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our next Pres???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JohnsonKennels, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Too take this a step further the government(to include all parties) say that is would be too expensive to export all the illegals.. Well it would take roughly 385 billion dollars to round them all up and ship them home.. Seems like a pretty large number until you consider that we spend nearly 567 billion dollars PER YEAR to deal with these illegals.. So let me see here 385 to ship them home or 567 a year to keep them here.. And now Obama wants to give them all free health care... lets just bankrupt the freaking country...
  2. Marty

    Marty Banned

  3. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    i think government run healthcare would be a good thing,,, i have blue cross blue shield and pay dearly for it,,, for one you have all these ppl on disability and refuse to have surgery,,,Wouldn't happen,,, if they refuse then they shouldn't get benefits if they don't try to retify there problem,, there is many benefits to this,, that alot won't admit,,, but for good reasons,,i think it should be regulated,,, you wouldn't have all these ppl sittin around drawing a check
  4. yellaman420

    yellaman420 Big Dog

    damn Marty, makin a player all misty eyed and sh--!
  5. Pitbull219

    Pitbull219 CH Dog

    I'll just take issue with a couple of your points here. First of all on abortion, I personally could care less....it's between you and your God if you decide to have one. That being said, it should be left to the individual states to decide if that is a legal medical practice within their borders. By the way, rape results in pregnancy about .0000009% of the time. Now, minimum wage.....when minimum wage is raised beyond the rate of inflation, the cost of goods skyrocket across the board and mom and pop businesses fail and close their doors forever. The Walmarts of the world will continue to keep a workforce of people making minimum wage, but the corner grocer or pizza place down the road can't. Then those folks have to go find jobs, probably at a Walmart. This country was built on small family owned and operated businesses, and raising the minimum wage is the number one reason you don't see that as much anymore. You can't just say "ok everyone makes more money because everything costs so much" it doesn't work, it only adds to increasing prices.
  6. If you follow history welfare was started after WW2 to help out all the women whose husbands didnt come home from the war.. Now 50 years later the welfare system is bankrupting this country and Americans have become lazy because America has turned into a country that does not ask you to work hard and put in your time to become successful they will just give you what you need to survive.. Look at the IRS.. at one time our money was based on gold and we were one of the most properous countries in the world. With the intorduction of the IRS our dollar is dropping in value daily.. Putting the government into health care would be jsut a bad as the previous mentioned gov intervention..

    We need a Small Gov.
    Work Hard and you will get somewhere in life..
    I am tired of folks sitting on thier asses while my hard earned money goes to feed there four damn kids.. Sorry bro but the gov should stay out of health care and lert the market handle itself.. This is not a socialist society yet the dems would love to have the governments hand in all aspects of our life..
  7. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    i worked hard all my life,, and have completed all my goals, have You?,, why should the government stay out of healthcare? you pay all this money all these years and in your golden years you turn around and give it all away because of healthcare,,,talk all the smack you want but hey i'm all for it,,, this has nothing to do with socialist,, this has to do with older americans that pay in all there life and get nothing in return because they die before age 62,,, where is there justice and rights,,, do you think the gov will step in and give them some of there money back,,,,LMAO they'll send you a $255.00 death benfits check and thats it,,, so its fair for who
  8. What does someone dieing at the age of 62 have anything to do with gov run health care.. And as far as what I ahve done with my life and my goals well I spent four years in the US Marine Corp. To include an 18 month tour in Iraq.. I have several members of my family still deployed in Iraq..I have two very successful companies,own my own home,and I am only 31 years of age.. i come from a very,very poor farming community so everything I have today was from hard work,blood,sweat, and tears.. I have never asked anything from my gov neither should anyone else. You are the master of your own fate.. My health insurance is very high as well but, this is life.. Back to your point about a 62 year old if you will read some of my earlier posts I ahve a 65 year bus associate in Canada that has needed heart surgery for nealry a year now and the reason he ahs not been able to get one is becasue the LIST that he is on is far to long.. as well seeing that he was a smoker most of his life he was told that someone who was younger than him and a none smoker had more reason to have the surgery then he does.. He is due for his heart surgery in an American hospital for he would die before getting the surgery in Canada.. And yes gov run anything is a form of a Socialist society... Next you will tell me that all the illegals should have free health cafe as well.. Dont take from your gov give back to America.. Everyone wants a hand out but unwilling to put in the time to EARN that hand out...
  9. Let me say this as well.. I am all for taking care for the older folks if they have worked hard there whole life,paid their taxes then I ahve no problem with the gov helping them out however if you have lived off the gov your whole life without giving anything back well this may sound crude but then they should not be given assistance for when they could help all they did was hold out thier hand.. I nver said that some assistance should not be available.. I am saying that gov run health care across the board will bankrupt the health care system as we know it.. Just look at what happened to fanny mae and freddie mac. Gove steped in about 10 years ago and know we just had to bail them out to the tune of 300 million dollars.. If folks cannot afford helathcare and are of able body then get another job.. Now there are exceptions to this rule just like anything else but for the most part americans trhese days just want a free hand out.. Get off your lazy ass and earn it...

    JRSPITS Top Dog

    I don't think either candidate it worth voting for but if it's a lesser of 2 evils I wouldn't vote for Obama.

    Here in Michigan we're in the process of raising the minimum wage over several years. We have the worst economy in the nation. McDonalds pays the same as a factory job and neither have openings. Small business are closing everywhere. Since when should a high school student make the same amount of money as a 30 year old man? It doesn't solve anything it just creates more problems.

    Abortion should not be an issue you base an entire election on. I don't believe it should be an option unless the mother's health is in danger or the baby isn't going to live after birth. But, thats just my opinion.

    And for those of you who say rape; I say the morning after pill. It exists and is effective if used properly. Don't wait for the sperm and egg to become a child, be proactive.

    Affordable healthcare is needed not a government run health system. Eliminating BC/BS and other providers are just going to put more people out of work.

    These are such big problems I don't know if there are any real answers. I say we get rid of all laws and start over with the constitution and go from there LOL.
  11. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    me and you are on the same page to some extent,,, as far as illegals,,, load them up and send them back south,,, but for as healthcare ,,, i don't think some should get a free ride while someone like me pays $232.00 a month for my insurance and then the 20 percent of the bill,,, im bitchn because as you get older you'll see ,, first thing to go is your health
  12. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    just to say why i'm bitchn in the last two years i have dropped about 15000 out of pocket and to work all you life and give it away when you get older sucks
  13. WWII

    WWII Banned

    The problem with health care now is due to HMOs and insurance companies. We're kind of in a limbo between socializing health care and having it be a privatized entity. We need to get the government out of it and attack the insurance companies. Therein lies the problem. I am 99% certain if we were to go to a social health care, things would get worse. Our nation is too big for it. It would lead to waiting lists and mediocre treatment. Plus, we'd still be paying for it with raised taxes. IMO, there needs to be some type of tax cut/break that allows people to afford minimal coverage. If those people refuse to be covered, well tough luck. Health care is a luxury, not a right. Life is a right, and in the case of an emergencey, it is against the law to no provide treatment due to lack of insurance.
  14. JohnsonKennels

    JohnsonKennels Big Dog

    just checkin and glad to see lots of new post. thanx again to all.
  15. I will agree that our health care system is fu@$ed. I just dont think allowing the gov to put their hand in yet another of this country's businesses is not the way to go. They seem to screw up everything they touch.. But who knows what the answer is.. I know that the illegals soaking up alot of our helatcare dollars is a major concern.. But even this is not the whole problem.. Lawyers and their frivolus lawsuits for 20 million every time a doctor makes a mistake isn't helping either...
  16. I must say that even though we all have differing opinions its nice to be able to have a worthy discussion without anyone getting out of hand and get into all the BS name calling.. A lot of boards that I am a member of everyone just sits around talking shit to anyone whose opinion may differ from theirs.. To be honest we should just cull all today's gov leaders and start over with foks that are not in the 80's and been in congress since they were 35.. No offence to anyone whose 80....lol
  17. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    even though we have different opinions,,, i'm still a american and i have your back till the end,,,one cant do anything but everyone can make change,,,and like you soldiers pit,, i enjoy a intellectial conversation everyonce and a while,,:D
  18. WWII

    WWII Banned

  19. WWII

    WWII Banned

    $845 billion dollar bill

    Do you guys feel like paying an extra $845 BILLION DOLLARS for a Global Poverty Act? A bill put in place by Adam Smith, rushed through by BIDEN and co-sponsored by OBAMA?

    If Obama becomes president, there's no doubt in my mind he would pass this bill as he and his VP pick Biden signed onto it. It would cost the Amerian taxpayers $845 billion dollars over 13 years. Or close to $2800/person. Granted, that's on the low end considering some people don't pay taxes i.e, kids, homeless, and those below a certain income bracket. One major problem with this, besides the huge debt we're already in, is that I don't think it will go towards America, but other poor countries around the world.



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