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Mayfield's Pit General (2xW)

Discussion in 'The Dogs' started by rayne_terror03, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Strategic

    Strategic Pup

    I read it, it is interesting and reveals some historical facts about the breed which is always nice to have a laugh at but as far as answering anything about where the black dogs came from its just another theory based mainly on conjecture and a guess at what Earl Tudor may have been up to 60 years ago. Still it was worth the read.

    20 years ago several of my friends and I had our own theories on breeding bulldogs. We used to think all good bloodlines came from Rascal, Dibo crosses. We had plenty of proof too (even before peds online) Giroux' Gunner, Honeybunch, Alligator, Boomerang, Art's Missy and on and on we kept finding examples of Dibo descendants being crossed into Rascal descendants to create long lasting bloodlines.

    Even your own Tug bitch met our criteria, Rascal blood from Pistol and Bullet through Fox Jr with a small dose of Dibo through Miss Spike (Unless it was the Crenshaw bitch then it is straight Rascal) crossed into a heavy Dibo bitch in Ch.Snubby through Tombstone and Bolio. It had to work like mad when you guys bred Nelis and Spike to her. Rufus was double bred off Satin lady who had lots of Rascal through Ironhead and Bullet and as you more than any of us know Nelis and Spike were pretty heavy off Rufus. In fact the best Rascal blood in our opinion came through Pistol and especially Bullet.

    Anyway, that was back then. In reality what we were probably looking at was a rather small gene pool where there were limited sources of quality dogs The good dogs were obviously still around but just in pockets, so no doubt many of them were related, and of course Rascal, Dibo Pistol and Bullet were all from the same family. I don't know how sophisticated the dog men of those days were, but breeding a good dog to a good bitch was probably a pretty good bet. Even breeding any bitch in heat to ones best dog was an acceptable practice then and from what I can gather on this site and others, still is today.

    Anyway, I have long given away the papers when breeding dogs. In fact what is behind the grandparents is nice to know but does not factor into much when it comes to me putting a male over a female. The history of the breed is interesting and hearing about all the double dealing and scallywag behaviour are great stories or an anecdotes about being human but it never taught me anything about trying to breed better dogs. I leave that up to the dogs themselves.
  2. Good post Strategic, some real truth in there. BTW, I was wondering why people believe Carver's version of Satin Lady's breeding over that of the Plumbers? Either way it still goes right along with what you are saying...

  3. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    yes satin lady was heavy grenshaw reno/cotton bullit bred............
  4. Strategic

    Strategic Pup

    I don't know why the pedigrees are different but maybe she got registerred as being off Ironhead and it just got locked in that way. From what I gather registries were not big on people changing the way dogs were bred once registerred.

    My memory is not what it once was but I recall Gary Hammonds told me Satin Lady was owned by an elderly couple as a pet, I tend to think she was not much of a dog but very well bred, which I think is true whichever breeding she was from. Maybe it was Rufus. Maybe Limey knows. I'm open to be corrected on this.
  5. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    I dont know the eczackt pedegree any more from the head , but i got it somewhere. satin lady was i belive not direckly out of ironhead she was eather out of a ironhead son, ore out of Reno bred back to his daughter. in any case she was heavy grenshaw reno(coton bullid) bred!!bitch. the back bone of carvers yard where grenshaw dogs from witch carver changed there pedegrees to his own. .. mabye some other old timer ore studend of the breed can dig in the argives and come up with her ped....
  6. NGK

    NGK Top Dog


    Take it or leave it.

  7. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    I leave it NGK hahaha. my memory sais it was diferend, more reno in there..
  8. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

  9. Walow

    Walow Pup

    The Pelican Brief really opened my eyes!!
  10. dwd58

    dwd58 Big Dog

    which dog is this and can you post a pedigree?
  11. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    indian pistol
  12. mistabonz

    mistabonz Premium Member Premium Member

  13. Matty88

    Matty88 Pup

    Ive heard that interview brother, they are plotting to get him back ay. I like the bit where they say they are gonna tie old mate to a tree and fuck him haha.

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