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Myspace List

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mr Mark, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Then he closed down THE FORUM ABOUT THE MYSPACE PROFILES and kicked me off the site! This is a huge issue I am alarmed about because this is a site where while not everyone is fighting their dogs, dogfighters are networking under the guise of owning a "working" apbt.

    The real reason why I kicked you out. was your unwillingness to learn!

    Your statement above shows the extreme of your agenda. You were on the site for a few days and assessed that "dog fighters" are networking in this forum. How do you know this? Where are the facts? How are these dog fighters networking exactly?

    You stated KNOWING that some fight and others do not fight their dog. How did you come to this "intelligent" assessment? Or is it another assumption made thanks to your "suspicions"?

    The APBT community uses the word "work" to mean anything that keeps the dog in action be it exercise, weight pulling, therapy work, etc.

    Members of the site also told me that culling in order to preserve the "true to standard" APBT was needed. Some member's had quotes "saying cull and cull again". I understand that humanley euthanizing dogs that do not have a healthy tempermant as well as dogs that clearly have health issues beyond repair is needed but to kill dogs that just basically are not "game enough" is disgusting.

    You have a right to your opinion on when and how a dog should be euthanized. We too have an opinion on when it is right to remove an individual from the breeding program. There is one MAJOR difference between you and the Pit Bull community....we are guided by the Breed Standard not mere opinion.

    Please repsond with your opinion on the matter and tell me that I am not crazy. I am so angry that the site now does not allow you to see the forums unless you are a member. Clearly, this is a suspicious website as one member has already been raided and had 115 dogs siezed from his home.

    Here we go again using the word "suspicious". You were on the site just a few days and now things are clear to you? You were able to research hundreds if not thousand of members and thousands upon thousands of posts and threads while giving lengthy replies to your thread?

    As you can imagine, all the members feel this is unfair and they HATE Peta/HSUS (which I dont care for but certainly I dont think they are the anti-Christ).

    Two separate things. Yes, we feel that an innocent man should not be harassed because he is conserving the heritage handed down to him. We believe that a man, woman, or group to be innocent until proven guilty. Your words and beliefs make you sound to be against the way our country is supposed to work. You do not want people talking about things you do not like or agree with. You want to single out and make criminals out of people that treat their dogs differently than you. All of this at the drop of a hat.

    They also are trying to raise money for Floyd Boudreaux who also had his game dogs seized.

    Yes, we are a community that tries to stick together. Floyd is an old man who is and has been free from almost the beginning of his trial. This is a man who was a 3rd generation breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers. This is a man who lost the life work of his grandfather, father, and himself. We are talking about more than 20 generations of a family of dogs destroyed thanks to ASSumptions and suspicions. To date, the trial has been postponed on several occasions. If they had evidence, why have they not presented them in these few years? The agency responsible is hoping that Floyd will exhaust his retirement savings, give up, and agree to plea guilty. THIS IS WHY WE ARE TRYING TO HELP. Floyd is fighting oppression.

    My comments in bold!
  2. simms

    simms CH Dog

    This girl, seriously needs to get a life!
  3. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    she likes attention.. she needs a boyfriend..any volunteers lol
  4. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    No longer needed....
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2008
  5. kdue

    kdue Big Dog

    if i can pull a dirty sanchez on her maybe...ummm i take that back. rather take the disease infested hooker!! lol
  6. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Just thought I'd share this thread here... see what people in power can do?


    The man got pitbulls banned in Canada and don't even know WTF they look like :rolleyes:

    Watch the video... video has been taken down, wow what a shame :rolleyes:

    He made a fool of him self also... :rolleyes:

    You'll have to read the replys to see how it turned out :eek:
  7. Why is it okay for people who are speculating how to make a better fighting dog, to post their forums here? On this website? I was booted of because I HAPPEN TO FEEL that some things, while not proven to be 100% guilty, are a little too close to home. And to say that the government and law enforcement are putting way TOO MUCH effort into fighting against animal cruelty is bullshit. 9 times out of 10, cities dont have ENOUGH help. What is it exactly that I dont understand or dont know about? Your saying that because I have not driven to the backwoods of NC or been in the basements of abandoned buildings in Chicago, and seen two men fighting their dogs, that the forum I referenced is acceptable? That the owner of this site should take no note of what is WRITTEN right in front of him? When children tell someone they have been touched inappropriately by someone they know personally....do we not consider the possibility of truth? Or do we just say "Children have quite the imagination"? HELL NO! We go straight to that person and/or the authorities and say "What's this about?!?!"...But see I wasnt even talking about doing anything like that. I was just bringing it to people's attention.Interesting how you all have the gusto to get up in arms about me saying something you dont like, but then you tell me I should shut up about people do things I dont agree with. And non of you have even raised a concern over what was IN WRITING about dogfighting. Should they be arrested? No. Should all of us seek legal assistance...no...DUH. But why do you feel obligated to turn the other cheek? Because you all own the same dog? Children are dying and people are getting murdered and women are being raped and people are starving or dont have running water in the U.S....so that makes this okay. And its so easy to point the finger and say "Shut up. Dont you think other things are more important? Worry about something else!" And even though more than a few of you, Im sure, are not contributing in an ENORMOUSLY SELFLESS, CHARITABLE, TIME-CONSUMING WAY to the HUMAN race (feeding the poor, cleaning up the hurricane mess,adopting children, researching cures for cancer), somehow Im the one being ridiculed for my firm beliefs in the morality of the dogfighting issue and MY CAUSE ISNT GOOD ENOUGH SO I NEED TO PICK A BETTER ONE...ONE THAT YOU ALL DEEM MORE WORTHY.Those of you talking about dogs coming before people, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Its not just dogs that are affected. Children, society, neighborhoods. Im not out here tazing pit bull owners who chain their dogs. HELLO?!? Sometimes making change is something as small as taking a forum down and discouraging the kind of ideas that get into people's heads about the POSSIBILITIES of certain actions.
  8. KuttersKru

    KuttersKru Top Dog

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 24, 2008
  9. KuttersKru

    KuttersKru Top Dog

    There are more shelters and organizations for the care/rescue of animals than humans. Please find and quote the word for word your magical "ZOMG WEZ WANT THE DAWGZ TO KILLZ EACH OTHER, RAWRZORZ" post, so that I may accurately break it down since you seem horribly unable to. All I saw was building a better APBT on a forum about...the preservation and betterment of the APBT. I also like how you casually flew past the miles of extremely helpful information this board contains. Never mind the posts about keeping your dog safe, or proper containment, or crate and rotate (ya know, to prevent fighting), or the almost palpable dislike of BYB, puppy peddlers, things that could cause harm to your dog, never mind the happy puppy faces in the gallery, the dog show ads and comraderie, THERE BE ALL DOGFIGHTERS IN THEM THAR FORUMZ (but not really). ABK's Tiger just got his CGC. Real example of a terrible dogfighter there, huh? mydawgs is getting breed awareness posters passed out. Such a bad bad fighter....
    No, what we're saying is you're horribly misinformed and you are. To put this simply, you are barking and snarling up a tree and in this case it's the wrong one. Secondly, that analogy is horrible. We consider the possibility of truth, but we don't rush off and mouth off and point fingers (see:you). If a child says that he or she was touched innapropriately, we don't just run off to the authorities or to the person and harass them, we find facts and look at both sides to see the truth. If you go harass someone and call the police on someone because your child's view of innapropriate is tickling his sides or a touch on the shoulder, if it was me I'd turn around and sue you till your house was my house. Learning yet?
    AKA: pointing fingers with no actual proof. It takes little proof to get innocent dogs euthanized and people's lives ruined over nothing. You DO know they euthanize "fighting animals", right?
    There's "don't agree with" and there's "blatant accusations about both things and people you don't know". Guess which you were doing?
    You've already proven that you wouldn't know when people were actually discussing dogfighting if it ran up and kicked you in the head.
    Despite what you've said here, your former posts on both your blog and here say different.
    No one is turning any cheek. Might want to check back on old threads
    Never said it was "okay", but it sure isn't my main personal concern. Especially in comparison to the others
    We're asking you to worry about something else because you know little on the topic of which you speak. Misinformation kills
    Are you?
    No, it's because you're wrong, strong, misinformed and enjoy molehilling. Greenpeace could borrow you.
    Who said that? That seems to be your argument
    You first, hypocrite
    By dogfighting? Not really. By having thier lives uprooted because someone decided they were fighting dogs with no actual proof and they weren't? Hell yeah
    ...I'd bet you'd like to be. Why are you yelling?
    Actually screw Greenpeace. Work for the FCC. Why should Marty be held repsonsible because people can't control themselves from commiting a felony? You see a specific "how to fight your dogs" thread in here? I don't, but I sure as hell do see a "Hey, we're here to love, preserve and share opinions on the breed. Fighting is illegal here, don't do it" statement hovering around. Though if I was him I'd close the forum to guest views to keep BS like this from happening. I personally find it a sad mixture of hilarity and annoyance that you would want to shut down this information goldmine on proper animal care and idea sharing because you found something that you feel was was "questionable"
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2008
  10. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Oliveah3158: This forum in no way condones dog fighting. Your "opinions" on your myspace page can put innocent people in jeopardy of losing their dogs. Accusing someone of dogfighting is a serious slander. OPINIONS like yours are what gets people arrested, and gets their dogs murdered.

    I would advise you at this point, to please stop with your "opinions". IF your opinion does get someone arrested falsely, there will be heavy legal consequences that YOU will have to pay.

    I personally know the owner of this site, as well as some of the members. This site DOES NOT condone dogfighting in any way, shape or form.

    Apologizing to people that YOU placed on your little list does not mean anything. You put their family, their life in jeopardy by what you did.

    From this point on, think about your actions and what you do. Also, remember my username. I'm not going to be a person you will forget.

    I don't care how many dogs you own, I don't care what breed of dog you own, I don't care how much experience you have. The ONLY thing I care about is making sure that your ignorant opinions don't cause a chain of events that could possibly lead to something terrible.

    Am I making myself clear? Do you understand?

    One more thing....don't compare humans to animals. You are mixing apples with oranges.

    Get the FACTS first before possibly causing heartache to people that live their entire lives for their dogs.

    Instead of plastering shit all over your myspace, why don't you take the time to learn before assuming anything. Education is a wonderful thing. Try it.
  11. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Quick question, apart from slandering people via your MySpace blog, what exactly have you done to further your cause of "helping" the breed? :confused:
  12. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Oliveah3158: I'm sure you'll say their guilty but really think about the bolded parts...

    Four Arrested in Autauga County for Dog Fighting

    PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Autauga County deputies rescued 27 dogs and charged four people after uncovering what they believe is a dog fighting ring outside Prattville. The Sheriff says the four people arrested were out on bond on similar charges in Escambia County.

    When the four were taken to jail they left behind 20 dogs and 7 puppies. Officers say the animals were tied to stakes with heavy chains even the puppies. Their food and water bowls were empty and dry as if they haven't had anything to eat or drink for days.

    Overall, the dogs looked healthy but there were wounds and bruises enough to make you believe they were in a fight.

    The Autauga County Sheriff's office, the Department of Agriculture, the District Attorney's office and the Attorney General's office were all involved in the investigation. A-G Troy King was on the scene right after the arrests. "I was asked the other day......what would you say to somebody who says well they're just dogs. I'd say to somebody who says they're just dogs - that's probably somebody who would say they're just kids or they're just seniors. We can not allow the defenseless among us to be abused and hurt and caged and chained as we see here."

    Sheriff Herbie Johnson believes the four arrested include two brothers and their girlfriends. The Attorney General says they will be charged with 27 counts of permitting dog fighting. That's one count for each dog found on the property. each count carries a penalty of one to ten years in prison or a fine up to 15-thousand dollars.

    The dogs will be evaluated and put up for adoption at the Montgomery Humane Society. If you're interested in adopting one call the shelter at 409-0622.

    Now go look at the pictures... I see good healthy Dogs/puppies so they had to of been fed and watered, they say the will be adopted out but we all know whats going to happen to all these dogs and puppies that they rescued :rolleyes:


    I ask you were is the scar's on these fighting dogs?
  13. Marty,
    I never accused those people arrested of dogfighting. They may not have been fighting their dogs but showing me news articles of people who got arrested for dogfighting and while they have not been proven guilty, have not been proven innocent either....does not really sway my feelings on dogfighting. They say that YOU (even as the owner of the site) should not be held responsible for people who committ felonies of dogfighting just because they are chatting on your site...well I guess I dont feel responsible for what people do either...and that includes going to the authorities and having someone on my myspace list arrested and convicted and thrown in jail for the rest of their life and their dogs euthanized. I think to be held accountable for something like that for no other reason than my putting a list of profiles I thought were promoting the pit bull's negative image....is a little much. I understand its entertaining and a really wonderful opportunity for people to get up on their soap boxes and piss and moan about the injustices of the goverment and animal rights groups and whatever else people pout about...but I think it has gotten blown way out of proportion. Someone...anyone...explain how one would go about reporting a person for dogfighting with no proof, no address, no phone number, so specific location...no first and last name....? I mean I suppose anything is possible but its a whole lot of trouble for someone to go through just for something on myspace...with no proof. "You jeopardized their lives"? Come on. And I've got news for people who insist on keeping numerous pit bulls chained in a yard that LOOKS like a dogfighting yard....if you get your dogs seized...it wont be because of someone like me. It will be because someone in your area has complained. Find me a single case where someone has had their dogs taken away because of myspace. The post I was upset about is still in your forums. It has not come down. Obviously you dont see anything wrong with it...or else it would have.
  14. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    What particular post is upsetting you? Go and copy the thread and put it here. And tell us what post got you upset.
  15. ykw

    ykw Pup

    apparently you haven't read "her" blogs...they (the AR fanatics - and yes, "she" is one of them) have taken to calling it "PTS" - 'put to sleep'. It sounds so much more palatable, doesn't it? Here is another very telling quote:
    That is classic AR hype right there and not how things are supposed to work in america.

    this post is doing just the same damage as "she" was, why repost "her" vitriolic bs at all? You all keep talking about "her" and to "her" about OUR dogs, and "she" refers to the APBT as "our" dogs, including "herself" yet "she" admits NEVER owning one. "she" tries to deride and scorn dogmen as uneducated and rednecks and act as though "she" is so much better and yet can't compose a readable paragraph or even spell properly "herself".

    Why are any of you continuing to acknowledge and communicate with or about this nut? It only gives "her" legitimacy and "her" lunatic rantings legs to continue. Do you really think if you waste another 5 hours typing to "her" it will change "her" mind about anything? "Her" offending blogs were removed. If "she" puts up more they will be removed again. End of this lunatic's story, let "her" go back to the peta forum, you're doing nothing with this thread but feeding their hysteria and wasting time you could be using to actually help the better image of the dogs.

    and what a waste of time and energy! I will say again, this is either a clueless girl groping for some cliche cause to make her life seem meaningful, a clueless girl doing the bidding of the H$U$ or (as I suspect) a shill that is really more than one person working with/for peta/H$U$/etc. No matter which it is, there is nothing but danger here!
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2008
  16. I personally reply to post here and anywhere i find them because for every post of an ideal, there are hundreds who agree with it. I aim not to change her mind. My aim is to balance misinformation with truth.

    That said, SHE IS BAAAAAAACK. LOL :D Welcome back "Miss Daisy". I will happily reply to your post in a little while.

    I WILL say (b/c you mentioned it b/4 you were "timed out") that I believe MOST people should not fight dogs.

    Ok, let me hear what you have posted thus far.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2008
  17. Oh boy, I do not know where to start. I will start by correcting an old post of yours. I am not old, white, or uneducated. I was born in the late 70s, live in NYC area (no country life for me), and work in a professional position. Unlike many people in the dogs, I was not born into them. I found them, fell in love, and embraced them into my life. I am committed to them for the rest of my life or until my breed is extinct.

    Ok, here is another clarification. NO ONE in their right mind "raises" dogs to KILL other dogs. The desire result of a dog match is not death. The result is finding the better specimen of the breed between two apparently equal samples. The rules of a dog match were developed with the dogs' well-being in mind.

    Ok next point. You mention a "forum" that you wish taken down. I believe you mean a "thread" (which is a topic). I also believe you mean the one I created a long time ago. Did you notice i added one more educational post? Did you notice that that article (spoke of dog fighting) was published in one of the main newspapers of the entire country? The thread was and is intended to look at things in an unbiased manner. Nowhere in the X number of pages and posts did anyone talk about DOING anything illegal. We pondered what ifs and posted exclamations of pride in our own breed. What is so wrong about that?

    I also read that you did not like Don Mayfield's keep being mentioned. Yes, Mr. Mayfield was a dog fighter when matching dogs was legal. His keep, although outdated, can be very useful for anyone wanting to condition a dog for conformation shows or as a way of life.

    There is nothing wrong with referencing good information regardless of the source. Also, discussion of dog fighting IS NOT illegal. We are still protected by the 1st Amendment that cover freedom of speech. In fact, owning videos of dog matches is not illegal AND protected by the same Amendment. You may not like either and think it wrong but that does not make it illegal.

    The article Marty presented is a clear example of how bias our government has become. There clearly was NO sign these dogs were fought. The images show chubby and clean (no scars) dogs in chain setups. The mention of puppies in "heavy chains" flies in the face of pictorial facts. One thing that was not mention in the article but a buddy informed me of is that the pups had a fan on to make sure they were NOT hot. Why would anyone want to keep bowls full of kibble 24 hours a day? I NEVER do that. There is a schedule and dogs follow it. They drink and eat at specific times every day. No open buffet in my house.

    Anyway, I hope you can address some of your concerns or beliefs. I will do my best to give you another angle. Look forward to your posts.;)

  18. Ohhh...DARN! Unfortunately Im dashing out the door to my, what so many believe to be, NONexistent social life. But I will say this before my departure:

    1st of all, for all the people on this forum...oh exuse me, "thread", that are leaving what could only be described as "half-wit" comments...please stop. We're not here to make fun of people and it kind of irks me when I am just basically reading through a bunch of garbage with no signifigance. Next, I'd like to address the EXTREME concern over grammatical errors and paragraph formatting: As long as Im getting to the point of what I am trying to say, I really dont give a shit about how well any of you can read my posts, because to be honest, if you cannot figure out what I am saying, then I have to question your ability to problem solve but let me help you out: If I say something like " It is wrong to fighr dogs and to me it is imoral", what I meant to say was "It is wrong to fight dogs and to me it is immoral." All you have to do is replace the "r" with a "t" and add another "m" sweetheart. Im not inclined to go over my thoughts over and over again until there is a complete absence of grammatical error...sorry. I guess you will just have to use your common sense. IM NOT AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST...not that that is just the worst thing in the world...i happen to find it, to some extent, very admirable. But its not about ALL animals. Its about these dogs. Im also DEFINITELY NOT doing any dirty work for any animal rights groups either. Oh! And while I'm thinking about it...whoever that was who left a comment suggesting you not waste your time with me, is WAY off base. When did I say I think all these dogs need to be put down? Or PTS. I am assuming that was what was meant by the comment. I thought I was an animaniac who does not believe in culling dogs for any reason. Which one is it? I never said I disagree with culling dogs for humane reasons or safety reasons either. IN FACT I believe I went out of my way to state this. I am DEFINITELY NOT opposed to sterilizing animals (which was mentioned as a form of culling a specimen). Who shives a git (yes SHIVES A GIT) about whether I own an APBT or not? If it was poodles being faught I would be opposed to that too! You just want to judge me because I love them but I dont have one. To spite the fact that I dont have a lifetime of experience with one breed of dog, I am VERY WELL AQUAINTED with dogs period. This is not an issue that is based on experience with dogs or a breed of dog. HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU. Either you agree or you dont. And I have only become more rooted in my opinions (while becoming more open minded on others) as I gain more knowledge about what this sport actually entails. I've read TONS of articles written not by animaniacs but by dogmen and women who want everyone to know the best way to condition your dog for matches. I've read through entire documents of rules the game. I watched documentaries. I've done essays. I've talked with people who support dogfighting. So who the HELL are you people to try and tell me I dont know what I believe? Whether a dog is mine or it is my boyfriends who I am with every single day, WHENEVER Im not working or in class (and trust me, his dog goes EVERYWHERE with us), really does not matter. the point is that Im around pit bulls MOST of the time. Dont try to put me in a category with people who are just overly concerned with animal cruelty (which is a HORRIBLE THING AND SOMETHING NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY), because that is not what this is all about.
  19. Pit Bull Pride

    Pit Bull Pride Big Dog

    Than what is it all about??????

    I'd be pissed too if someone on the internet posted my name out there as a 'suspected' dogfighter or animal abuser! I WORK in the animal care field, and that is my livley-hood, how I make a living. If one of my superiors saw something like that it could VERY well cause problems!

    I have pit bull dogs, always have, I grew up with them. And I'll be damned.....I chain my dogs too! I have my house dogs, but I have my yard dogs too! There is NOTHING wrong with properly chaining/confining a dog given he/she has adequate housing, and daily feeding/watering.

    We have a kennel, with MULTIPLE dogs, and dear God, guess what...

    I own a break stick too! As any responsible pit bull owner should!!! Accidents DO happen, and one should be prepared. Oh....damn....I own a treadmill to! Ut-Oh.............I guess that makes me.......

    a dog fighter? In your eyes?

    See how this sounds??????

    Seriously. Give me a break. How about instead of searching out peoples Myspace pages to try to slander anyone and everyone you see with a dog on a chain, you go to your local Humane Society and volunteer to exercise and love on the shelter dogs since you are so in tune with dogs in general. That'd be a very worth while thing to do.

    My dogs are chaines at times, but they recieve the best of care. Premium dog food, daily exercise/attention, exams/vaccines/bloodwork once a year, monthly heartworm prevention and flea control, and even dentals!

    WOW. They are SOOOOOO abused huh??? See what I mean?
  20. Marty

    Marty Banned

    oliveah3158 I ask you this... how much of this forum have you been through?

    Have you been through the whole site as a whole and come to your conclusion about us?

    Did you just search dog fighting?

    We cherish the history of the breed and that's the bottom line, there's people getting this breed nowadays not knowing anything about them or there history as a fighting dog, as you know as soon as the dog turns on it's "OH it never done that before", what we are here for is to try and stop this :rolleyes:

    I'm not good at wording things so I hope you understand what I'm talking about :o

    Are you totally against trying to educate about the nature of these dogs?
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