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New Pup On The Yard

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by pitbulld0gs, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Went to pick up a puppy for a good friend of mine yesterday, a little female and wound up coming home with one myself lol. Kenzie and this pup have something special going on, watching them two together is priceless!!! Watching your daughter with her bulldog pup bonding is something every father should experience at least once in their life! I have seen her with all my dogs but this is something special!

    His original name was Two Fucks as he literally has no Fucks to give but my daughter said we have to change it because she can't say Fuck lol

  2. SMD760

    SMD760 Big Dog

    Beautiful Pup! I have a baby daughter and it is amazing to see her and my dog bond! When she cries he is the first one at her door to see whats going on! She already says his name too! She doesn't say dad yet by knows the dogs name!
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  3. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Right on and thank you my friend! I tried to get her to work with all the dogs and she did well with all of them but never really fully bonded with the 3 older dogs but this pup? This is the one, i could see it from a mile away, i know what that looks like and like i said, i didn't see it with her and the other 3. She tried hard with my little Boyles / Eli bitch Voodoo but i think she is just to wide open for her at this age. This little fella is gonna be perfect!

    She has literally texted me about 12 times today from school asking all the right questions!
    Is he eating and drinking water still dad?
    Have you been checking his poop since we wormed him dad?
    Have you let him out to go potty regularly dad?
    And the best one....
    "You aren't working with him are you dad? He's my dog and we have bonded"

    I fucking love it, i was hoping she would eventually get inspired and interested in the dogs and this is the one that did it! I feel blessed.
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  4. SMD760

    SMD760 Big Dog

    This is amazing! Your creating dog-woman for sure! I want my baby to share my loves too, martial arts, dogs and American History! Shit if I got one of the 3 I will die a happy man! I had my wife watch tons of Mike Tyson fights and Thai Boxing when she was pregnant, this way my little girl can say "Tyson from the womb"!!!
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  5. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    My best dog grew up with my kids at the time 4 6 and 8 from 8 weeks old. He ate with them wrestle with them slept in their beds and he loved kids any after that. Every time he saw kids he would throw himself on the floor then take off and and do donuts. When he died 13 years old part of my house went with him. I got dog when kids were older but was never the same. I really miss those days.
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  6. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    All mine love kids ☺
  7. Seeing your own kid grow up is a beautiful thing on its own , but seeing your kid grow and bond with their dog is just magical.
    The bond between those two will be unbreakable .
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  8. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Not a feeling like it. May it last forever.
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  9. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Yes sir! I have had full custody of my daughter since she was 4 or 5 (she just turned 14) and i been a single parent every since so we are really close. Her mom passed away last year right before nationals and i told her we didn't have to go to the show and if she needed more to time to grieve we can stay home and do whatever she wants to do.. Baby girl said no way dad, we got the dogs ready to show and started packing her bags to hit the road. Ain't no quit in her brother, she is solid as rock!
    mccoypitbulls, Carolinacur and SMD760 like this.
  10. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Thanks brother and you're right, it was awesome watching him with her. She almost has him crate broke already, she came out of her room this morning looking like a zombie because the pup is crated in her room and still cries a little at night LOL! He's about be outside soon, i need to get the yard sprayed and treated and get my kennels put up and axles in the ground. She can help with that too! I try and keep her busy with stuff here at home as i see how the majority of kids are these days and she aint growing up like that lol.
    mccoypitbulls and SMD760 like this.
  11. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    The pup is adorable. I'm sorry for your loss.
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  12. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Thanks Chel!
    Michele likes this.
  13. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations on the new pup......Is that the Nationals where the infamous picture was taken?!
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  14. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    And yes sorry for the loss. Hard to imagine. Stay strong.
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  15. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Thank you and yes, best photobomb lifetime achievement award will never be forgotten! and of all people it was your ass that found it!! Every time i think about it i laugh!! :D
    Thank you sir, we truly appreciate that.
  16. ETRaven

    ETRaven Big Dog

    Sorry to hear about kenz mom. I didn't know. And congrats on the new terror on the yard!
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  17. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Thank you :) He is a terror alright, he got spoiled in the house, now he sits on the porch waiting to go back in lol. Little fella is smart, Kenz had him crate broke in a few days, he won't make a peep now and he is almost house broke. I been letting Kenz do most of the work with him, she is doing great, i couldn't be more proud of her and i can't believe how much she paid attention over the last few years with the other dogs.

    His looks kill me, i let him and Trin out for awhile today while i worked on the yard some.. Figured i better get a jump on it now and get it ready while this weather is nice. The pup only needs one more set of shots and he's good for awhile, he needs wormed again but he should be good to go outside. Still gotta get my kennels up and i bought a 10' Chain to put them on sometimes. Lord knows Voo needs it lol..

    DSC_0054.jpg DSC_0086.jpg
  18. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Don't mind the blanket, i am no longer affiliated with them lol.

  19. Soze the killer

    Soze the killer Top Dog

    Nice back ground.lol...........nice pup pitbulldogs.
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  20. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Thanks buddy lol. That is a blanket we had made for a show we was going to have.

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