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Not so well known ?

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by CooljoeGoodie, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. CooljoeGoodie

    CooljoeGoodie Big Dog

    Who were some dogmen and dogladys that were not well known that had some good dog back in the day? Name the dogs too..Thanks


    The one's that were not known are one's that want to stay that way! Selling puppies made the ones you know now! If I knew now what I knew then I'd never paid a dime for a dog or a pup! Private breeders that are old dogmen are in a league of their own. The breeders you read about ain't the best around and that's fact!

    Who made the breeders famous? Idiots buying puppies made this happen and caused more problems than good! Men that don't sell puppies have a better program than the Propaganda Breeder/Dogman. Private Dogmen are not in the limelight for all to see and judge! If you beg to differ, you ain't done your homework or opened your eyes to the facts yet!

    To answer the question and give names is foolish! If you don't know you don't need to know. Not my rules but Theirs...

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  3. CooljoeGoodie

    CooljoeGoodie Big Dog

    I undrestand you perfectly..but I was asking about the ones like around Tudors,or Colbys time.
  4. Mott's APBT's

    Mott's APBT's Big Dog

    Mr H. Friar back in the day Bred some phenominal animals.Your not going to find it much due to only a few people enfing up with his original stock. Every dog on my yard has his dogs in it.


    The men that knew that are getting old now! You would have to ask them that question.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2008


    Unequivocally, without a boubt the truest words ever spoken on this forum!
    Kudos to you SLICK WILLIE.
  7. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    Very true. The man Chula was purchased from was in his 80s and still messed with dogs. Never heard of him before but he had some BULLdogs. My partner did some work on his yard and he gave him Chula for $100. She was a BanjoXSorrells bred dog. Tiny little thing with HUGE ears. Not much to look at but that little sleeper suprised ALOT of people. I think I'm going back to him here in a few weeks when we get the new yard up and running. ;)
  8. A guy who was called Mr. Grey from east Texas. He beat every one with awesome dogs and untouchable conditioning. He even conquered Canada and Mexico when he could hardly find a match in the States. Was a member of the Bellon Club. Never sold a puppy and only sold proven dogs for $5,000.00 and up.
  9. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    and u know whats more

    sometimes thats how u can tell the difference between a true apbt fancier and animal control offciers..tyhats how u can catch them.. or sense them, they always ask for info that wont benefit them... not saying CooljoeGoodie is one, but just saying they use some of those techniques... they pretend they are apbt fanciers and get in the circle and then BOOOM a bust

    they wanna know what they dont already know..

    if u dont know, its because u dont need to know.

    thank u SLICK WILLIE

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