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OK pics floating around about...

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Marty, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Bobby Corn... I don't know his history and never heard of him, any history on him and what he done for the APBT world? Not trying to dig to deep here just never head of this gentleman :o
  2. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    The only Bobby Corn I know of has been a steel guitar player for many, many years. Maybe he went by the name Robert or something. I don't know. Ask Hemi. Where are you B? Who is this Bobby Corn?


    LOL???? When I was about to get to FB and JC he came up. They were very happy to he him. We in line thought that it was Bobby Hall but someone said that he was Bobby Corn. He also signed his autograph with that name. Now I have asked that question who he is to another friend of mine who is no longer with Game Dog and I am waiting for a respnse. I have been googling his name also to no avail....Sorry guys.. We can always call him BC and that be me....;)
  4. 440rider

    440rider Guest

  5. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Come on who is he hell I'm a nobody but known LOL


  7. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Sure looks like it.
  8. EastTexas

    EastTexas Pup

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2009


  10. EastTexas

    EastTexas Pup

    Bobby Corn goes by Robert Corn as far as his registering of dogs through the A.D.B.A. He is from Santa Fe, Texas.
  11. ANCHOR

    ANCHOR Guest

    don't know much about him personally and havent heard to much about the man himself, just know of a few of his dogs that pop up in peds on some ive had going back a bit now though.
  12. ANCHOR

    ANCHOR Guest

    ive just been reading a couple of articles and Bobby Corn is mentioned quite a few times. i dont think it is that he is unknown, he most certainly is amonst dogmen of old, but rather just not the flavour.
  13. ANCHOR

    ANCHOR Guest

    Bobby Corn bred Corn's Stormy to Bullyson, Stormy was out of CH Snow and Carver's Lucynester. He also bred Farve's CH Jericho. just to name a couple.
    here's one article i have.....

    for historical purposes only

    Black VS Butcher Boy
    MALES AT 57 LBS.


    Robert Corn with a big black dog that is said to be off of "Bully Son". A very good looking black with white markings. Norman with his "Butcher Boy" dog, a winner of two matches, sire by Marshell’s "Joe" and out of Womack’s "Liz". "Butcher Boy" is the hardest scratching dog I have ever seen as I saw him knock one man out of the pit about five times scratching into him.Both of ese dogs are big, neither dog pull down fine and with this heat and as fast as these dogs fought, it is a wonder they fought 5 minuts., I don’t mean these dogs were not in good shape, as they both proved they were, they were just great big dogs and I am used to a 45 lb. dog being a big dog to me.

    Dogs meet in the center like two "Mac Trucks", one throwing one then the other. At 10 mins. dogs have been fighting hard and fast like little dogs, fight mw around the head, with "Butcher Boy" pushing for chest and shoulders. At 11 mins., a turn called on "Butcher Boy" and a pick-up. He makes one of his fast hard scratches putting the black down, but the black comes up with a head hold and opens an artery and "Butcher Boy" is bleeding bad. A pick-up and the black hesitates then makes a slow scratch. Another pickup and "Butcher Boy" makes a fast scratch.

    At 18 mins., it’s the Black to scratch and he takes the count, making Norman Hooten and "Butcher Boy" the winner. This was two good big hard biting dogs and was a fast exciting fight. This makes "Butcher Boy" a three time winner and he is now entitled for req. of Championship.



    Who is the Black guy behind him. It looks like Black Caesar if it is he is the Sh*t...WOW
  15. ANCHOR

    ANCHOR Guest

    i saw that pic the other day bro lol, but i couldnt find it.
  16. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    I was trying to think of who Bobby Corn was,I knew I had seen the name Corn somewhere regarding dogs but just couldn't place it until now.Anyway,you got a really nice pic with them guys,must of been cool to meet them.
  17. QWERT

    QWERT Pup

    What a legacy of bulldogs these three genteman have left.


    So true Brother.. It was truely a pleasure;)

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