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Looking for a lean staffordshire bull terrier

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Jdll13, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    nice looking dog bigmick !!
  2. bigmick

    bigmick Pup

    dont want to upset you guys too much but i got him for 50 euro as a pup,dont know he.s ped but he is as keen as mustard one of the best dogs ive ever owned (50 euro is about 70 usd)well game
  3. wallyy

    wallyy Big Dog

    I've put this fella on another thread before. He was 18''/38lb.
  4. bigmick

    bigmick Pup

    thats a fit looking dog top class
  5. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Great pics bigmick an wallyy both very right dogs ...keep em commin
  6. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    she's living in Brasil now
  7. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Hey 12guage and jack th lad how bout a few more from you guys...
  8. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    here's another one
  9. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    Nice looking dogs.
  10. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Wish I had some better shots of my ex's staffy girl. She is SO tiny. A very small looking 28 pounds. His male in this picture is 47 so you can see how small she looks compared to him...


    We were looking for a small dog for my daughter but none of them seem to compare in temperament to the bull and terriers when it comes to people so we're going to go with the same breeder and get her a staffy. His is just a wired little nut bar, just like we like them! lol
  11. LittleBoy

    LittleBoy Big Dog

    What breeder does he come from?
  12. jaykay

    jaykay Big Dog

    very nice indeed!!
  13. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Here is one my pop had way back prob in 83 ..sorry i cant come up w a better pic, but talk about all in this guy never herd the word Quit...
  14. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    nice looking boy H^
  15. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Thanx bud he was a cracker
  16. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    IMG_2185.jpg IMG_2200.jpg IMG_2190.jpg IMG_2184.jpg

    Gladius at approx. 11 months. 18.5 at the shoulders and mid 40's lbs. Big girl.
  17. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    IMG_2181.jpg IMG_2174.jpg IMG_2193.jpg IMG_2173.jpg IMG_2187.jpg

    Little 1/2 brother. Approx. 7 months old. A little over 30 lbs. Can't measure his height cause he won't be still one second and tries to eat the measuring tape but he's a couple inches smaller.
  18. saber0606

    saber0606 Pup

    A friend of mine here in the Netherlands has some really nice ones. And a litter has been dropped last night.
    Here are some pics:

    And here is the link to his kennels:http://www.rikandwillys.nl
    Here to he Quinlent kennels: http://www.quinlent.nl
  19. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    You might get hit by the mods. I don't think your allowed to post links to kennels.
  20. saber0606

    saber0606 Pup

    Oh didn't know. Just wanted to show what you can find in the Netherlands.

    Let's see if the mods take action or not.

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