and moaning will change anything. Especially it hasnt even been a week:confused:. We had 8 years of Bush's shit
  15. BostonBully

    BostonBully Top Dog

    I agree give the man his time. I mean he is NEVER going to please everyone. I think of it this way we are so far down the shitter the only place we can go is up.
  16. crazycooter

    crazycooter Top Dog

    just a quick question. Does anyone know why the hell obama is trying to reopen the guantanimo investigations?
  17. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    I listen to much more than Boortz. Citing one article (which wasn't even from him) from his website does not mean that I listen to Boortz and only Boortz. Also, like I said, the proof is right there in front of you. Surely, you don't want to respond to those numbers clearly stating where your money goes. Also, not only Republicans voted in Bush for those years. Change can be good, I agree. However, when it means a nationalized health care (look at Canada and the problems surrounding their health care) and redistribution of wealth to those that don't even pay taxes, I am very scared for what he is going to do. Sure, I would love to see him do good. This means that the whole country would benefit. Do I think his ideas will work? Absolutely not. We will see. Good luck to him and us is all I can say.

    And if you knew what Republican beliefs are regarding the direction we believe the country should go, you would have absolutely no feelings that he is central in his beliefs. He is extremely liberal.

    The free market is a central ideology for Republicans. Obama is clearly against that. He is also clearly and admittingly for the increase of government control in everyone's lives. That is also something Republicans are strongly against.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2009
  18. WWII

    WWII Banned

    Sorry, Bush did not run this country into the ground as many have been led to believe. He is but one minor power in the government. The real power lies within Congress. You know, the Congress that has the lowest approval rating somewhere in the single digits and was REELECTED:eek:. They make Bush seem like Barry Goldwater. But, then again the average American would only assume the president has all the power.

    Don't worry, though. Anything Obama may screw up (along with his elected cabinet), will be because of Bush. My only hope is that the Blue Dogs and the conservatives fight against the majority.
  19. WWII

    WWII Banned

    You do NOT question the Fuhrer:mad:


    He hasn't had time to take a Shit yet.lol

    Complaining already you talking about extreme:mad:

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