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Mr. Windham in the House of Commons.

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by F.W.K., Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Regards sir...

    Let's try and discuss the artwork...
    Starting from the bottom.the bottom drawing is brilliant..I don't no the artist.and it has to be said the dogs look very thick skinned.and I bet they needed to be for the task of fighting with Bears.(dogs what fight with Bears to this day in India and Pakistan have thick skins)..it has to be said the dogs in that drawing are small comperd to mondern Bear dogs in India and Pakistan..

    The second from bottom drawing is of the famous rat slayer "Billy"who was around in the 1820s...a legend of a dog that broke many records killing rats(large numbers of rats)against the clock..some reports say he was a full Bulldog?.some reports say he was 3 quarter Bulldog 1 quarter Terrier?.some reports say he was used for dog fighting aswell as rat fighting?.
    And it's pressumed his blood enters many strains of dogs from Terriers at hunt kennels to fighting and rafting dogs..not sure who the artist was??.Allken perhaps?????

    Third from bottom is another brilliant drawing.again haven't a clue who drew it??...but I've known the drawing for a long time and I have been meaning to get a copy of it printed on canvas for the living room.yeah,I think that one would look good on canvas.

    Forth from bottom.I've seen many times..artist unknown.
    But the dogs are baiting a donky lol.they must of had no bulls spear that day lol.or maybe they were training the dogs?

    Second from top is the legendary Brummy who fought the Bulldog Phycic(or was it Crib?)and won!!!...crazy times.lol.

    The top one as advertisement says,is of the supposed Bulldog slayer Jacco.I'm sure the dog is called Crib?.and I'm sure Crib won?.and killed Jacco.....but died him self for his troubles.

    Great art work F.W.K.
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  2. I've just remembered...the dog what defeated Jacco the Monkey was intact a bitch called Puss...and not a male called Crib.
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  3. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    Just wanted to say that a donkey can be one mean son of a b*tch lol maybe young dogs training for the bull?
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  4. Yeah,maybe...there would of definitely been a entering prosses.maybe start of on Donkys,then Horse's,then Cows/Bulls??...and come to think of it that Donky dose look big in that picture.maybe it's a Horse?...now Horse's can be mean.I've had a few close calls with Horse's and Cattle.to be honest I'm pretty scared of them lol(understatement lol shit scared of them)and I try and stay clear of them if a can...Horse's can be alright walking past them of a day.but one running over to you on a dark field is a different matter lol......anyways maybe they aren't training the dogs in the drawing.my be the were just board?lol...it's hard to decide wich.
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