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Labor Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Searcy Jeff, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    How was everyone's Labor Day weekend? I had a pig roast with family and friends. Figured I'd share it with all of you. If anyone did anything fun and exciting, feel free to post them so we can all see.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2007
  2. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Pretty laid back weekend, as Labor Day should be.

    Spent all yesterday drowning worms, until finally becoming bored, and spending the rest of the day jumping off some abandoned barge equipment 30' in the air into the Mississippi. The kids parked in the boat next to us said it best "Can you think of a better way to spend a Monday!".

    Had a whole lot of fun, all weekend, kept it safe, and hope everyone else did as well. BBQ pork on a beach fire pit, was good, but I'm better it wasn't as nice as your pig roast ;)
  3. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    I would have love to see water. Love being out on the boat over water. Sounds like you had alot of fun. I need to get myself a boat. How big is yours? I've never been to the Mississippi, how's the water? Are'nt there alot of channel catfish there? I'm glad you played it safe. BBQ pork over beach fire sounds yummy.

    My brother was the chef of the roast. He basted the pig every 10 mins or so. Don't know what he used for the wet seasoning but I know it had lemongrass, soy sauce, and bunch of others I don't know about lol.

    Anyhow, keep the post coming guys.
  4. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    had a huge BBQ/pool party on sunday. Started the drink/food fest at 2 in the afternoon and didn't quit till 2 in the morning, just a good ole time, drinkin and eatin with good people
  5. Not a whole lot here....
    Sat around played it quiet....watched TV...little house work and little yard word...lmao Boy was it FUN!!!! lmao It was so much fun I forgot it was Labor Day! :o
  6. Chef-Kergin

    Chef-Kergin Guest

    I got to work 6:30 am to 3:00 pm on Labor day.

    The pic of the pig roast made me smile, though.

    I get to do that at the end of sept, the wifey's parents got a place down at Norris Lake, and they do an end of summer/fall pig roast with their extneded faimly. I already put in the vacation time for that.

    I did manage to get pulled into a dui checkpoint going through town sunday night on my way home from work at 8 pm. The cop felt my pain, and we both agreed it sucks having to work all Labor Day weekend. Seeing me in my greasy and bloody chef pants took his attention away from the double scotch on my breath i get at night for my shift drink.
  7. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    Friday night I went to the Hickory fair, because Ty Herndon was performing there, so I got to see him, and I've been wanting to see him in concert for about 6/7 years now. He was pretty darn awesome! My boyfriend was even sweet enough to come with me....
    Saturday was more of a get stuff done around the house and property day...
    Sunday, we got up pretty early, went to breakfast, then went to the Morganton Flea Market, which is always an interesting adventure. We almost bought two chickens and a roster, but decided not to. Then we went to Freds, Dollar General, and Roses. By then our feet were hurting, so we went home, and watched Zodiac on ppv...
    Monday, we ordered a car shed, and then went and visited our friend Phil, went to get some mexican food, and then took a ride around the dirt roads. It was a lot of fun.
  8. you see what I mean whan I said what I did....lmao! thanks for posting it!
  9. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    FK- LMAO. Its not that bad. Just don't think about it. Do you think about the
    turkey while you are eating it during Thanksgiving? Lol.

    Kergin - I'm sorry to had to work on Labor Day. Glad you are having one by the end of Sept. Luckily you didn't get hit with anything at the checkpoint.

    CHJ - That was nice of your bf for going to the show with you. I know you mentioned something about him not really interested in going. You guys have dirt bikes or quads going through the dirth paths?
  10. Actually ya...I do...soemtimes....but as long as I dont I am ok! :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2007
  11. diva

    diva CH Dog

    Not a bad weekend at all....Saturday went to a VSBA show. The dogs did okay. Champ took 2nd in 12-18 month males and 3rd in best chocolate, Beretta took third in 4-6 month females, Asia took third on puppy treadmill race, and Bella took first in puppy treadmill race. Sunday and Monday went to a pool party/BBQ....eat good, drink, and swim...so much fun. :D
    Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!
  12. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    Congrats on your dogs placing in the show. I would love to see the puppy treadmill race though. lol glad you had a good weekend.
  13. diva

    diva CH Dog

    Thanks! I have a video clip of Bella and Asia running in the race. I will upload that tomorrow for you. :)
  14. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    Yeah, I didn't think he'd go, but he didn't want me to go to the concert or fair alone, and he ended up enjoying the concert, so it all worked out. :)...Nope, I wish we did. We just took my truck out on some of the few dirt roads left in the county, though it looks like they are widening the one road and getting ready to pave it, which kind of stinks...Your pig roast looked like a lot of fun, and delicious!
  15. MajorPain

    MajorPain Big Dog

    I had an ok weekend. Sunday I went to a drift competition. I had planed to compete in the autocross but I was disqualified because I was missing a lug nut. There is another competition next week, this time I will check my nuts before I leave home.

    Monday I went to a BBQ at my husbands parents. It was nice.

  16. LuvinBullies

    LuvinBullies CH Dog

    LMFAO! Always a great rule of thumb :p
  17. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    I'm sorry I laughed and had to point this out. Too funny when I read it.

    Sorry about you being DQed. Good luck this weekend.
  18. MajorPain

    MajorPain Big Dog

    Thank you.

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