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Old irish staff

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by ohpitbulls, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. jonnim

    jonnim Big Dog

    sorry i should of read further down,this wins the most stupid post comp EVER
  2. Nash

    Nash Big Dog

    They are psycho bred dogs, there was some blue ones in that line. <== That would be the winner.
  3. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Some blue in the "Psycho" line, what does that prove ? most of that line where brindle and white, having some blue colour proves nothing or that they are descendants of blue pauls, that strain of bulldog died out or was blended into other strains about 100 years ago, they ware not a different breed just a different strain...R
  4. Nash

    Nash Big Dog

    I was hoping you saw the irony in my post Ricky. People have been sold all kinds of nonsense.
    I'm sure that line i posted was one of them.

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