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Most Ripped Photos

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by c.knight, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    Just to let you know. That dog looks even better in person and is perhaps the sweetest natured dog I've ever met. It is rare to see a dog that is thick, raw boned AND very ripped but Cathy is one.
  2. Big Game

    Big Game CH Dog

  3. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    keep it coming guys
  4. bullydogs

    bullydogs Top Dog

    One of my favorite males........
  5. velli2008

    velli2008 Big Dog

    just a few of some of mine.

  6. bullydogs

    bullydogs Top Dog

    some more of my favorites.....
  7. meno222

    meno222 Big Dog

    here is how my dog looked a couple weeks ago,
  8. how's this ??

    Attached Files:

  9. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    iverson, that dog is gross:)
  10. 215pitts

    215pitts Top Dog

    I really like this pup! PM me how's he bred.

  11. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

  12. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2008
  13. OnionHead

    OnionHead Big Dog

  14. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Just wanted to add these to the thread ;)



    I know most of you have seen them, this is for new members just joining :D
  15. johnfrank

    johnfrank Pup

    how do you get your dog that ripped
  16. johnfrank

    johnfrank Pup

    how do you get your dog that ripped please tell me do you feed him something special or do you exercise everyday
  17. Mary_Jane

    Mary_Jane Big Dog

    I think my Brina looked good in her best days.. Before her arthritis kicked in and i had to stop with conditioning...


  18. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

  19. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    A lot of these dogs that are extremely ripped have a lot to do with genetics, though plenty of exercise and a great quality food can help out as well, but genetics play a huge role.
  20. crazycooter

    crazycooter Top Dog

    all your dogs look great i just hope ican get my girl to get around to look like that when she gets older

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