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My pitbull story

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kenaan, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. kenaan

    kenaan Pup

    I got interested in pit bulls when I was tattooing for Bert Rodriguez in 1978. I loved the Richard Stratton books and met him at a dog show in Riverside one time. Later I ended up getting a dog from Pat Patrick in the 80's. I was treasurer for a year or two with the Golden State Pit Bull Club in Southern California. I used to know a guy named Joe Burford with the club. He had a dog called Jimmy Boots, I think.
  2. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    Yeah okay bud. Take a deep breath. 10 seconds.
    Don't worry sometimes these things take a while to register. So what is the current state you got dogs. Not judging Pat but look into some nice Redboy. I like you i use to tattoo myself. Aint no TV guy. But I made my mark on the neighborhood. What kind of work you do tattoo
  3. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    Tattoo culture invites at one time the best outlaw, artist and every person to me i have ever felt close to. As a artist you connect with the people. When connection gets stronger life is more worth while.IF IT AIN'T PIT IT AIN'T SHIT. FEEL GOOD All. LOVE THE TATTOOS. anyone got some nice pitdog tattoo
  4. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    This tattoo is old and shows how long i have loved the breed and tattoos. Not fancy but very classic of its time. Memory of how deep a game dog could BE.

    Attached Files:

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  5. kenaan

    kenaan Pup

    I have a half-pit half boston terrier mix that I got at a rescue shelter. I don't tattoo any more. I became a computer programmer instead!
  6. kenaan

    kenaan Pup

    I had a Tonka pup from Pat. I visited him back in the day and saw his yard, including Bull Boy Boy and Red Baby. I'll scan and post my dog's papers in a bit.
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  7. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    Hey by the way for all you artsy fartsy types on the top and bottom of that tat it says live game die game. I know its not clear but lets just say the artist meant well. Sorry for blabbing but love the surfer's the people who live life to the fullest. To the Yuppies and Peddlers of the breed you know just go away. I hate your guts . Its just like everything very pure you want to capitalize

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