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Need sum info on Woodsline n Watchdog line

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by hunter8472, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. hunter8472

    hunter8472 Banned

    Hey this is my first time postn n I'm a APBT Breeder. N e way Hi all. I have a Woods/Watchdog APBT. Hes a blue nose n the smartest pit I've ever seen. Hes 65 to 70lbs. He has this huntin thing 4 hogs or n e kind of game. I would just like 2 know more bout his bloodlines. He recently got in2 it with my Mugleston pit n i thought he was gonna get seriously hurt cuz Muglestons arent dogs they're monsters but he ended up hurtn Boogie Boy. If ya ll hav n e info on this blood I'm all ears lol.
  2. Sound's more like your a trouble maker lol.
  3. PADogman

    PADogman Top Dog

    Hate to burst your bubble but neither one of those dogs are APBT there Bullies nothing more nothing less.Abe I seriously doubt either one of them are game. I needed a good laugh Lol.
  4. U say ur a breeder but u don't even know what ur breeding! Lol Their Am bullies not APBT.
  5. nobody

    nobody Banned

    There we go again
  6. c-murda

    c-murda Big Dog

    "APBT breeder" "Mugleston's aren't dogs, they're monsters" .Wow !!!!:eek:
  7. hunter8472

    hunter8472 Banned

    No my apbt is game just not my Mugleston boy. Hes nothing but a playful bully with very little apbt blood. My adult apbt is all game. U can't tell me he ain't cuz realapbts will climb trees 2 get 2 his prey which he does all the time. Ur just assumin he ain't cuz i mentiond Muglestons but i can send u pics n sho u hes a true apbt.
  8. scratcher

    scratcher Pup

    he's game coz he climbs tree's !!!! good man keep up the good work :eek:
  9. hunter8472

    hunter8472 Banned

    Wow! N ya ll r suppose 2 b knowledgeable about the breed lol? Not one person said n e thing helpful. I c y i don't get on here. No one on here knows wut a real apbt is lmfao!!! Well if ya ll wanna get sum info let me know cuz i don't mind helpn others out. Obviously ya ll do mind.
  10. scratcher

    scratcher Pup

    if you have all the info what are doin talking about your blue nosed game tree climber and your " monster " for !

    the ppl on here are sound and are willing to help out ! but you claim to be a breeder and you dont know jack about your dogs !
    just be honest your taking the piss are'nt ye !
  11. hunter8472

    hunter8472 Banned

    Hey bro i just wantd 2 get sum info on the Woodsline n Watchdog line. I wantd 2 hear sum opinions. If ya ll didn't know bout u could hav said idk crap bout those but wutever n black thor made a crapass comment n everyone followed. Y don't y'all keep an open mind. U learn bro.
  12. PADogman

    PADogman Top Dog

    were you dropped on your head when you were born. Cause you are one dumb MF'er.there's only one way to tell if your dog is game and it sure isn't from climbing trees.
  13. hunter8472

    hunter8472 Banned

    I meant u learn more that way bro but thanx ya ll hav been very helpful lol.
  14. hunter8472

    hunter8472 Banned

    Really wuts ur way dumbass!!!
  15. scratcher

    scratcher Pup

    i know your lookin for info on your lines , but the first mistake you made was calling your dogs A.P.B.T. i'd say dats why not many ppl responded after all this is gamedog.com . what you have are am-bullies nothing more than fashion accessories !
  16. yea right a bout that one bro im in texas and all u see is them mutts walking around
  17. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    bully mutt thread...this is Game dog bud. tree climbing...lmao
  18. Texican

    Texican Big Dog

  19. Here you go... A long time ago I had gone to Watchdog kennels which is/was? in the mountains of Arkansas to check out what he had. At this time he was breeding some gamedogs as well as am. bulldogs. He was big into hog hunting then and had some good ones. Most of his apbt stock was off of blue bully and a dog named beelzebub, which he used as a hog dog. He had some nice dogs back then.Years later I heard he had started crossing his am. bulls with his apbt stock probably to make a better catchdog.Dont know if it was his doing or not but now the watchdog apbt line, as far as I know, is nothing more than fat overpriced blue hippos.

    If Im not mistaken he ran the pitbull reporter back when it didn't suck either, around '94-95, and was a really cool guy. He sold me a little red bolio bitch for 250 bucks, all I had at the time and gave me all the magazines I could take even some really old SDJ's. I was a green as they come back then and he pointed me in the right direction.
  20. Hoss

    Hoss Pup

    best info on those lines is, take a line from base of left ear and draw to right eye, then draw a line from the base of right ear to left eye where the two intersect, put cross-hair, pull trigger.
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