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life sucks....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dunlap, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. dunlap

    dunlap Big Dog

    please call: 1 (312) 588-3107

    And before any of the mods delete the number, PLEASE call it or send me a message first....Please
  2. Michele

    Michele Guest

    ahhh..are you ok?
  3. I'm sending you a PM.
  4. What in the world is about?
    As Michele already said...Are you OK?
  5. Suki

    Suki Guest

    you're wacked!!!!
    gunna beat you with my whip!!!!

  6. LMAO.....thanks Suki, I just actually laughed out loud at a public post on a computer...that was FUNNY!
  7. Michele

    Michele Guest

    Did someone say whip?....hehe
  8. dunlap

    dunlap Big Dog

    I'm just fine yall but thanks for the messages.

    I got this sent to me from my sister and figured I'd share the "lol" ;) I know I sure needed:D
  9. dunlap

    dunlap Big Dog

    thanks Marty

    now y'all all need to call this if you like or could use a good laugh ;)
  10. !

    I cautiously called...too funny!

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