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Lakelands/Red Fell types

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by old duffer, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Was out camping the other day Duff,and i came across this elderly couple with a very tidy looking Lakland male.looked perfect in every way...
    i enquired about it and the old couple just laughd at me and said "haha its not a Lakeland mate-its a Welsh Terrier!"

    I felt a cunt lol.
    still,i had a more embarising moment when i asked this lad is his dog a Hammonds dog?
    he never new who the fuck Hammonds was.but his reply had my wife in hysterics at my eye that can spot a dog anywere..his reply was "Hammonds?never heard of that dog mate.its half Pressa half Ambull."

    Im still getting ripped to death by misses over that one lol.
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  2. The Welsh was Black and Tan I guess,not a lot in it to be fair,but I only recent found Hammonds dogs and if that had been ,yeah it is indeed ,there’s a fair chance you might still be there chatting .Nice when you get it right!I think most are chuffed you know there dog/breed,saw a real nice Beauceron early this year,and the couple were pleased someone knew what it was,elderly ish couple had it in a harness,I thought he was going to be a right handful for them?! Seeing the lads pup on Sunday that I think he’s kept,not sure might be all the pups there,out of his dog Boss.I’ll ask him if I can share a few photos on here,and I’ll get that image host sorted,Atb
  3. Just remembered I bumped into a bloke one day thought I had come across one of those truffle hunters,can’t remember name off top of me head but I rattled it off in my best Italian at the time and he said ...no mate cockapoos lol... I’ll get me coat hehe atb
  4. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    I think the Welsh terrier is the medium sized one, Lakeland the little one and the Airedale the big one.
  5. Yes thats Right Box.
    all three breeds ruined as pets now with the execptin of the lakland,and there thin on the ground.
    them ones you got there Duff look great man,hope they work out for you mate.

    Working dog lines need to be kept alive more then ever.
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  6. Same here Soze,my bitch Toad is more than ready at 18 months now and has been patient with the pup so far so should be ready to let off some steam come the first frosts.Seeing my mate who has permission this way next week ,was this week but it’s my little girls 10th Saturday so need to unplug the dog head for a few and make myself available.Cheers for your comments,big those Hammonds Bulldogs!50Lb plus from what I’ve read.
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  7. AD120390-4F96-4AB3-88F3-A93A4A78F54B.png Boss about but pups from him were not,shame was hoping to see a few,all were placed none sold.Daughters birthday went well and work was shite this week,my dogs all good,how are you all?
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  8. Im stuck down with bdays in the summer months ..money,money,money and time,time,time!
    so i dont get to the woods so much in summer.plus theres nothing to hunt,the fishings gone hot around here,and the miges and flys and carrying stuff in the heat just make the experience pretty shit if im honest.
    im not a fine weather out doors man.,if its to hot i hide in the shade-or i'll faint.lol.

    Tell me when yer tyke is proper enterd.i sometimes get asked to rid foxes but i always refuse,as im not a hunter of vermin,and i dont keep terriers.

    boss looks nice,how old is he?
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  9. 9687BF82-2CDA-41BB-A8F0-63C545ED8CD4.png Hello Soze,to hot myself,only thing busy in the fields this way is a big hive of bees about 3 ft off the ground in a tree,can’t see my bitch having any problems entering,think the dog going to be a lump,Hope he stays a little shorter than the bitch she 14 TTS but narrow if he goes 15tts and square he be a big fucker,if he stays under 14 that’ll be ideal ,Boss is 11 now,at nine when I met him he was up and over seven ft panels but his owner saying he’s slowing up abit now,he was dozing in that photo,still a awesome animal looks better in the flesh like most do.
    Atb Duffer
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